Monday, January 31, 2011

RPG Dimata To The Rescue!!!

Dimata runs and leaps through the jungle in the light of the early morning. It's heat energizes him as he prepares for another day of incredible adventure thanks to Urbanmusiq!

I have been keeping this one horded away all month. This has been one heck of a month from start to finish. I figured I would end this months blog posts as epically as possible. This incredible masterpiece by Urbanmusiq is beyond description even from me. I was pondering what I would write about this for some time tonight. I realized the image has a little bit more of a story then I recalled. Urban requested to do something with RPG Dimata for some time. I was very flattered to see him take an interest in the character. See, Urbanmusiq worked on this in late last December, during a time when I was at the sickest I have ever been in my life. You might have wondered why there were so few blog entries that month. Well, let me tell you, it hurt just to sit in front of the PC and type. I wish that was an exaggeration. I used to slump over e-mailing people. I ended more then a few conversations after less then 10 mins!

Still I pushed myself when ever I felt a bit better. Being a stubborn male, I would go outside with my dogs and more often then not, wind up regretting it. Many times I came back in with the chills so bad, I would shake for hours, huddled on the couch. I lost my voice more then once too. It was the worst cold, cause you would feel good, do something and then the bastard of a virus would hit you so bad, you felt 100 times worse. Every part of me hurt and hours felt like days.

So what does all this have to do with the image? Did it save me? XD LOL well, I think all the wonderful art and e-mails I did do helped a lot. But, this one almost killed me! I just read the e-mail I sent to Urban and I really should post it here. It was an actual play by play of my reaction to and the images lasting effects on me that day! I opened it and got really excited. I was very overwhelmed by the steamy hunk he had concocted. A little too overwhelmed! My heart started beating fast, resulting in my breath becoming very short. I had a hard time catching my breath. LOL. It literally took my breath away as I entered a really bad coughing fit! XD I actually had to get up and get a drink to handle my dehydration. Then I took a little Nightquil, to calm the cough. Afterward I tried to relax to calm the resulting shakes! After that, I rested a bit before continuing the e-mail. XD No other image ever had that effect on me. LOL. ^_^ But I didn't care, cause I was in love with this awesome image and I was gonna type my thanks no matter what! I laughed and typed all through that, making light of my ridiculous condition to Leon.

I certainly didn't feel worthy of such nice art. He's a vision of loveliness. An echo of the spirit of his creator, being strung out across the page. I had sent many poses to Urban and was very glad he chose this one. It shows a lot of motion as he leaps over a log/vine and into adventure. This is the kind of pose that makes you stand up and take notice of an image and character. He just bounds towards you and grabs your attention right away.

Love the way he mixed the black and skin/item and cloth outline colors. It's so Disney! By doing this the cock head has this very soft squishy look to it in comparison to the hard strong shaft. The shadowing effect is really something to admire. Leon got the arms and bottoms of the legs to look so plush and warm. The shine on his legs make 'em look like they were just shaved! LOL. Every inch of him is perfection.

Now, I shared this with a couple friends and they were all astounded by it as well. Adonix went as far as to make a neat 3D version of it! With his permission I am proudly presentiing that as this months closer! Thanks everyone for visiting the blog so much this month. I have never had so many visits before! All the artist should take a big bow.


  1. Hmmm This article brings up a good question for me... What are all the differences between RPG Dim and regular Dim? :0 I'm really flaky on these things lately!
    The image did turn out really well! The backlighting is a slick touch. I also always laugh with images similar to this where the loincloth's purpose is TOTALLY defeated. XD Poor loincloth not getting to shine on. The 3D version is a ton of fun as well. Now it just needs the IMAX 3D treatment. Yowza. I'm glad you're feeling better. I sometimes wonder why you disappear so much! D: December also reminds me that I never got in touch with you about the gift I gave ya. I am hoping you got it put to some good use! :3333

  2. it would take a long review, but as of right now - I think this is my favorite work of this character.

  3. Lokee that might rod sway :D - FallenAngel

  4. Thank you for the kind kind words on the Damita Piece Matty!!
    Really glad you enjoyed it!! :D


  5. LOL Fallen! XD
    Thanks for the kind words there Jezza! Glad you liked it! :D

    Bu! Ah well you know I said thanks on the blog, MSN, ect! LOL Momentary memory lapse, you know I have TONS of those! XD

    As for the difference, RPG Dimata was made to come from a Final Fantasy style game world that Adonix created back in 09. One day I will try to get more of that done to explain it better. He is the human version of Dimata. The same character made as human as possible. He has reasons for this in his original world.

    I guess he will be that and a Dimata reborn in another RPG world as well. :) There he uses Mammoth power ups to gain levels and stuff. I had a few images planned to explain this, but they just have not come to be yet! One day!



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