Sunday, October 16, 2011

Absolutebleu Does Vann Illia and Peng!

Hey guys...super excited to present my newest commission to you all tonight. This is the second time I have commissioned Absolutebleu. The last time was early last year. Guess I waited a bit too long! XD Well anyway, back when Vann started to take a lot of the spotlight around here, I decided that I just had to commission an image of him drawn by Bleu if I could. I had to see him apply his big bodies and super smooth to Vann Illia and maybe even Peng. I thought they would really look perfectly built and cute in his style and I was right. XD They are magnificently chiseled like Greek gods.
Before I contact him, I wanted to have an pose that was classic and would be fun to parody a bit as well. His art often has a light humorous side, much like Fallens. Not just any idea could be sent to Bleu. It had to be fun. So off went a few ideas and after some brief back and forth, Absolutebleu started creating this spicy picture of the two fearless heroes.

LOL Bleu loves bums. That shine on Pengs ass could be used to warn ships! That is one tight ass...dang. XD Love it. His whole body has a nice freshly shaved smooth look and feel to it. Hot stuff. He fooled around with Pengs speedo as well. He just had to expose his hole! ^o^ I always get a thrill on how each artist does the butterfly wings on Peng. This image was no exception. They are very unique gorgeous. He made Vanns bangs extra long right at the end, which is a very sexy look. I like how he mixes up the line work, there's something about it that gives certain elements a nice 3D look. Like how Vanns arms pops out. I don't know how to word what I am trying to describe right. ^_^; Awesome stuff Bleu. Thanks so much! Hope you bloggers like it.


  1. sexy bum! *slap it* - FallenAngel



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