Saturday, May 8, 2010

Looking back in Wonder at the Peruggine! :)

Hey guys! This is a bit of a catch up blog, with a couple new bits as well for ya! I have been wanted to post the wonderful art of the Peruggine, two wonderfully talented ladies from Italy that came to my aid when I first started commissioning things on YG for a very long time. Not only are they extraordinarily talented, they are really friendly and sweet as well. They love to give and because of it they always produce top notch art. I really suggest checking them out, their gallery. It is filled with heavenly hunks, Star Wars original characters, Dragon Ball, Their own personal creations, Saint Seiya and so much more. Commissioning them was a total pleasure. I have only commissioned them 3 times so far, but that will change soon!
As you can see I wanted them to draw Kid Pit Icarus and Rikuo. Guess what they told me? They LOVE RIKUO! HA HA HA, that made my day! So they were very into this commission. I had seem them then saints and the like and I was really excited to see how they would handle a grown up Icarus. They both turned out so great, I commissioned another image featuring them right away. ^0^

There is so much raw emotion here. The details are incredible. Rikuo is even drooling a bit. His eyes are so sexy, check out the details in them. I love the red along his arm and butt, that was a nice touch. His blood is really pumping! Icarus has an outfit made based on the supposed Wii sequel, his original suit and tons of Peruggine creativity. A masterpiece.

My reaction:

Thank you so much for doing this for me, I couldn't have imagined how hot this would turn out when I first asked for this. The attention to detail, the red around the joints on Rikuo, the expressions of pure passion. (The bushy pubic hair on Icarus) This is a masterpiece. I love how you two mixed the elements of the old and proposed Icarus to give him this new adult look, that is such a natural progression for the character. He is so beyond sexy. I love long hair!
And Rikuo is so vibrant and alive. The cute! And his frills are pointed in ecstasy. The cum is so erotic..I have to adjust my pants to get out of chair.:lol: Every stroke is perfection. I could not have asked for a more wonderful piece.:heart:

The reactions on Y!Gallery were so great. I felt we had really done something that shook the site up.

So I worked on a new idea. I really wanted to give Wonder Boy more love at this time. This was the first time I asked for Tanya to become a male. XD I was a little scared to ask for that. But they really liked this idea too! :)
This was probably one of the first instances of me sitting down and drawing the image as well. I kept adding characters to it. XD I did it in MSPaint, with my mouse. I drew stick men that kinda looked like the instructions in a Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese manual. :P I was embarrassed to send such a thing, but the Peruggine laughed and said the cute image only wanted to make them image more. ;) Now that's heart!

Rikou rides a wave in to a wonderful orgy...Icaurs looks like he is having a hard time concentrating on flapping his wings...Wonder Boy is perfectly smug and satisfied and Tanya is just enjoying everything, the perfect end to a game....
Someone said Candles should be lit in honor of this masterpiece and I agree!

My reaction I will never forget this day. I was so happy, I had just talked to Mr. Fillion for the first time and this arrived in my inbox too. I was ecstatic:

Oh my gosh!!! I didn't expect this so fast! I LOVE IT!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart: I just want to give you two the biggest hug ever!!! It's beyond perfect! The expressions are so wonderful. The Princess as boy is fantastic, that is just what I had in mind! And Wonder Boy...OH MY GOD what a total hottie!
I love Rokou's pose with his tongue out!:heart: You got his penis EXACTLY how I wanted it! :happyhappy: Love that wave thank you for fitting that in! Fits so well with the island theme. Pit Icarus is even hotter then last time. Never thought that would be possible!!!!
Oh my gosh I thought today could not get any better...but it is like Christmas morning when I open a masterpiece like that up! It is worth every dollar and more. Thank you for making my dreams come true.:kiss: Icarus may have wings, but you two are true Angels!

All my love
Matthew T.
Group hug!:kitty2:

I remember this was just going to be the end game screen, but I my heart said, keep going and add more characters to which the Peruggine I felt especially after seeing the final product, were very inspired by.

What do you guys think I should request of these great artists when they open commissions again? :)

I used this to better explain the placement of Rikuos foreskin. Always try to find good refs for your artists!

Since we are talking Wonder Boy, I FINALLY asked my pal FallenAngel to draw him and Coyote. I could kick myself for waiting this long. The results are so freaking hot. I won't lie, this image hit the spot, so to speak. This image is in my top 10 of FallensAngels images he has produced for me. Everything is just right. Take a look:

Wonder Boy Beat up Coyote and has taken the love letter written by Tanya from him. Wonder Boy sits on a stone and begins to read. His emotions over take him and his uncut cock starts to grow with thoughts of his love. Coyote sees this and sneaks up, crawling on all fours. As Wonder Boy continues to read he allows Coyote to enjoy his thick dick until he cums.

Man how I LOVE that tight ass on Coyote, it's so shiny, I swear you could bounce quarters off that thing. XD All the skin tones are perfect. I like the contrast between Coyotes brightly coloured cut cock and Tom Toms huge light skinned boner. The foreskins by Fallen are always so hot. He knows how to do them right. XD

This image actually had a lot of back and forth between us. The position changed once, to show more of Coyote. Fallen did some research and started to ask me why the game was so similar to Adventure Island. I realized I had never explained this to him, so told him the history of how they are basically the same game series, by the same people, just switched from Sega to Hudson. (Sega Kept the Wonder Boy name and character designs.) It's a odd to me that after all these years Hudson and Sega have not come together to produce more Wonder Boy games with Tom Tom and Master Higgens together.
He really liked this so he added something very special, the Dinosaur from Adventure Island 2 in infant form! Hee hee. That's the kind of addition that really touches me and makes the comm even more special. ^_^ I also love that he thought to include a leaf for Wonder Boy to sit on. A rock would be a bit uncomfortable.

I will end this with another FallenAngel masterpiece. His take on my caveman Dore. Poor, poor Dore. I have about 3 commissions that were to feature him, that never came to be. One was going to be done by MacUser. That means I have ideas up for grabs folks. XD
For now let's enjoy this rainy Jungle fun!

The Rain beats down on the Jungle, so what else is a boy to do with his free time?

This was my reaction this this favorite image:

I don't know what I like more, your so sexy Dore, with his cute purple penis head and great tan skin and stubble, or all the rain! It looks so amazing. I really love the leaves in the corner! The Dinosaur with the leaf on his head made me LOL. That is so adorable. Another Classic man. Your Dore is just too irresistible. Going to have to think of more naughty ideas for him. :)

Much love to you! :widesmile:

The rain took Fallen a bit longer to do the image, but he said he really enjoyed it, the result and reactions making it all the more worth it.


  1. I thought you said you had nithing down the line, but after so many posts I clearly see I was missunderstood.
    Love Rikuo on the first pic--well, I love him in every instance, but this one is awesome--the expression, the body... everything!
    Dore looks also very kinky! I can imagine him running around in a prehistoric jungle, hardly dressed, waiting for a momentary break from his day-to-day surviving, just to spurt some caveman milk...

  2. Hot damn, dude. XD I forget to check up for a couple days and a dozen new posts pop up. Yow.
    Lots of new and old images to me. I seriously can never ever keep up. lol
    But it looks like you got some nice fanboyism and story going on, keep going with that. :3
    Haha, as if you never have a few good ideas to use? XD It's too bad MacUser never managed to make one of those pics though.

  3. Maybe someday once you filed up all of us you can count us down our top work you like ^_^ - FallenAngel



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