Monday, October 31, 2011

Witching Hour Halloween Post!

Happy Halloween everyone! As we find ourselves fast approaching the midnight hour, I fresh new image has surfaced. This is a very special image, telling the tale of Belvadars adventures this evening. Seems one cannot let ones guard down for one second, even when trick, or treating in the relative safety of a the city!

This beautiful piece was drawn by Kagami06! Remember him? He did Andrew Two and the Centaur Rodeo, to name a few of the pieces he has enchanted the site with. Felt good to commission him again. So I asked for another image. His Belvadar rocks, so he will be drawing him again. Hee hee. Can't get too much of a good thing eh? The idea behind this was that I had the monstrous hand of UNCLE from the Flintstones in my mind. So I did a little sketch and Kagami added a ton of charms to the creature in the can. His coloring really brings out the best in Belvadar. I don't know who I love more, the cat, or the Belvadar! LOL! That cat is too funny and just perfect for Halloween. I have to admit, a pat of me wanted to save this till the last moment on Halloween Night to post! I hope you guys enjoyed all the Halloween stuff on DPK this year. The celebration isn't going to end either! So don't be sad. Belvadar isn't going away, just yet! ^_^

I noticed how much love Zorro got, so here is an added bonus! The costume that helped spark some interest in the project to begin with! Now that's a Halloween costume! :P

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Magic In The Night Sky By FallenAngel

Good evening Boils and ghouls! It's almost HALLOWEEN! Ah, you can almost smell the pumpkin flesh in the air already!!! I know I could when I got these images!!! I was going to save these two from Fallen till tomorrow, but I decided that since it's already Halloween in his home country, I really should present them now! Today I have a double dipped holiday treat from FallenAngel. Fallen has proven to be quite the holiday master this year. He's really become the king of gay Halloween, with his images for this blog, his Grinner story and his Pumpkin King tale.
I bow to him!

First off, a picture that is full of love and wonder. Fallen did this one in less then a day! :O We almost forgot to do a picture of Mr. Scarecrow and Mr. Crow this year. It's a holiday tradition we just couldn't forget. The truth is the days passed by so quickly and we were having so much fun, we couldn't believe it was almost Halloween when we started. XD
Here, Mr. Scarecrow enjoys the beauty of the night sky, while Mr. Crow enjoys the beauty of his friend and lover instead. :)

This image takes place late into the evening, when night is at it's darkest and playful ghost cover the moon. That is the best time for passionate youth to settle down in the pumpkin patch and caress each other. As their love explodes down below, the sky above is ablaze with the falling pumpkin comets. Where each one falls, a superior patch will appear next year. One that will be perfect for two lovers to meet and enjoy the wonders of the Halloween sky next year. ;)

With his awesome toning style and explosive background, we have another superior entry in our little Halloween series of unlikely lovers. I think this is the hottest these two have ever looked. And that's not an easy task, considering the previous entries. During the sketch I started to throw in ideas for random stuff in the night sky. Fallen must have thought I was crazy when I said pumpkin comets! LOL, BUT they turned out to be very sweet, don't you think? XD You may notice a couple cameos in the shot as well. hee hee...Love the design on the patch and cottage. Too cool!

This picture was actually done first. It's the cover for our new story about Belvadar. It will be a bit Halloween themed. It will, like so many Tree house of Horror episodes have to premier after the holiday. :P Belvadar plays a magical pipe, that is the witches delight, but at what cost will it his new found talent come? You will find out next month! (I hope!)

Yes it's a non porny picture, but dang if Belvadar doesn't look super sexy for the lack of penis! XD Those legs are friggen epic. I want a nibble! :P Fallen always goes all out, but I think he really did something too awesome with that bendy haunted castle and the cute little witches against the full moon. He also brought back the owl from the Jasper image, to play along with Belvadar. How delightful!!! That skull sure gets around. Even more then Lachuck from Monkey Island. Just how did he get up into that tree? XD The ghost is also a cameo character. You can find out from where by checking out his pixiv account. ;)

Well folks, I am about ready to start doing the official count down to the Simpsons Halloween special. Friends are on the way over. I have my Jiffy Pop at the ready. My chips and dip all set and the pizza is on order. It's small, but very special Halloween tradition each year. Even if we do have to hold it after the holiday some years! With that, I bid you, have a very safe and extra Happy Halloween! Lots of love from FallenAngel and Myself! If I don't blog tomorrow, remember to eat a piece of candy for us. ;P

Check out FallenAngels Tale of the Pumkin King on his blog, it's sure to get you even more into the holiday spirit!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sexy Zorro by Sirio and Gay Halloween Around the Net

