Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Bone Hunt Begins, Lastmanoutheres Newest Boldest Hunk

Hey guys! I got something truly awesome for you this evening! I have been iching to post this for a couple days now. Tonight I bring you the grand premiere of a brand new character created by the dangerously imaginative mind of Lastmanouthere. The worlds most hard core Paleontologist: Ignatius D'Marrow! I got to sit back and watch Lastmanouthere's creativity run rampant this week as he doodled, sketched and wrote up tons of concepts for this guy! He is one well chiseled mountain of a man, that would love nothing better then to extract your fossilized bone! XD

Here is his story, which would make a great little mini comic intro to come with an action figure of him! ^_^

Geeky Iggy D'Marrow was fresh from his paleontology degree when he was appointed as deputy curator of the city's natural history museum, as means to earn his graduate title.
Not long after, he was asked by Dr. Steinson to join him in a little dig near the city, in a promising venue known as Hellcreek.
Among the various fossils, none of which seems entirely familiar to the team, a strange talon was found. Though it resembled a dinonychus piece, the material was nor organic, but rather a carved piece.
As soon as Iggy touched the claw, something strange seemed to occur to him. As though thousands of memories rushed into his mind--except that those memories were not his at all!

Seconds later, Iggy found himself recovering from fainting in the middle of nothing, in a valley that was not quite Hellcreek. His team was nowhere to be found. He laid naked, barely aware.
"And who might you be, young portent of a man?"
Iggy was startled by the old man voice, mostly because he hadn't realized the man approaching.
"I'm Iggy... Ignatius D'Marrow. This is not Hellcreek, isn't it?"
I obviously wasnt. The entire landscape there seemed not as barren as it looked primitive. Strange.
Where he was, or how had he arrived there soon became accessory questions as he tried to raise. He was taller, handsomely muscular, and needed not his glasses to see anymore. As the other had stated, he was indeed a portent of a man! Except for the strange claw in his hand, he held nothing from what was now his past life. The old man, though, didn't seem to even notice his nakedness, or the obvious bewilderment. Moreover, he was apparently glad at both.
"So you are from this Hellcreek place, then." said the elder. "Very well, Ignatius of Hellcreek, follow me. I need to explain you some things."
"Or at least, those I do understand."

What will his powers be? Will he join the side of good, or greed and evil? Only Lastman knows for sure!!!

Ignatius blew me away right from the start. I love a ceratopsian skull, but I find them so impossible to draw. So that fact that he had drawn one with so many decorative ornaments, like a jewel eye and added gold endings on beak, cheek bones and middle horn and placed it smack on his shoulder was pretty freaking cool. This guy just demands respect. From his dino-damage face paint, to his cold steely eyes, right down to his eye popping claw cod piece, you know this guy isn't fucking around! Gotta give a nod to that protomammal like skeleton he is wearing. That thing is the ultimate in prehistoric armlet fashion. The piercing is really hard core...I mean, talk about taking things to the extreme to make sure a waist necklace stays fastened to ones self! Maybe he can magically heal that puppy when he takes it off...if not, well, he can certainly cum and piss three ways all over his lovers bodies! Wicked... :P
Lastmanoutheres coloring is always great! Against the white background it has that animation cell look I love so much. This time he applied some creamy skin tones and a shock o' hair, red, like the fires of hell to his hunk. That hair style is just so perfect on him, it just grasps his head like the claw of the beast that lurks deep within his heart.

Man's it's been a little while since you last drew a character and I am glad to see the time away has conjured up such a created stew for you to serve up to the world!
Hope you guys dig him! (I could not resist okay?XD) More is comming from Lastmanouthere soon!


  1. Thanks, DP, for showcasing my OC here :)

  2. I could only say is rawrrrr :D - FallenAngel



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