Friday, December 11, 2009

Angels and He-Men

Today I have a super hot exclusive from Jcartblog! I asked him to do He-Man for me. JC said it was the buggiest buffest boy he ever drew!

Check out that package! Huge bulging muscles all over the place! He asked me if I wanted the breast armor on and I think I made the right choice not covering that up! That is one hot chest. That hair is just so sweet. I think JC's new colouring style is outstanding. It makes his art look so smooth. The blue eyes are so nice I went with a larger image upload to show them off here better! XD
I like how the armor and clothes are just kind of slipping off. He-Man is getting ready to take care of that ragger JC gave him! And speaking of the awesome meat, Jcartblog gave him quite the impressive circumcision scar. He-Man is fast becoming one of my top favorite commed imaged from him. The background, mixed with the characters natural tan has made this a pin up for the ages! :)

Thanks JC! Jcartblog is currently taking commissions to make some Christmas money, please feel free to look into that! :)

Now it's time to go back to the start of my Commission days...way back to what I think might very well have been my 14th Commission. The Artist from NYC known as Seraphicreverie is known for her muscular images of Seph and Cell. At this time I really wanted to have someone portray a muscular Pit Icarus. Something I have mentioned is how it is unknown that he does grow to this size during the games ending. A very hot feature I really must keep exploiting! ^_^ Seraphicreverie came up with an image that quickly became legend. It started to spread like mad all over the net from the moment it was posted.

I remember my instructions being very simple. I wanted them both uncut with the foreskin on Icarus moving a bit over the head. A sexy male Medusa, built, but not as much as the powerhouse Pit. I got more then expected! Check out the hair on Icarus, it fades as it goes into the background. There are many nice details here. The snakes are fantastic! So many poses! XD

My reaction at the time:

Check out the skills on display here! Have ever seen a hunkier Icarus? And Medusa turns one part of me to stone, that's for sure!
What an amazing job! The huge green uncut cock drives me crazy! I just can't get over how hot this is. :heart: Someone call Nintendo, this is what I want to see in the next game!

I have to say I return to this image again and again. It's one of my favorites and touched me very dearly as it was done with great care and respect in a time when I was new, vulnerable and bursting with ideas and dreams. Seraphicreverie is an artist that deserves a lot more thanks then I can give, it was people like her that kept me going in my early days on Y. :)

And in Honor of her image, I asked Fallenangel to take on the characters as well!

Here is his wonderful take on Male Medusa and Kid Icarus! Don't look into his eyes Pit!

My Reaction was a little gross at the start! LOL:

so much cum...when I opened this I swear I could smell it! XD ewwwe ha ha ha! :lol::heart:
Wow man, your Pit looks just like the game version! He's hot!!! Love the foreskin action. So hot..:drool::heart:
I think the star here is that sexy Medusa! He is FINE! I love all the snakes. You did so many I can tell it was a lot of work for sure. I love his face, it's so sexy! The scales, so sweet. Mmmm I could sex that green penis all night! LOL
Thanks man!!! :heart::kiss:

I don't know what to say, Medusas neck is freaking hot. There's something about it!!! And that thick FORESKIN on Icarus....pant pant...need to take it easy... LOL.
Fallen used the Smash Bros Model for Pit. Though I have to say he looks a bit buffer here and I love that. Ha ha ha..those undies falling down his leg are hot! Heavenly sex!

There's more He-Man and Icarus on the way! :)

To end todays blog I wanted to share a very different style of image! Some time ago I asked Tonberryknight to take on Mega Man and Cut Man. I just had to see these two classic characters done in her style. Another blog exclusive!

A sexy bulging version of Mega and Cut fighting it out!

The colours are so vibrant in this image! Check out the packages and the nipples! Very very hot!!! Cut man turned out sexy..ha ha That's hard to do considering how cute and cartoony he is in the game! I so love the boots she gave Mega Man. I just want to peel off that outfit. XD Really great action packed stuff! These guys are really sexy and all this has given me some new concept ideas. So what do you guys think? Should I ask Tonberry to take this to an erotic level next year? :P

An early sketch with Mega Man using blasters to fly.

Thanks Tonberryknight, this one has inspired me a lot! :)

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