Hey guys! This Halloween edition features some kick ass art by Sirio and a look at blog post with Halloween themes around the net. You may wonder why I chose to have two images of Zorro done at this time of the year. Well, I always loved the character. I used to have some passed down Golden Book based on the Disney show. So that always engraves something into your heart. His Halloween affiliation comes from the fact that my best friend and I both went as Zorro one year. We were two gay caballeros. (Well, I was gay, he was straight.) Because of that the costume to me anyway fits very well with the season. So it's with a nostalgic tear in my eye that I humbly present to you Sirios art. (I am sure I wished I looked this sexy in my costume during my pubescent years. XD)

What's funny about how this came to be is, I offered Sirio the Vann with Peng and Belvadar ideas. Her heart made her chose Bel again, but she remarked how much she loved Zorro growing up. So after it was done, I suggested just doing a regular Zorro piece and she set to work on it right away. We talked about a lot of ways to do this. We had located some sexy images on the web and even talked about Peng being in the outfit. In the end we decided it would be a nice tribute to do the original character. I am glad we did, cause the sexy hero has never looked so good. ;) Gosh, just how did he get his chest in that skimpy outfit? Those pecks are massive. I need to work out more. XD
I absolutely love Sirios shading abilities, that were also present in her Jotaro image. They work well on so many levels. The purple in the costume was a great touch too! I get Darkwing Duck flashbacks! HA! ^_^ Thanks so much Sirio for the incredible image!

This was not the only Halloween image Sirio cooked up! You should check out Sirios blog Yaoi Dude for her Halloween Demons! They are exploring the some very dark regions! XD

Raul of the Rainbow Boys let his inner beast loose and created one of the sexiest werewolves around. Based on the classic movie and full of his own personal passion, he's a sight to behold:

You can also purchase a copy of him! He is sure to make peoples eyes pop out of their heads!

Caravaggia presented Patrick Fillion and I with one hell of a treat, with no tricks. She created a short comic featuring Patricks Jacko and my own Jasper! I love this woman! ^O^ You just gotta check it out. Her take on the characters is so sexy. Thanks so much for this Caravaggia caramel apple sweetie! :P

Speaking of Patrick, you HAVE to check out his Halloween issue on Boytoons. I sent him a very inspiring video. The result is a very retro erotic piece, that has to be seen to believe. Children of the 70s will eat this up! He has a brand spanking new comic featuring Ghost Boy and Jacko too! This one is done in his traditional style, as apposed to his Bryce Peters style from last years strip. As if that isn't enough, he also showcases the art of Caravaggia and Cray. Their sexy Zombie and werewolf will have you howling! Enjoy! :D

Don't forget to check out Crays blog. He has a number of Halloween themed images this year. These Include Resident Evils Chris Redfield.

And now, the most terrifying Halloween video of ALL TIME! Just to listen to it, is to GO MAD!!!

Now that that's forever embedded in your brain, lets move to a real Halloween video.
I invite you to enter The Kingdom of Witches:

Ah, enchanting isn't it? wouldn't be Halloween with out a totally ghastly tale, now would it? I warn you, I will not be responsible for any nightmares, or sleepless nights you suffer after following the link I provide below. FallenAngel cooked up his most horrible and crocked story of all time this Halloween. You can find his story within the walls of FallenAngels Tower. I pray you make it alive as you encounter THE GRINNER:

Good night out there, what ever you are! Scream you tomorrow...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Vann Illia and Peng Get in the Halloween Spirit By MiOworks

Happy Halloweekend everybody!!! (Remember when Fox kids did Halloweekend? Do they still do that? :I) Anyway for the next 4 days I have lots of surprises in store for you guys. Art from Sirio, FallenAngel, Kagami06 and from around the net.
The stage is set, so let's raise the curtain and lower the backdrop. The players are anxious to get this show on the road! Let's start off this witching hour post with something spellbinding from MiOworks! ;D

