Friday, January 28, 2011

Anyone know what happened with SaruX?

I commissioned SaruX on the advice of a friend. He had come to this person wanting help in early 2010. That Feb I paid him for a commission of Nova and liked the initial sketch enough that I inquired about a second. He asked me a question about the second, I replied, payed for Nova, and never heard a word back from him. Since then he has posted one commission in the start of April. He did a blog stating he was tired of dealing with commission customers after having a Homer Simpson in New York type escapade occur in his life. I wanna know just how bad those guys were, cause I couldn't even get a response from a question he asked me! XD He did one more post, then vanished. He has been spotted around and I tried to make contact several times, just trying to answer his question at first. It's really sad cause he got a lot of artists to do a 'help me journal' for him to advertise his commissions in his apparent time of need.

I am sure I was not the only one trying to make contact with him during the year. Around October I thought, the heck with it, just e-mail him about getting the image in high res. Weeks went by, no response. So I actually got blunt and asked him straight up if he could send me at least the high res of this in October on his front page. I like the image, so I thought, you know get someone like Caravaggia to color it, if he won't get off his ass. Well time passed,and still nothing. Was he even online? Did he die? I found out, he had been on the site several times after I asked and he just ignored the message. That's just terrible.

My advice? Don't commission this guy. He basically did a dine and dash. I have no ill feelings towards him, cause I don't know him, or his situation. I really just want this done to be honest. I do gotta say anyone that can't reply to customer that was answering their questions after a year, with payment sent is not in the least bit trust worthy. I know the person that talked me into this commission was very ashamed of him.


  1. I'm sure you know that I know exactly how this goes. I do know Saru but only in passing so I actually had no idea he was shifty. I know it seems bleak but I hope you find solution! :D

  2. Thanks man! I hope so too. I really wish this guy would just respond to people. It's sad.

  3. His main friend Opanda left Y!gallery months ago over shota issues so any reliable contacts on gone now.

    I had been thinking about that issue myself the other day "What happened to that guy?"

    According to him he needed to eat, he had found a place somewhere yada yada...but then we didn't hear from him again. It may be that he can't afford the internet and possibly other things...or he doesn't have the...fortitude to come forward and say "Hey, I can't do this, here's your money back"

    Whenever I couldn't deliver I always returned the money paid to me, even though it sucks to have to say "Sorry I can't do this right now" it's still the RIGHT thing to do.

    But like you said....he seems to have dried up around July (a LONG time to not tell anyone anything about their commission status') on his blog, FA, Y!gallery...just POOF

  4. I thought about him not being able to afford the net, but then I found out he has been logging into his accounts and lurking for several months. :(
    Exactly what is so hard about coming up to someone and talking to them about these things?

  5. Wow, really? That's...really sheisty.

    He's an adult and should be RESPONSIBLE
    (I read somewhere that he's 30 years old? If that's the case being mature should already be a part of his life)

    <---says the person drawing cartoon porn ^^;



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