Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ay Papi! Papi Smurf! Fathers Day Special.

 Bet you didn't see this coming!  Yeah, well...neither did I!  See this oh so delicious Smurf was a brilliant birthday gift from Leon De Leon.  (I can see why Gargamel wants to gobble up Smurfs now!)  I had to save it for release on Fathers Day, though.  I couldn't think of a more perfect picture myself.  The light dusting of white chest hair, the unbelievable tight foreskin, the big purple head and that Godly daddy body?  Danm...I am totally open to older men now! LOL!  So why Papa Smurf?  Well it's no secret among my friends and family that I am heavily addicted the Smurfs' Village ISO game by Beeline  As much as I love playing the game, I think I might need an intervention.  I've spent way too much time playing it.

 Smurfs be hanging at da club.  I made this with Leon in mind. He loves his club nights.

Yup, I love the Smurfs game!  My little Valentine area.

Here's a little real life sexy daddy action for ya too. ;D

Final gift from my dad? 
Yesterday was a day spent getting rid of a lot of my families past. We were cleaning out an old storage unit. Gone went my rocking chair I had since before I can remember. Gone went went my air organ, that hasn't been used in over a decade. But, we also found many things as well. I found a box of old Christmas decorations I thought I lost 6 years ago. I will have to upload some images from that. The strangest find was this Pac-Man sticker. He was on the bottom of an old crate used to ship show pigeons. God knows who, or when, or why this was stuck on the bottom. Even though I had played with the unit since early childhood, somehow neither I, nor any of my friends had ever thought to look under it. Something is twinging at my brain. Some memory of it. There's a little bit of anger there. I'm guessing my brother stuck it there to tease me and never removed it and I forgot about it. Or maybe I stuck it there when it was being moved and being unable to lift it, I was never able to retrieve it. It being constantly filled with straw and shavings, I can see my dad refusing to lift it for me. Anyway, it was only by chance that I found it. The unit was on it's way to the dump when we tilted it up at the last second to make room for something else. If we had not, this little Pac-Man would have been lost forever. It's funny what joy a simple little sticker can bring after being lost for 3 decades. It almost felt like a final gift from my pop, or some strange sign. Silly I know...

Big Side of Kangaroo BEEF For My Birthday from WTJohn

OH man, this was a huge surprise, as I have not worked with John in so long. (Though we talked Walking Dead every week for months!) He posted this on his blog and I actually didn't find it till sometime after my birthday. He made one heck of a beautiful bara version of our Kangaroo boy Joey. Just the thing to get activity going in my down under! I was totally overjoyed to see this. It was so very wonderful to see John once again work his magic on one of our little characters. He did two version, one naughty and one nice. I'm posting the naughty version first, cause that's the way I roll...

Joey can't hide his massive uncut cock in a speedo. (Who's complaining?) 

 This present was the bomb! ;D  Loved it!

Be sure to come back later for my very surprising Fathers Day Post!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Belvadar Blows Romer

This beautiful blow job image was sent to me by my old friend Sirio.  It features two of our favorite characters to work on together, Romer and Belvadar.  (Duh.)  Love how Romer is using his tail to draw Belvadar closer, so he can take in all the big brown dick! :P

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Centaur For My Birthday

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and I need to get sharing the wonderful gifts I got.  So I am going to do a post every so many hours this weekend, till I get them all up. :)  This gorgeous image of our Zebra Centaur was done by non other then Caravaggia.  She's been making more and more realistic characters these days. I have expected him to leap form the screen. :P  I wonder what he has been thinking about that has made him so hot, that he needs water to cool down? I know if I was there with him, I would need that water much more. :P  Thank so much Caravaggia.

I had a really super Birthday...keep checking back for more images!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fatal Fight Is Brutally Sexy

 Continuing the posting of the wonderful images I got for my birthday, today I have stuff from Voider Aneros and FallenAngel!  I was talking to these two mischievous guys about a new ipod game I had downloaded called Fatal Fight a few days before my birthday.  I told them how sexy and outrageous the game was.  It's a total throw back to the good old beat 'em ups and action anime series of the late 80s and early 90s.  (Specially Final Fight and I would guess Fist of the North Star.)  The game is about Ken, the girlfriend of whom has been killed by a gang.  He has set out for revenge and is gonna beat up and even kill anyone that stands in his way, on his journey to kill the gangs boss.  At least, this is what I had to assume was story as the English version seems devoid of any narrative. (That I could find anyway.) 
Ken is super sexy.  Aneros and Fallen noticed this right away!  He wears clothes so tight that his nipples poke through his t-shirt and his leg muscles are fully outlined by his pants.  (I could not walk in those pants!)  It wasn't long before I was fantasizing about the character and the same goes for my friends as well.  The funny thing is, not only did the both decide to draw him as a birthday gift, but they posed him almost exactly the same!! That's an incredible coincidence! Great minds think alike.  They both instilled the character with elements that fit with the theme of the game as well.  The difference came not only with the style, but how Aneros made Ken cut and FallenAngel gave him one hell of a foreskin!  I hope you guys will enjoy these awesome pictures as much as I did.  I also hope you will take a look at this game. (You can download a free demo.)  It's a fun little game.