Here Vann Illia and Peng enjoy the best a gay Halloween can offer. Skimpy costumes, perfect bodies and hard cocks! :P MiO did a magnificent job with the boys. Look at Vanns eyes sparkle as he dons his kingly attire. He is so happy just to pretend to be in the role he so desperately desires. I think those baby blues are the nicest eyes MiO has ever drawn. He certainly does one sweet Vann. What lovely locks of hair that top that pefect body. Ah, but even in a Kings outfit, Vann's childlike demeanor shines though in MiOworks art. The stance is too precious. With his hand set in a fist at his side, he waits with child like impatience for his lover to reach his dick. XD How adorable!
I have said so much already and hardly mentioned Peng, who looks super in Zorro outfit. The upside pose is just wild and crazy. I was excited to see MiO pull it off with such style and flair. Love Pengs big legs and ass! XD Vann better not be selfish, that uncut meat needs some attention. Better pull it back before it burst Barbarian boy! ;P
This is based on preexisting idea I had that MiOworks and I took and gave a real holiday spin too. I had images of a cool king costume and Zorro outfit I wanted the guys to be wearing. It was MiOworks brilliant idea to make Vann a pumpkin king!!! Way too cool! XD He also came up with the ever so fitting backdrop idea. He asked me if I liked it and I told him that a stage is the perfect platform for these two spot light stealing studs!
Thank so much MiOworks! Happy Halloween to you my friend! ^O^

Here's a random Halloween costume picture I just found. A sexy Osiris, or Pharaoh with Anubis! I have no more Egyptain themed art to post before Halloween, so I am sticking it here! XD

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gay Ghosty Shower By Urbanmusiq

We are going psycho tonight at Dinosaurprince's Kingdom! It's an all out sensual shower attack on Belvadar by the one and only Urbanmusiq! It's been so long since I had a chance to commission Leon, I have been having some withdrawal symptoms. :P The wait only made me savor the flavor of this Halloween candy even more! ;) Urban is back in rare form with this image of Belvadar about to have a steamy spiritual encounter! XD

I always get Leons e-mails when I wake up. I remember very well wanting to dive right back into bed, till I opened this up. My eyes were so sleepy and I was so cranky...but wow did I wake up in a hurry after seeing the first sketch. Better then Tim Hortons coffee. XD Belvadar is looking super SWEEEEEEET! Urbanmusiq gave him a do of hair to die for yo!!!! It looks nice and slick, with variations on the strand lengths and positions. The body hair could not be thicker on this guys chest. LOL the way Bel has the two fingers pointing at his balls almost looks like he is gesturing, even getting ready to tap them to signal for the ghost to come and get some! Embarrassed That big thick uncut dick looks like it would wobble immensely with the slightest touch. Belvadar just first perfectly into that tight black skin. It looks so freaking sleek! GOSH! XD
The ghost, Jasper Edward Walldenbury is totally awesome! Doesn't he look so loving and sweet with his arms up like that? Urban really helped me come up with the perfect pose for him. One that shows off his body well and that massive vaporous member as well. One that didn't compromise the view by pushing him back further, or having him hiding in the mist behind the glass of the shower door. This pose and his facial expression make him look so innocent and sweet. That arm pose says a thousand words! Urban did something different with his hair as well. Instead of having it as just part of his head, he outlined it. I also got to see it with out the lines. I chose this one from the start, cause I love the hair do too much. :P

This image puts a wild and crazy song into my heart. XD
I got this melody from Sexy Parodius stuck in my mind. It's the boss them of Medusa. (The same as from Castlevania.) If you haven't played this game, you have to try too! This is one of the craziest, naughtiest fights in the history of games!!!
I imagined Bel playfully pushing him away. The ghost constantly advancing, the two dancing, pushing each other against the walls. Hot steam and moister covering the glass. The two lost in totally ecstasy. XD I have visions of Bels tail and bum sticking up in the air, while God knows what goes on below my line of vision between these two! XD

The inspiration for this image came not from the movie psycho, but a movie called THE DINNER PARTY. We just added a bit of ghostly flavor. I remember the scene in the movie where a hunky black guy couldn't get into the house of his lover. So he has to press himself and rub his dick all over the glass as she pretends to pleasure him. He cums all over the glass in the end. It was so freaking hot as they both tease each other in the hot summer air. AWE youth.. XD That movie was so awesome. Almost as awesome as this picture! ^O^

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FallenAngels Peter Pan, Back By Popular Demand!

Let it never be said, I don't notice what posts get a lot of attention around here! XD There was an outcry to see more Disney Characters drawn by FallenAngel as well. So, I proposed a little image of Peter giving it the King of the jungle, Tarzan! XD I insisted on keeping most of Peters clothes on. I am not sure if fans want to see him naked fully, or not. FallenAngel draws him killer with those clothes on. I was really impressed with his bootylicious Tarzan as well. He's smooth on the eyes! XD The men are wonderfully toned, in more ways then one! Enjoy guys!

