Monday, January 17, 2011

Twilight By FallenAngel, Edward and Jacob are back!

I have been paying attention to the what posts are popular on this blog. The Twilight post has become the most popular post in the last few days. It's not like anyone had to twist my arm to get me to request more Edward Cullen and Jacob Anime style by FallenAngel though! I have been wanting to commission more from him for a few weeks now. So here they are again, this time with Jacob becoming a very receptive bottom for Edward. They are hiding out deep in the forest, in the ruins of an old house, so that no one will ever know. :D

Fallen did some nice work on this one. He took an extra day on it to make sure it was extra mouth watering. :P He added some cool shading to the men and some great touches like the super tight leg grab and some cute sideburns for Jacob. The pleasure of riding the vampires cock is enough for Jacob to have a hands free orgasm. ^_^ The very wrinkly foreskin is so tight it's squeezing the tip of Jacobs cock head, ensuring more cum leaks out! :P
Should we start on an idea for part 3?


  1. :D Ohohohoho was reading my shading how to book so I add few new shading style :D glad you like it - FallenAngel

  2. yumm.. this made me so horny that i cummed!!

  3. ooh can u cum on me cause im am so horny right now i wont to fuck with somebody KNOW !!!!!!!!!

  4. i wona fuck you nowDecember 16, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    i'll fuck you baby lets be horny together. Does any one wnat to join in the parrty? your more then welcome to im soooooo horny i also cummed!!!!!!!



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