Saturday, October 15, 2011

Belvadars Ghostly Surprise

Hey guys! As I promised here is some fantastic new art by Sirio and Cray! After Sirios smashing image of Belvadar and JD, I craved more. I just had to ask for a double dose and here it is! Belvadars Trick, or Treating Adventures continue!

Once again Bel has met with the freaky blue Phantom. This time he's been caught totally by surprise! I thought it was especially hot how Sirio has him phasing through Bel so that we can get a glimpse of his perfect pecks. Lovely touch Sirio! So Naughty! I think that Sirio really loves to draw Bels bum, cause she always makes it so darn FINE! XD Belvardars got some massive upper body portions here. He's pretty stunning to say the least! I like that haunted forest background. Reminds me of Halloween art of old. ;) Very traditional. Sirio should get into the gay greeting card business. :D You may remember the little bat from another picture posted not too long ago. Batsy is gonna be Belvadars best friend from now on I think. Following him and looking out for his friends well being.

Next we have the triumphant return of Cray! It's been like a year since I commissioned this guy! As one of my oldest friends from the gay scene it felt so great to watch him draw again. Cray did this image super fast! He really was into Belvadar and doing a wicked ass Halloween image. He did this in less then day. I am stoked to present this to you guys.

Looks like all that surprise attack was just to get Bels attention. He just wanted to remind Belvadar about his concert tonight! Dang Bel is hot posing all full of himself! Cray really nailed him. Love the super tight foreskin clinging to his pink tip! Cray did a sick job on the coloring. The green really stands out and Bels dark skin shines with a velvety glow. The lighting effects with the see through ghost are great! The haunted forest background with the church reaching twisting towards the moon reeks of the spirit of Halloween. A totally awesome picture!

Sirio and Cray did bang up jobs based on my simple sketches. I wasn't particularly fond of my own sketches for these two projects, but here is the first image I drew of the Ghost that I was happy with.

Here is another Halloween Classic. This one is the hour long special TINY TOONS NIGHT GHOULERY. I had the VHS version of this. It's pretty funny. (Especially the opening.) It does borrow heavily from the Simpsons at times, but that's okay. It's Tiny Toons at there best! Ah, gotta love 90s cartoons. :D


  1. Thanks a lot for the kind words! As always it was a real plkeasure working with you, I'm looking forward to our next comission :)

  2. Thanks Cray! I always have a great time commissioning you! I am looking forward to our next project as well. ^_^

  3. I really love Belv bum..yeah !! ♥ ^_____<


  4. GORGEOUS Belvadar pieces! Belvadar is definitely my favorite Dinosaurprince creation, and I NEVER get tired of seeing illustrations of him... especially when they're as terrific as these two by Sirio and Cray! Superb work to all involved! XD

    And the Tiny Toons clips bring back soooooo many great memories! What a fun treat! Thanks for posting all of these goodies, Matthew!

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  5. I am so glad you liked these pieces man! More Belvadar is on the way...A LOT MORE! :D About Tiny Toons, it's so hard to believe how long it has been since this show aired.



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