So, who should Peter meet next? Hercules? Eric? Aladdin? Tron? The sky's the limit. ;P

Hey, here's a holiday treat! I found this page where Donald dons a knight Costume that has big spiky boobs on it! Looks like this costume out dates Madonnas by a few decades! LOL!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ghosts and Egyptians

Good evening! A special late night edition of DPK for you guys. Tonight the gay Halloween themed art comes from Master MiOworks and Master FallenAngel.
First up is MiOworks newest square commission for me. A square is a commission where you send him an idea and he just rolls with it. The squares are sold at a discount, in exchange for a little artist freedom. This can make for some fun times! Here we find our Ghost, Jasper Edward Walldenbury inspecting the cock of a slightly perturbed Belvadar!

I adore the chemistry between the two characters in this image so much. The ghost was swung in for a sneak attack. He doesn't care what Bels reaction is. He's purely focused on that cock and it's mysterious flap of foreskin. His childlike expression full of wonder might warm your heart, but that cold grasp has Belvadar needing to brace himself against the wall! XD Still, he looks like he may just be ready to cum if Jasp tugs on that thing one more time. ;P
MiOworks really went to town on the effects. I love the ghostly transparency and how you can see Belvadars arm, wing and peck beneath him. Too cool! Belvadar is right on model and the ghost is spirited delight. They are both just too much! ^O^ Amazing work MiOworks. (I also dig that killer wallpaper.)

Next we have something that really was touching. After working on the Marshall's Egyptian Halloween comic, FallenAngel did this splendid image of Anubis Priest as a bit of thanks for having so much fun on the project. The man is always so generous. Commissioning him is always so awesome, I couldn't ask for anything more. This is more then icing on the cake. It's like some of those expensive figures you can get at Baskin Robbins on the cake! LOL

Woof! Woof! Isn't that just too sexy? Dig those legs and abs. Yummy! What a total stud. FUCK! What a cock and face! He is gonna raise the dead. At least one part of their bodies anyway! XD The beautiful toning and wonderful colours makes me wish we had explored coloring the comic a bit more. There is always next time for that! This guys gotta come back for more after seeing this art. Thanks so much Fallen!!! Hugs!!!

I haven't done a spooky feature in my last couple posts. So tonight, I got something that's been long buried since the 1980s. Back when Hanna Barbara ran the Funtastic World on Sunday mornings, they used to have music videos that played between shows. They were really well done. Two in particular forever stuck in my mind. Bad Moon Rising and Lookin' Out My Back Door both used a lot of clips from creepy episodes of the Flintstones and other late 70s and early 80s cartoons. You just have to love the constant horror themes that came up during this time. The stories went so well with the dark animation the studio was churning out. Every day was Halloween in HB land. XD I haven't seen these since I was a kid. Watching them again was a great holiday treat.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Camili-Cat Changes Review

When most people think of how long Cams been around, they probably assume he appeared in the late 1990s. Truth be told, Patrick Fillion has been drawing Cam since his childhood. So after over 20 years, Patrick felt it was time for a change. I am sure Cams appearance has changed from time to time. It's certainly evident in some of the early art you can find flying around the net. It's really fun to see an artist take a stab at a new design for a character they have been drawing similarly for years. I had the honor of being among the fist to see this change. I saw the new Cam on the same day I saw Kung Fu Panda 2, but it was his new appearance that gave me a real Skadoosh that day, not the movie. ;P

The story titled 'Changes' will be eventually included to the next installment of the Rapture series. This tale however is so exciting, it was felt it deserved a stand alone release long before the rest of the book is ready for publication. I couldn't agree more. Truth be told, Changes is really a sequel to the Locus comic released earlier this year. In fact you would do well to read it before, or at the same time you pick up Changes. A friend of mine didn't do this and had a heart attack when I certain story element came up near the end of Changes.

The short story has Cam looking for Locus, which of course we all expect him to be doing. Sadly, his venture leads him into the clutches of Dr. Pupae while traveling through Sektan territory. The mad doctor commandeers his ship and holds Cam prisoner threatening to destroy his ship with him in it, if he doesn't comply. Cam is all alone now, so he has little choice to do as told, despite the doctors lack of right in the situation. Cam is quickly subdued and what follows can only be describe as an erotic experience unlike anything you have seen, or read in a Class Comic book.

Cam travels by himself now. Even his ships lighting seems to accentuate his mood.

