Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rikuo and Donovan by Illuminate001 and Lux!

A little more Capcom catch up before the weekend starts. First off is an image by a fellow Canadian Illuminate001. This was great cause it uses and actual attack from the game and makes it very naughty. Actually, when ever I saw Rikuo do this move in the game, I used to swear there was a frame that showed his package a little too well. :P So that is where my inspiration came from. I don't see Illuminate001 around much these days. I was lucky to be part of his final batch of commissions. He was super nice I gotta say. He even sent me the male Felicia separate, which was really cool. If he ever returns I would commission him and again and I do highly recommend him!

My response, I was so in love with this! XD

I love that wave HAND thing...That is awesome! This whole thing shows you did your research big time! It's so hot, just the way I wanted Rikou to be posed, and the foreskin on Rikuou is just where I wanted it too! Man excellent background, gotta dig that moon light! You know Donovan is just loving that wave, who wouldn't. I bet he's hoping to get a little more then that water on him too. :heart: I love how Felicia is holding his tail and a cut cock is just what I would assume he would have. Guess cause Felicia is American and has that religious background..It just fits with him so well. He is so hunky and looks even better as a male, at least the way you handled it he does!:heart: Dare I say it? I will: MASTERPIECE. This will be talked about for ages. Every time Rikuo does that pose I swear you can see his penis in the game!!!! Now you have made a dream of mine come true and I can't thank you enough!:heart::heart::kiss:

His response to that:

Hehehe well its quite a cartoony idea with teh hand thing but then again DarkStalkers was always super cartoony rite DP? :tongue: Omg im soo glad u liked male felicia. this is actually my 1st time ever creating a female character into a male version of them and i was soo not sure how to go about doing it. do i make his hair short now? Do i make his attire more masculine? i didnt know but i tried to stay true to her original design. Ur most welcome!

This is a very cool picture of Rikuo and Donovan done by Lux! I commissioned this in early 09 and he had it surprisingly for me in May just after my birthday. I wasn't even sure he was doing it! XD It turned out to be very popular. Here is the uncensored version. I wanted Rikuo in swim trunks, cause I thought it would be hot! For the first time I requested Rikuo to be cut with Donovan uncut. I like how he got the very 3D effect with the fins.

Well check you guys next time!


  1. Ohh my! awesome artwork love the special move - FallenAngel

  2. You really did pull out a good selection of classics, I'd say. Though I am mesmerized by the guy at the bottom because of the horns. XD I wanna just say it... sigh... Okay here goes.
    Wha-hey! That guy looks REALLY horny! Durrhurr. XD



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