Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prince Of Egypt, only from the Pen of Gninrom!

Hey guys!!! Something VERY VERY special today. I know I have a TON of art to share, but it's the holiday season and things are hectic. I am making time tonight for this image. This is something I have wanted to see someone create since the winter of 1998. 11 years of trapped desire, brought to WONDROUS life by the one and only, my good friend and the master of Toons, Gninrom!
WARNING! This image may shock and offend you!!!

There's a new Commandment Ramses, Love they Brother!

Yes we went there!!! Ever since this movie came out, it has continued to have a lasting inspiration on me. Moses and Ramses where shown as two brothers with a deep emotional bond. It explored the tale of the 10 commandments in a way I had never seen before. It brought me to tears. Besides all things prehistoric, my other true love is Egyptology. After seeing the movie, I sat and created characters, stories and concepts of an Egyptian world.
The fact that they were so hot, did get my mind thinking about *ahem* stuff like this!! XD

I just had to ask Gninrom to take this on for me. His love of toons is as strong as you can get. And he is one of the most daring artists out there! He love the concept from the start. And his love is shown in every stroke! He put all his energy and skill into this simply breathtaking image. He buffed up the boys a bit, which I LOVE. He gave Moses a cut cock (Hey he's Jewish! XD) and we decided to leave Ramses uncut. He had fun with that foreskin, pushing it over the head a bit...and that shiny moist cock head makes me drool!!!! HOW PERFECT are those dicks? XD Moses's hair is soooo silky looking, like you could just reach out and touch it! And did you ever think you would see Prince Ramses eyes fixed in the expression of a begging cum whore? :P I have to say that is the sexiest Ramses EVER!
Everything is mind blowing, from the glitter on the jewels and ornaments, to the very sexy feet!

A bigger more close up version :)

Take it all Ram!

The background was added after the characters were drawn. Alone in a beautiful desert, the boys succumb to their burning desires.

Don't blame us, blame the talented artist at Dreamworks for making them so sexy! LOL.

I want to thank Raul of the Rainbow Boys blog. It was his image of Ramses that was also a huge inspiration for this image. :) Taking on a biblical character took a lot of bravery and passion.

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