Friday, December 4, 2009

The Master Of Gladiators My Italian Buddy Sirio!

Wow, talk about a blog that has been a long time coming! Today I will be featuring some of the wonderful art of Sirio. Sirio took on some very complex ideas from me right from the start. I has a huge fan of couse. :) Sirio has some Roman gladiator art that is just outstanding. So when I saw that commissions were open, I had to get in on that action. I really wanted to include the Character Zahn from Class Comics in a picture with some of my favorite old school video game warrior characters. The first picture I asked her to do was one of Zahn chained and having to service Gil from Tower of Druaga and Rygar. I love these old games a lot. Tower of Druaga is like the hardest game ever made, but the Turbo Graphics 16 version is very playable as is the PS2 sequel. Gil gets no love in the gay art scene, so I wanted to introduce him on Y and really wanted Sirio at the helm of the project. They same goes for Rygar. I think I found all of 2 decent fan arts of him on Deviantart and none on Y at all. He's a super hot sexy Roman Gladiator, that is ripe for the sexing up!!!! Man, the first Rygar on Nintendo was my entrance into manhood. An action RPG with no save feature. You had to sit and finish it in a day! I loved that game!!! It made me into an astounding video game player. The PS2 game was so freaking great. It was the game that God of War used for the blueprint for it's series, but Rygar will always be my favorite of the two series. Hey, we have a history! :)

This was the very first sketch I ever got from Sirio. I was floored. Look at Zahns cute eyes!!!!

My Reaction: (Feels like a lifetime ago)

Oh man what an amazing experience working with Siro is, I can strongly recommend him. A very kind and hard worker! :heart::heart:
Talk about Servicing the Gladiators!:kiss:

Looks like Zahn has been captured in video land and forced (Yeah right) to provide some welcomed pleasure for two of the hottest Warriors around. Here we have Gilgamesh the Babylim warrior from the ancient Namco Series Tower of Druaga. He is a young man with a very built body. (Blessing from a goddess, does it every time!) OK that was all Siros magic! He decided to take that armor off and show the world his pecs and I wasn't going to argue that hot idea!:lol:

To his right we have the Super Hunky Rygar! Zahn is chained, but looks like he got his arms free and no one is complaining! In fact Rygar is providing some stimulation with his feet, just enough to send Zahns tender raging boner past the point of ecstasy,

In my the original sketch I sent Siro I had Rygars breastplate undone, it was his amazing idea to add battle damage! Way cool man!
I can't explain how much I love the extra bushy hair on Zahn and Rygar. It adds a rugged wildness to the two studs! Like they have been caged and unkempt for awhile. Gil is cut with his scar all the way down his shaft. That's one of the most interesting takes on circumcision I have ever seen and I love it! :heart::happyhappy:

I get so turned on every time I look at this. You did an amazing job on all the caracters, the armor details, everything. I am happy to say we will be working together a lot more in the future! :heart::heart::heart:
Thank you so much!!!

Next was a bold move for me. I wanted to do not a cross over commission, but one of just Class Characters. This one took a lot of planing. For what I think was the first time ever, I took pen to paper and really drew the scene out as best and as fast as I could. (Before that I was using microsoft paint.) I wanted to do a spoof picture with Lanor and Cam as Lions 'feasting' on two hot warriors. Cauldron was a brand new character at the time. Luckily I had snatched some images of Cauldron from the Strip Tease mini site to show him to Sirio. I actually took pictures with my camera of Black Gladiator from the book Hot Chocolate to show Sirio what he looked like! ^o^

LOL the porn director first sketch. XD ha ha ha. So embarrassing!

Nice first sketch huh? I love to see Sirios sketches. Do you see something off about Lanor? :P

My Reaction:

Siro and I started this right after his last picture. What a picture Siro has done! This is one gorgeous orgy!!!! :kiss:

I sketched out the entire thing for her and let me say she followed my instructions to the the tee! Siro got it perfect. Even the captions! Again I have to recommend her a lot if anyone wants to commission her. Super good natured and friendly to work with. This is the first time I went with an all Class Comics cast. I thought it would be hot to continue the Gladiator theme, especially when I discovered Black Gladiator in the book Hot Chocolate.:heart::inlove:

Cam and Lanor are playing the roll of Lions, except they only want to savor some cocoa man meat and hot white cream! :kitty2: I really love the Gladiator character and had to make him the central character! And of course I couldn't resist asking Siro to draw Cauldron getting some tail action! I hope everyone else loves this as much as I do!

Dude Siro you rock! This picture is smoking hawt! You gave everyone your own flair and they are super sexy! I love your work on the foreskin pull! Thank you for following all my instructions and going beyond to make the picture perfect! Take a rest my lady, this one was HARD and it going to get a lot of people hard too! LOL.:heart::happyhappy:

And there you have it, the start of a beautiful friendship!

Sirio is offering a sale on commissions for the Holidays! One character coloured for only $30. (Ends December 31st.) That's a huge slash in price. Sirio is great to work with. You can check out the gallery and details here:

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  1. Hello my friend,always enjoyed working with you ^_____^ I really enjoy!




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