They say everybody has to grow up eventually. In a sense it seems that now that time has come for Cam. The look Cam is left with seems very fitting. Cam now looks a bit older and more mature. His hair is trimmed short, his sideburns have grown out a bit thicker and he has a cute goatee. All this makes his profile very neat, tidy and super handsome. Even the wild bangs on the end of his tail have been removed, making his tail look like that of a domesticated cat. Perhaps this was a subconscious nod to his new found mind set to settle down with Locus? Hmmm. :D

Yet, don't worry Cam will never lose his wild side. His body hair follicles have been manipulated and his hair been allowed to grow out. His chest, abs, legs and balls are now adorned with some sexy fuzz. The kind you just want to rub against over and over. It all works to make Cams body look bigger, stronger and more defined then ever. This is exactly what Dr. Pupae wants. Cam is now close to being invulnerable. The look perpetuates that perfectly!!! He looks super pumped and more ready for action then ever! He has kind of a MenAtPlay sort of look, I guess you could say. I have a theory that many of Cams new attributes will feel very geared towards his original audience. After all, fans in their late teens, or 20s when Cam first made his appearances would now easily be in, or approaching their 30s and 40s. Some of these changes are just very natural in older men. Letting ones body hair grow, defining ones body even more, having to be slightly more conservative in parts that are shown more, but nonetheless retaining a handsome look, are attributes often acquainted with older males. It all makes for a compelling and very erotic change indeed. Of course this is just a theory. Younger men can be prone to this sort of look as well.

Now the physical side of this sizzling new look for Cams body does not just include body hair! Cams cock also goes through one hell of a transformation. Cam gets CUT!!!! For some reason I kept thinking about this being the 'change', but I never actually believed it could happen to Cam. Now as you all know I love foreskin and my uncut guys very much, especially how fun Cams uncut dick is. Yet, I met this change with with an open mind. I don't know what it is, but seeing him with a big fat circumcised cock is unbelievably freaking hot. I'm talking mouth wide open, double taking, full stretching of my jean shorts hot!!! Embarrased smile Maybe it's cause Cam, just leads himself into these situations of hard core alien sex so often, it's almost expected that this would eventually come to pass. Seeing it is like the fulfillment a some sort of secret desire trapped deep in my subconscious, or something.

To me, it really helped drive home the fact that despite his new tough, virile look, the same old vulnerable, sweet and gentle Cam lies underneath. Seeing him kneeling for the first time with his big fat head and super think shaft looking naturally cut totally blew me away. The whole look topped perfectly with the cut cock, gets me thinking that this man is now a sexual tank. With his new body, he can not only take it, but with his new cannon of a dick, give it like never before as well. That giant new tube looks like it will be able to fuck relentlessly, being that it's slightly less sensitive.

like this has ever been done before in gay, or even erotic comics, that I can recall. It's ground breaking and so daaaaaaaaammmmnnnn steamy. We will get a chance to hear Cams reactions to his cut dick. All his feelings and reactions will pour forth. That's gonna be hot. Since the comic is set in such a great fantasy sci-fi world, you know a reversal can always be achieved if Patrick wants too. Personally I love this and am looking forward to many adventures with circumcised Cam. He might be mistaken for a Felinoid prince, (for usually only princes are cut at birth.) Maybe he can persuade Locus to give him a little docking action, so that he can feel a foreskin once again slide over his exposed cock head. That long juicy green foreskin would be perfect for that. That is, if he ever finds him again. ;) With his new hardened body and ridged new fuck tool, the possibilities are endless.
Spoiler Ends

Of course what would a Cam story be with out some wild Alien sex? XD Changes manages to cram in a mind blowing sex scene. Cam meets Gobe, Mar and Dil, men, manipulated to 'perfection' by the evil Dr. Pupae. Mr. Fillions creative juices must have been working over time. They are 3 succulent scoops of studliness! Here for your pleasure is two blog exclusive image of the men!

From left to right are Mar, Gobe and Dil. Three men built just for sex.

Mr. Fillion loves his alien boys and these guys no exception. Each male is brimming with creative sexual designs. I think they are his hottest aliens since Locus himself. Gobe is the most human of the three, except that he has purple skin and three nipples. A good sign of just how fertile his species is! :P Take that Total Recall! :P I bet all 6 are sensitive! XD ha ha ha! He looks like he has a few sexy African American attributes. And boy is he is hung! His dick's so big, that his head doesn't seem to be able to even enter cams mouth! Gobe, may, or may not be more loyal to Pupae then the others are.

I really like the leafy hunk Mar with his manta ray chin. He looks really playful. He'll pierce your heart in an instant. His cock has three little spots, or lumps on it, possibly for increased pleasure. (They match the ones on his head. I wonder if they are eyes?) His green good looks are enough to give locus a run for his money!

