Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Space Cadet Book One Review and Joey by WTJohn!

Hey guys! I just read through my copy of Space Cadet and I am DRAINED! I was pleasantly surprised at how great the book is! Cadet is far out of his normal element and has been thrusted into the fantasy realm of Ordovica. Here he must come to the rescue of the world (including the delicious Vallan and a Harem of sexy young men) from the clutches of the vile Baron Von Phallus. There is something in this land that makes Cadet a rarity and most sought after by the creatures therein.

The colourful realm is beautifully envisioned by Rob Grey. His art has a knack for capturing these sprites in a fitting fantasy style. Among my favorites are Samm the blue bearded fairy and Zun a satyr with a wavy Mohawk of hair. My favorite however, is the king of the Centaurs Strider, another beyond brilliant creation by Patrick, that is drawn so sexily by Mr. Grey. His panels are worth the price of the book alone! This hunk is a stunning specimen, with his long flowing mane, bristly chest hair, gold rings and thick dark fuzz covered uncut cock! I really love the way Grey brought him to life and the colours he chose to bestow upon this wicked new Boytoon! There is a picture of him standing behind Cadet as Bryron washes himself by a lake that is still driving the precum from me! XD I can only pray there will be a lot more of him in the future.

                                                          A Sneak peek at Strider!

The book is wonderfully written by Patrick Fillion with all of his usual humor and wit. ^_^ It also features 4 wonderful bonus images by Patrick as well! If you love fantasy titles you more then owe it to yourself to pick this comic up!

                                                        Sexy Cadet by Rob Grey.

                                                       Samm the hung Fairy boy!

                                Zun and his buddies do more then Rescue Space Cadet!  
                                          They just can't obey orders..who could? XD

                                            Cadets cock is beautifully captured here!

Last night I got another wicked birthday surprise! I wish I had known, cause I would have waited and added him to the blog entry. That's okay though, because WTJohns take on my Joey is so sexy and hot, it deserves to get a little spot lighting today in a this separate post! Johnny you are the best! You know how much I love your take on Joey and lord knows I send your image out to everyone as ref cause he is soooooo cute by your hand. You really stepped it up this time and maxed out his upper body! WOW! Here is is folks, WTJohns newest Crayola Classic! :) (Can you believe he does this with just those?)

My Reaction:

Wow wee Johnny! This is hot!!! Joey au naturel huh? Sweet! Thank you so much John! This is a shocker! XD :exclaim::heart: Look he has blond armpit hair!!!! :heart:WOW! HA HA HA, don't we all wish we had that? XD

Your cocks are always so amazing but this one blows me away. Nice work on all the details, like the way the balls are resting on his leg! The foreskin is really hot nicely folded back and the shaft has some epic curves going on! Sweet work on his big round pecs and his rock hard abs. He has the look of determination in his beautiful blue eyes! He is ready for action and nothing is gonna stop him! Those arms are so big and well drawn. Nice an muscular! Yummy! Wonderful hair and cute ears! It never cases to amaze me what you can do by hand.

Ah John you're such a blessing to this site my friend. Thank you! :heart::widesmile::heart:

Someone said Joey looks like a model and I agree! I would not doubt he would be so full of himself that he would pose like this for more money and fame! Thanks for adding to his personality John!

Oh crap Space Cadet took all my energy. I'm gonna faint...Time for Breakfast! Ah one more peek at Strider first.... ^o^

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  1. Reviews by you are always quite interesting! :3 Good work on that. Even those lil preview images are smart. ^^

    OH and of course you're still getting birthday stuff! That's awesome. XD It's nonstop! Keep that train rolling. lol



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