Friday, October 14, 2011

Marshall And The Mummies!

I got a double dose of FallenAngel for you guys tonight. I have had an insanely busy week and have been neglecting this blog badly. That's gonna change, cause I got a few spirited treats to share with you guys this weekend. (With lots more to come after that!)
The first is an explosive Egyptian adventure staring Marshall Copeland!

I don't even know where to start about the awesomeness of this picture! Fallen had done some wonderful art of Marshall and his Princess friend. He posted the images on his Pixiv account some time ago. They are pretty wild. So I asked him to draw up a nice image of the two. I had a sketch I doodled late one night, I suggested Marshall swing in and apart from that, he went totally wild! This is one of Fallens action packed images to date. And it's leading to a whole little mini comic coming soon!
You can see his art of Marshall in his Pixiv account below. I don't think you need to be a member to view the 'WORKS' section.

Marshall Copeland

Mummy Princess of Egypt

Something wicked this way comes to DPK! I very proudly present FallenAngels take on my newest character! This blue phantom debuted in Darian821s work. Be careful where you wander this October, for you may well run into pornographic Poltergeist!

Deep In the forest of shades,
past the graveyard near the coast
Comes the tale of a haunting
By a blue melancholy ghost

The sweet young man died on Halloween
His life was taken from him brutal and quick.
Now he wanders the forest forever alone,
through bush and timber, tall and thick.

Do not venture through the forest at night,
for you may encounter his his eerie blue haze.
And before you know it, all is lost
the forest will become his maze

Do not pause to catch a glimpse,
All advise you turn your back and run
Cover your ears and push on through
ignore his beckoning promises of fun.

Heed his manly form as you flee,
avert your eyes while you take flight.
Do not gaze upon his chest,
Nor be swayed by his tales of delight.

Cover your crotch with both hands,
as through the forest you amble
Do not give it a second thought,
For the feeling phantom fellatio is dreadfully frightful!

So if you seek love,
the Forest of Shades you should avoid the most
For no one wants as a lover
the blue melancholy ghost....

This is one of those images that just melts my heart. It was not only very exciting to see Fallen take on this character, but he also did some new effects and lining techniques to make him look just right. From the sketch I knew it was gonna be awesome, but I didn't think it would pull at my heart strings they way it did when it was done.

Like the previous image, this one was based on a doodle I did late at night. I was listening to some amazing Halloween music and couldn't stop drawing. :P

I love what FallenAngel did with the hair on the specter, but just for fun, here are some alternates on it. Basically we removed the bangs in front and even the sideburns to make the hair and head look a little more melded together. I am partial to the sideburns being left on.

As the days count down to Halloween, more and more of his creation and back story will be revealed. I hope to get a short comic on his origins done in time, but the chances are looking pretty bleak on that. I left it too long....

Thanks Fallen for these two amazing pictures. What a way to start a weekend! Tomorrow works from Sirio and Cray!


  1. Ohh nice Story poem :D -FallenAngel

  2. Thanks! Glad you liked it FallenAngel!



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