Last, but certainly not least is my fave of the three (though it's a very close race let me tell you) Dil. His craggy scales and mix of Bat, armadillo and almost xenomorph like features has resulted in one of the most stunningly creative creatures to come out of Fillions pen. You have to love his ridge filled cock and bony balls. That's gonna be fun to see get shoved into poor Cam! :P

The one thing I really enjoyed about all these new guys is the super balanced mix of human and alien features. All three designs work extraordinarily well, without making the guys inhuman. An example would be Dils wicked dick. It's got such great features and divine shapes, but it's still fully humanoid.
As if the inclusion of three new men and a sexy new look aren't enough, the book holds even more surprises! The issue also has a very special cameo that fans are going to go crazy over!!!!

I really hope all three of these guys escape Pupae and come back for more! :P

The book includes a ton of extras, including a large making of section and some surprise art from our own Urbanmusiq! :D Take a good look at Cams proposed designs. The one in the top middle looks VERY familiar! XD HA!

Going through the book over and over while doing this review has left me so turned on! LOL! I think I better take care of this before I wear myself out! :P Camili-Cat Changes is available now for the very low price of $1.99 at Class Comics. This is the dawning of a brand new age for Cam! I hope you will join him on his journey!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Marshall's Egyptian Halloween

Hey guys! I got the final page of FallenAngels newest comic just hours ago and I HAD to spring it on you all right away. I had a rough day, but his art really cheered me up. (I have been having a lot of rough days it seems! XD) I can't believe how fast he produced this little comic. The process was over before I knew it. But for all his blinding speed, nothing is rushed. Each panel is brimming with fun. Tons of cute in jokes, cameos and sensuality grace each page. The mans a miracle worker. He's made a sweet Halloween treat for DPK! Marshall's got a job to do for his friend and with us directing, you know he's gonna get more then he bargained for!

So Come with us now, as Marshall Copeland goes on an adventure within the Egyptian Wing World located somewhere in the mysterious
1920's Museum!

Story By DinosaurPrince
Art By FallenAngel.

This story came about pretty quickly. I had a few Marshall ideas involving him in the underworld. I always wanted him to meet Anubis. With Halloween fast approaching I decided to can those ideas for now and just think of something a little more Holiday themed. I parked my butt at the PC and just drew one panel after the other without hesitating. I had it in it's roughest form for FallenAngel along with a script in one sitting. (See below.)
Of course we took silly liberties with the characters. Min is a God I wanted to use in a strip for decades. My local museum has a statue of him, which of course was always being giggled at by my friends and I when we were all kids. (Okay when we were adults too! XD) Being the god of reproduction, always pictured with an erect penis, I am kinda surprised how long it took me to use him. (Even if we only used him for a cameo.) I let Fallen have his way with him. He really studded him out.
Well I hope you guys enjoyed out little strip. More Halloween fun tomorrow.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Belvadar Vs The Headless Horseman By Caravaggia

The Halloween posts continue today with a holiday treat from Caravaggia. I can't wait to ask her to do something Halloween themed each year. She loves the holiday, but in the country she lives, Halloween doesn't get much respect. (Seems to the be same in my neck of the woods as well these days.) Anyway, Caravaggia always adds lots of spice to her commissions, so you know she's really gonna cook a witches brew up with one involving a subject that is of her hearts desire. Yes I have her drawing Centaurs AGAIN! I love her designs and each time she draws cooler and cooler horses!

Late one night before Halloween, Belvadar snuck into the bed chambers of the Headless Horsemen. While said party was otherwise 'engaged', our hero replaced his flaming pumpkin top with one of plastic. Belvadar then jumped on Zalus back to make quick his escape. Unfortunately the two were found out. The specter gave chase, all the while wearing the wrong set of clothes! What was he doing in that room, that occupied him so? Only the shadows on the wall know, but I think these clothes are a good indication...
Zalus speed was no match for the horsemen. He quickly feel behind and gave up the chase. This year he would not terrorize innocents with fire and smoke. Maybe this year he will cool it a bit and enjoy some trick, or treating instead. After over 200 years, maybe it's time he had a little fun on Halloween. :)

The image was originally just going to just be Bel and Zalu, when I first conceived the idea in my mind. I drew the Horseman standing in front of them, halting their progress in the sketch, but I wondered if it might be a bit much. Ha ha ha! Silly me! XD This is Caravaggia and she loves to doodle lots of characters! Caravaggia loved the idea so much, she even added even more to the image. She switched the position of the Horsemen and that led to the gag with the plastic pumpkin. I decided to ask her to really add some steam to his pursuit (hence the angry puffs of smoke.) From there it was no time at all before I had a colored Halloween treat on my hands. The moonlight from the skull faced man on the moon, following the two heroes as they escape down a lonely grass road is totally brilliant. This is her second time drawing both Belvadar and Zalu. She wanted to give Bel some Tim Burton inspired curves to his wings. (Very cool.) Asnd as mentioned her Zalu is amazing. The horse body is beautiful and he's nothing to sneeze at either. ;) He's hunky stuff in that white dress shirt!
This Halloween I hope you guys don't have to run from any deadly hunks!

