Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Little review of BoyToon Adventures!

I'm a fan of all kinds of art, but my favorite kind of comics and animation has always been the cartoony stuff. From video games like Parodius, Super Mario and yes even Darkstlakers (the game is very comical and silly), to the theatrical shorts and comics of Warner Bros, MGN and Disney. The more animated something is, often the greater the feeling of connection, depth an emotion that it can ensue upon it's audience is. Patrick Fillion has just released a new comic that echos this. It's call Boytoon Adventures, a comic that shows us Mr. Fillions range of not only artistic talents and making us aroused, but as a story teller able to touch our hearts as well.

Taking inspiration from the style of projects like Star Wars the Clone Wars and Japanese artists, Fillion has come up with a new sexy look for each of his boys. I keep saying to people that it reminds me of all the wonderful Star Comics of the late 80's and early 90's, especially Alf. One of the reasons for saying that is, like with the Alf comic, the cast are presented as perfect caricatures of their more realistic forms. In BoyToons the cast is given a complete make over that exemplifies their sexy features, muscles, tight butts and gorgeous cocks.

I really love the new look for Cam. There's an image of him in the shower that is worth the price of the book alone. His big bulging chest muscles, his thin torso, leading to his bouncy butt and huge uncut monster and cute legs is wonder to behold. I won't lie, it brought me over the edge!

My other personal favorites include Mako Finn and Ghostboy who is now so darkly tanned and freaking handsome. I think I like this version of him even better then his regular comic look. His Kosher meat would be put to good use in my world! XD

His super hero team mate, the straight Diablo was really given an overhaul. He's really buffed up and become very top heavy. Despite his size and demonic appearance Diablo is a soft spoken good natured character and it has never been so well demonstrated as in this new style. Take a look at what I mean:

Diablos modesty is shown as he asks for help at the house of an elderly woman.

In the new style, Locus's elongated penis head really stands out even more and is as sexy as ever!

Mako has a nice lead in that shows off his assets and gives us his back story in the process. Mako has a noble mission, which will surprise and delight fans new to him. And he is not the only new character found in the book. There are many in each story. I really like the wicked cool Tarantulo.

The other factor that comes into play is how intense and crazy the sex is in this animated style. Take a look at what is going on below as Camili-Cat is fondled by Tentacle beast called a Yolon.

Yep that monster is pushing Cams balls into his butt! Look at how hot his butt cheeks are!

In Boytoon Adventures your going to see a ton of crazy sex and it includes a lot of stuff not done before in other Class titles. Foreskins will be stretched, pee holes explored and asses opened in ways you never thought you would see. Zahns is by far the wildest encounter! ^o^

I wish there was even more of the Asian Sensation Captain Jung!

Your cock and funny bone, won't be the only things effected by this comic. The stories presented here also move the characters plots along further and give us some in sites into their hearts as well. Particularly touching to me was Cams story, which focused on loss of family. Ghostboy's encounter was another story that will touch most gay readers, myself included, as I am sure many readers face the grim reality of being stuck closeted.

From what I read regarding it's production, the book was so much fun do to stories had to be set aside for another release. That's great news, because the book has left me wanting more. Like more Jung for one thing. More back story on his very interesting crew as well. I would also really love to see a new main character that is 'cut' since Mr. Fillion draws the circumcised cock so well! It's been awhile! :P

Gorgeously drawn and coloured, full of human heart and signed by Patrick himself, Boytoon Adventures is the perfect pick up this holiday! :)

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