Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chrs Redfield is the Ultimate Healer....

I wasn't going to ever do this blog, cause I felt it might come off the wrong way to some people. But I got a Resident Evil theme going here and this stuff is so awesome, I just couldn't contain it for any longer. So with the permission of the person these were made for I am now posting these long over due images of Chris Redfield from Resident Evil.
This is the story; around Christmas time Mr. Urbanmusiq lost his job and then faced some major heartbreak. Well...I had only know him for a few months at that time, but our friendship was already really strong. I felt so terrible for him. My family too had gone through a very rough fall and a horrendous Christmas that was saved by the love of my best friends. I felt his pain big time. So I decided to do something very bold. I put a call out to any artists that had the time to do some special healing images of Urbans favorite character Chris. The reaction was huge, I could not and still cannot believe it. I actually had to start turning people down cause I could not afford many more images at the time! LOL. Everyone worked really quickly and it all made the biggest difference in the world to him. I gotta toot you guyses horns on this. I saw a big difference from the time the first image went to him. His responses were awesome to say the least. Urbanmusiq is as good at giving kind praise as his current employer! XD

So let's take a trip down memory lane and even show a couple never before seen images! I hope you guys enjoy!

First off let's start with Demona, one of my ROCKS in the field. I came to her fist cause I know just how fast she can whip up an unforgettable Chibi. I gave my first idea, made just for her, the second it came to my mind. She had the sketch for me in like no time and the completed image very soon after that. Here is our get well card to Allain.... :)

Awe, that Herb cures a broken heart. ^_^

My Reaction:

Thanks so much for coming through for me and Allain Demona. You really pulled this one out fast and from the sketch he was a chibi masterpiece. One of your most heart felt Chibbi's, he is going to have a place in both our hearts for all time. ^_^ OK enough mush! He's awesome!!!! :lol::heart::kiss:
Now I am tempted to get you to draw Adult Chris!!!

Hey I should ask her to draw Adult Chris! What do you guys think? XD

The next artist to produce something was Chrisss. (He is currently wounded and unable to draw, poor guy.) I had an idea for Chrisss, but he had one too and offered it up. He did a super cute and well built Chris refusing to get naked for any stupid Zombie. Nope, he would only take it off for the person the card was made for! Now for the first time you can see the caption! :P

What a charming face he has! Chris as your private Stripper? I bet that is a dream come true for many fans!

My Reaction:
Hey Chrisss thanks for Doing Chris! :lol::widesmile::heart: He came out really cute! You did an amazing job. The colouring is top notch and the idea is very funny and hot. (The private caption made it even sexier!:tongue::heart:) You really must do more of this character when you have the time. He's so very adorable by your hand. Thank you for being there for my friend!

It is always nice to see an artist eager to draw new things. His Chris became very popular. Maybe one day he will do more too. I want to see what is under those pants!

Bet you can guess who was next? My dear friend, FallenAngel of course! Me and Fallen got up to some major mischief with this image. We made Urban a part of Stars and let him have his way with Chris. Oh, if only you could do this in the game huh Urbanmusiq? I love this image!!! XD Urban was a great sport and had no intention of keeping it private. He loved being in the spotlight! :P

I love FallenAngels take on Chris. His got a cute face and light athletic build. Really hot. Now if only we could see more of the guy behind him...LOL just kidding! XD He did a sweet job doing Urban Anime style! :P

My reaction: Fallen said this was for a friend of ours.

Yeah and that friend almost came in his pants when he saw you draw him! XD Ha ha ha. I don't know which one is hotter!!! Nice stuff man. Always love a scruffy guy lifting up his shirt, getting ready to cum! :heart:

You really came through for me and him! This means a lot to me. Thank you very much! :kiss::widesmile::heart::heart:

I have a hard time figuring out who did what image in what order and I regret not jotting down the reactions from Urbanmusiq in a special folder. They are really hard to find at this point. Hundreds of e-mails later...XD

So let's do an exclusive from Guytoonist23 first. He did up his own little idea as a total surprise to me and Urbanmusiq. Here is his nice and BUSTY Chris taking it off and asking a question that brought Urban to his knees. I know I still look at this and swoon. This image really makes you think about what is exactly under those clothes. Like you wonder if that cock is cut, or uncut and how thick it is and what exactly he means by R and R? XD I can't imagine getting too much rest with out a good work out before hand!

