Friday, October 7, 2011

Apis Bull Boococky By Rubensum

Today something not Halloween related! Instead, I proudly present a major dose of Bullman by Rubensum. I do believe I was this artist second commissioner and they already got the job down pat. Let me tell you! This was one smooth commission. Good customer service, fast updates, friendly communication and most importantly wild art filled with hot sexy men!!!

Apis, was made to be worshiped after all! He's in his element as he milks man after man. ;P

The men in front have stepped back allowing a nicer glance at the magnificence of Apis, wonder of Egypt. ^_^

Hope you guys loved that as much as I did. Apis looks super freaking hot. Love his hair. That guy with the foreskin pulled all the way over his head drooling the last of his jizz is just too much! :P I presented the artist with many ideas when we started. I wanted to make sure the artist had an idea they liked. Rubensum was kind enough to give me a full sheet of great sketches. Gosh it was hard to choose! I should post up that piece of digital paper. Seeing the amazing job done on the Apis, I gotta say he has sprout from this artist pen again another time. ;)

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