Monday, October 31, 2011

Witching Hour Halloween Post!

Happy Halloween everyone! As we find ourselves fast approaching the midnight hour, I fresh new image has surfaced. This is a very special image, telling the tale of Belvadars adventures this evening. Seems one cannot let ones guard down for one second, even when trick, or treating in the relative safety of a the city!

This beautiful piece was drawn by Kagami06! Remember him? He did Andrew Two and the Centaur Rodeo, to name a few of the pieces he has enchanted the site with. Felt good to commission him again. So I asked for another image. His Belvadar rocks, so he will be drawing him again. Hee hee. Can't get too much of a good thing eh? The idea behind this was that I had the monstrous hand of UNCLE from the Flintstones in my mind. So I did a little sketch and Kagami added a ton of charms to the creature in the can. His coloring really brings out the best in Belvadar. I don't know who I love more, the cat, or the Belvadar! LOL! That cat is too funny and just perfect for Halloween. I have to admit, a pat of me wanted to save this till the last moment on Halloween Night to post! I hope you guys enjoyed all the Halloween stuff on DPK this year. The celebration isn't going to end either! So don't be sad. Belvadar isn't going away, just yet! ^_^

I noticed how much love Zorro got, so here is an added bonus! The costume that helped spark some interest in the project to begin with! Now that's a Halloween costume! :P


  1. Very nice! I love the coloring! and Belvadar's expression is great!
    I hope you had a great halloween too DP :D

  2. Cool nice surprise for Belvadar :D its really a surprise :D even the cat got spook - FallenAngel

  3. Really nice post! Great pic, the face is also pretty fantastic! :D I dunno if the cat is more scared of the mangoo or the creature in the garbage can... I'll say both. LOL
    Nice stuff!!



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