Man is his Chris freaking hot..He gave him just the right amount of fuzz. He is irresistible. Done all by hand too! That face is so perfect and that body woo...He even added a splotch of colour to him, bringing out more hotness. Can we hope for a cock out version one day? GUILTING YOU INTO IT GUYTOONIST! LOLZ joking.

I always say use the skills God gave you. Feralelf threw his hat into the ring and I knew the exact image I wanted him to do. A beyond super buff version of Chris and Leon at the Gym ready to take on Urbanmusiq. They are gonna give him the work out of his life!
He really came through with the two biggest version of the boys the world has ever seen. Their arms are bigger then I am!!! XD I love how he managed to show both guy nipples just under their shirts. Ha ha ha cute. Leon has a great big cut cock and Chris is uncut with a fucking nice huge foreskin half engulfing his massive head. Those balls are Chris look like they need someone to grab and cuddle.. XD cough..sorry lost myself again...
This image is just too awesome.

Urbanmusiq better just lie on his back and do what these men say! XD

Aneros was really into this commission. I remember wanting Chris in the shower beckoning Urbanmusiq to him. Aneros looked up the new down loadable costume for Chris and asked me if I would be interested in including it in the image. I snuck a comment about the new outfit casually into an e-mail to Urban and he came back stating how much he was already drooling over it. HA HA HA, awesome choice Aneros! XD That was very thoughtful of you to add something so special to this image.
It turned out really hot too. Fans of his new costume will be very happy to see this! He gave it lots of great details on the fabric too. (Hard to see here.) I love how he gave him that deep red head, the result of sweating all day long in the hot sun...he's a dirty guy..better get your mouth on that and clean him up Leon.. XD

Awe, he is tilting his head so innocently! I love a man in shades..can't resist 'em, especially when Aneros draw such a sexy body attached to them...Hoo hoo...that stubble is hot stuff! XD That mid section still makes me leak...XD saying that is a nice tummy is an understatement. XD

Last in this gallery of Stars is the wildly funny and hot image of Chris by the lovely ladies known as Le Peruggine. This idea was fun to come up with. Just kinda hit me! Le Peruggine added the ripping shirt, along with a million other charms. Love Chris hair here so much. XD

My Reaction:

Thank you so much for doing this so fast ladies! He is so magnificient! My friend was getting very hot looking at him! LOL. It's a very sexy and charming take on Chris. I love the facial hair. WAY SEXY! And the ripped shirt was an excellent touch. I really love how soft his hair looks. His chest is sexy and the gun position is perfect! XD Your Capcom boys are always so wicked awesome! :)
You two really came through for me and this REALLY cheered him up big time. It had a great effect on him that day.
All my love you two! :heart::kiss::heart::heart::heart:

Okay that's it! Shows more Resident Evil for awhile! LOL. ^_^


  1. Lol why the wrong way D:? This is awesome x3

    We all are in a kind of RE mood recently, rigth xD?

    I see most of this images already but some are totally new (like Aneros image). Great stuff in here and i didnt knew about the story behind this images. Thats very sweet from you x3

  2. Thanks for the kind words Devilman! Yeah these were just too hot to keep under wraps! I have been wanting to do this blog for a long time.
    At the time these were being done, I wanted to try to be as humble about it as I could. A good deed is its own reward type of thing. I didn't want to come off in anyones eyes as a braggart for doing something nice. Which of course I know was stupid to think at the time. I was so proud of the pieces coming and it was hard not to post them on the blob. But at the time it took a lot of guts for me just to ask something like this be done. XD

  3. I think I see where you were coming from. I don't think its a bad thing at all to be happy about successfully cheering someone up and showing how it happened. Plus if Urban is cool with it than its all good. :3

    I like seeing more RE art. XD Still not a big fan of RE5 Chris (now it sounds like I treat him like a seperate character? Lul) like everyone else is, but these are nice! Demona did a CUTE job. X3 and I even see some stuff I never saw before. Guytoonist did a super freaking awesome job and I also liked feralelfs superbuffness! They are all nice though, not to exclude anyone. Very fun! Glad that all worked out. :3

  4. I'm no more Chris' fan as I am of Leon, but, DAMN! that shower pic is hotter than anything RE I've seen so far!

  5. Ohooohohoh its the Chris collection hot steamy
    show :D - FallenAngel



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