Todays Halloween Classic comes from 1937. It's the cartoon Skeleton Frolics. If it bears more then a slight resemblence to Walt Disney's Classic Skeleton Dance, this is because it was animated by the same person: Ub Iwerks. He had left Disney for a period in pursuit of a solo career. The animator would later rejoin the Disney team.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Belvadar In The Pumpkin Patch

Hey guys! I decided to do a couple posts today. I won't be able to do much posting tomorrow, as I will be away for the day. This post should have been up a few days ago anyway. Halloween is a busy time for me! XD As it is as well for our little Belvadar! He has met the pen of JCARTBLOG and is looking super hunkerific as a result!

What a gorgeous picture! I would have to say JC's Belvadar is even better then his He-man image. (Which is not easy feat to beat!) Oh to have a chest like that! XD You will notice that Bels ears are getting bigger and bigger. I am loving the long look, hope you guys will too. The lighting effects really blew me away. The moon light seeping through Bels wings is just too wild. JCARTBLOG was really in the Halloween spirit, filling in the picture with some very festive onlookers! Hee hee. Woowie zowie..what fun I have it is to see this guy work! ^_^ Thanks JC!

Todays Halloween Favorite comes from the 1930s. Popeye and the gang explore a ghost ship in SHIVER ME TIMBERS! It's a true spooky comedy classic.

Here's the sketch that started it all. XD

Adonix's Twilight Halloween Treat

After the loss of his blog, Adonix started going over a lot of his older images. One such image that got a super refurbish was his legendary Jacob Black image. Adonix supports team Jacob in a big way this Halloween, with this hauntingly eerie and sexy image.

Jacob is hiding in the blackness of night, but steps forward just enough to give you a view you won't forget! Awesome stuff Adonix!

When Adonix drew this he really wanted to bring out his feral wolf side. He let Jacobs hair grow out a bit. His wonderful art coupled with some tricks to make this look like a photo taken at night make Jacob really show his bad boy side.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Absolutebleu Does Vann Illia and Peng!

Hey guys...super excited to present my newest commission to you all tonight. This is the second time I have commissioned Absolutebleu. The last time was early last year. Guess I waited a bit too long! XD Well anyway, back when Vann started to take a lot of the spotlight around here, I decided that I just had to commission an image of him drawn by Bleu if I could. I had to see him apply his big bodies and super smooth to Vann Illia and maybe even Peng. I thought they would really look perfectly built and cute in his style and I was right. XD They are magnificently chiseled like Greek gods.
Before I contact him, I wanted to have an pose that was classic and would be fun to parody a bit as well. His art often has a light humorous side, much like Fallens. Not just any idea could be sent to Bleu. It had to be fun. So off went a few ideas and after some brief back and forth, Absolutebleu started creating this spicy picture of the two fearless heroes.

LOL Bleu loves bums. That shine on Pengs ass could be used to warn ships! That is one tight ass...dang. XD Love it. His whole body has a nice freshly shaved smooth look and feel to it. Hot stuff. He fooled around with Pengs speedo as well. He just had to expose his hole! ^o^ I always get a thrill on how each artist does the butterfly wings on Peng. This image was no exception. They are very unique gorgeous. He made Vanns bangs extra long right at the end, which is a very sexy look. I like how he mixes up the line work, there's something about it that gives certain elements a nice 3D look. Like how Vanns arms pops out. I don't know how to word what I am trying to describe right. ^_^; Awesome stuff Bleu. Thanks so much! Hope you bloggers like it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Belvadars Ghostly Surprise

Hey guys! As I promised here is some fantastic new art by Sirio and Cray! After Sirios smashing image of Belvadar and JD, I craved more. I just had to ask for a double dose and here it is! Belvadars Trick, or Treating Adventures continue!

Once again Bel has met with the freaky blue Phantom. This time he's been caught totally by surprise! I thought it was especially hot how Sirio has him phasing through Bel so that we can get a glimpse of his perfect pecks. Lovely touch Sirio! So Naughty! I think that Sirio really loves to draw Bels bum, cause she always makes it so darn FINE! XD Belvardars got some massive upper body portions here. He's pretty stunning to say the least! I like that haunted forest background. Reminds me of Halloween art of old. ;) Very traditional. Sirio should get into the gay greeting card business. :D You may remember the little bat from another picture posted not too long ago. Batsy is gonna be Belvadars best friend from now on I think. Following him and looking out for his friends well being.

Next we have the triumphant return of Cray! It's been like a year since I commissioned this guy! As one of my oldest friends from the gay scene it felt so great to watch him draw again. Cray did this image super fast! He really was into Belvadar and doing a wicked ass Halloween image. He did this in less then day. I am stoked to present this to you guys.

Looks like all that surprise attack was just to get Bels attention. He just wanted to remind Belvadar about his concert tonight! Dang Bel is hot posing all full of himself! Cray really nailed him. Love the super tight foreskin clinging to his pink tip! Cray did a sick job on the coloring. The green really stands out and Bels dark skin shines with a velvety glow. The lighting effects with the see through ghost are great! The haunted forest background with the church reaching twisting towards the moon reeks of the spirit of Halloween. A totally awesome picture!

Sirio and Cray did bang up jobs based on my simple sketches. I wasn't particularly fond of my own sketches for these two projects, but here is the first image I drew of the Ghost that I was happy with.

Here is another Halloween Classic. This one is the hour long special TINY TOONS NIGHT GHOULERY. I had the VHS version of this. It's pretty funny. (Especially the opening.) It does borrow heavily from the Simpsons at times, but that's okay. It's Tiny Toons at there best! Ah, gotta love 90s cartoons. :D

Friday, October 14, 2011

Marshall And The Mummies!

I got a double dose of FallenAngel for you guys tonight. I have had an insanely busy week and have been neglecting this blog badly. That's gonna change, cause I got a few spirited treats to share with you guys this weekend. (With lots more to come after that!)
The first is an explosive Egyptian adventure staring Marshall Copeland!

I don't even know where to start about the awesomeness of this picture! Fallen had done some wonderful art of Marshall and his Princess friend. He posted the images on his Pixiv account some time ago. They are pretty wild. So I asked him to draw up a nice image of the two. I had a sketch I doodled late one night, I suggested Marshall swing in and apart from that, he went totally wild! This is one of Fallens action packed images to date. And it's leading to a whole little mini comic coming soon!
You can see his art of Marshall in his Pixiv account below. I don't think you need to be a member to view the 'WORKS' section.

Marshall Copeland

Mummy Princess of Egypt

Something wicked this way comes to DPK! I very proudly present FallenAngels take on my newest character! This blue phantom debuted in Darian821s work. Be careful where you wander this October, for you may well run into pornographic Poltergeist!

Deep In the forest of shades,
past the graveyard near the coast
Comes the tale of a haunting
By a blue melancholy ghost

The sweet young man died on Halloween
His life was taken from him brutal and quick.
Now he wanders the forest forever alone,
through bush and timber, tall and thick.

Do not venture through the forest at night,
for you may encounter his his eerie blue haze.
And before you know it, all is lost
the forest will become his maze

Do not pause to catch a glimpse,
All advise you turn your back and run
Cover your ears and push on through
ignore his beckoning promises of fun.

Heed his manly form as you flee,
avert your eyes while you take flight.
Do not gaze upon his chest,
Nor be swayed by his tales of delight.

Cover your crotch with both hands,
as through the forest you amble
Do not give it a second thought,
For the feeling phantom fellatio is dreadfully frightful!

So if you seek love,
the Forest of Shades you should avoid the most
For no one wants as a lover
the blue melancholy ghost....

This is one of those images that just melts my heart. It was not only very exciting to see Fallen take on this character, but he also did some new effects and lining techniques to make him look just right. From the sketch I knew it was gonna be awesome, but I didn't think it would pull at my heart strings they way it did when it was done.

Like the previous image, this one was based on a doodle I did late at night. I was listening to some amazing Halloween music and couldn't stop drawing. :P

I love what FallenAngel did with the hair on the specter, but just for fun, here are some alternates on it. Basically we removed the bangs in front and even the sideburns to make the hair and head look a little more melded together. I am partial to the sideburns being left on.

As the days count down to Halloween, more and more of his creation and back story will be revealed. I hope to get a short comic on his origins done in time, but the chances are looking pretty bleak on that. I left it too long....

Thanks Fallen for these two amazing pictures. What a way to start a weekend! Tomorrow works from Sirio and Cray!

So Just How CUT, Or UNCUT Are you?

A huge fascination of mine is of course the cut and uncut status of men. Some guys are really hard to tell. You often look at men and can't tell if they are cut, or uncut due to the length of their foreskin, before, or after a circumcision. Well someone made a chart, so you can find out what your status is! Maybe some artists can use the concepts behind this when designing characters. After all, it's all about the junk!

Check out the Foreskin Coverage Index Link!

Come on, turn around and let's have a look! :P



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