 Aneros gave Ken a huge cut cock.  A huge mouth watering cut cock..ahem... Circumcision seems to fit perfectly well in a brutal world such as this.  That beautiful cock seems to be screaming for release.  I guess there is no one left jerk it off, now that Kens girl is dead.  (He certainly isn't making any friends with any of the girls that are alive.  See below for more.) 

FallenAngels Ken has a Dragon Ball vibe going for it, giving the image some much appreciated late 80s charm.  That is probably the most wrinkly, heavily skinned foreskin Fallen has ever drawn! :D

Fatal Fight walks a fine line between paying tribute and blatantly ripping off other games and anime.  The girl to the right looks like the result of Mai and Chun Li having a daughter together.  

Nipples push against t-shirts and woman sport full camel toe in this game. 
"Hey Ken!  My face is up here!"

There's lots of fun weapons, like this chainsaw.  No that's not overkill...

This is just wrong on so many levels.  I actually had to drop the whip and face these brothers with fists alone.

The game moves right into the hentai arena at one point.  You can get behind woman and rape the crap out of them.  Okay no, apparently you are just beating them the most sexual pose thrusting your hips. 

The game has a decent variety of sexy male characters like this boss above.  He looks like he fell right out of Fist of the North Star. :P

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Guys, I got some totally amazing, out of this world birthday gifts this year. I needed an extra week, just to get my head together after so much excitement came my way. I'm going to start with this, amazing present from the boys at Class Comics; my dear friends Patrick and Fraser! They sent me such a treasure trove of fun and sexy art!  They set it all up in the guise of the ultimate fighting game concept Calls Comics VS Dinosaurprince's Kingdom 2! XD It took me several days just to come up with the words worthy enough to thank the boys for this amazing project. I'm still in awe of this and probably will be for years to come.  It features 4 of our characters drawn by Patrick Fillion himself! Each one has a win pose, hilarious specials and a very fitting catch phrase.  Enjoy. Game coming soon! ;D
The box art! It's coming to a store near you!  Original release date May 24 2013...Only in a perfect world of course. SIGH!

Barbarians clash in unbelievable style on the character select screen. These two were made for each other!

I'm starting with Vann Illia by Patrick Fillion to lead the pack.  He turned out to be my personal favorite.  (It was not easy to pick image to start, or a favorite for that matter!)   He's perfection from his massive torso, to his tiny ammonite fossil cape clip.  Like another character coming up, he embodies the spirit of the comics I grew up with, giving me a nice warm glow inside when I gaze at him.

Zahn will chill you to the bone and finish you off with a dangerous mix of sex and violence for his special!  I wonder if he can call on his team mates for assist moves?

This is an all new exclusive image of Space Cadet that was made just for his profile here. My favorite hero's got a brand new style for his classic outfit. (Which was shown off not too long ago.)  Now with extra exposed flesh, Space Cadet has even more power to distract opponents and gain the upper hand!  I wonder if his cosmic cum shot is comet shaped? :P His super special would be epic to see, especially if it went at up against Vanns.  Why do I see these two in a circle jerk, enjoying the action on the sidelines in that were to happen? :P  On another note, this confirms something that was often debated.  That is, that Strider did indeed penetrate Byron before they were interrupted. OH MY!

Patrick has often remarked that Belvadar is his favorite character of mine.  This is the second time he has honored me with an image of him. (This time in stunning full color!)  There's something very special about how his Capcom worthy pose came to be. (Which will remain a secret!)  I think that cum that is leaking all over his tail has an equally good chance to be used fireball style, or tasted by Bel himself as he taunts his adversaries.  Totally boner inducing image! ^_^

Joey is here and even more exciting and sexier then last time!  Yup, like Bel, Joey has been blessed by Patricks pen before.  This time he appears in glorious full colour and with some fun new additions.  The cute band-aid on his knee looks sweet!  God, that body is perfect.  It's muscular, but slim and wiry.  Just the combination needed for not only a fast boxer, but a Kangaroo human!  That big brown cock knocked me out! XD

Harry is here, but he may be calling the shots from the sidelines, having others come in to fight for him.  He's a lover, not a fighter folks! One of the best parts of this gift, Harry's moves all come from our two little comics featuring him! AWE!!! :D


Camili-Cat and Dimata Class Comics and DPKs' Main OCs are ready to battle it out! 

Patrick says he squeezed Dimata in just in time and I will tell you one thing, he certainly squeezed in a ton of love into him in the process. Like Vann RPG, or Human Dimata is drawn is such a way that embeds all the strong warrior characters I grew up reading in Marvel comics from the 70s and early 80s. He takes me right back to that perfect time when I was really discovering fantasy and sci fi during my youth. The image makes me feel so young when ever I look at it.  That's the best thing any gift can do.
 Dimata looks just so amazing.  He's got that hair on him that looks like no matter what the weather conditions are like, or what he has been through, it's always gonna be perfect! :P  I really, really REALLY love the way his foreskin is hooked to the top of his crown. Their tagging him as a warrior of the Dinosaur Prince is a really wicked idea.  

Last, but certainly not least is  a brand new image of Camili-Cat, in his circumcised, buffed up, hairy new body! (Actually this was a hidden image on the Class Comics site that appeared not too long ago, but this is as far as I know it's first official use.)  My favorite Felinoid hero needs to wiggle that massive third leg around just a bit to unleash some tomcat heat, that will have men on their knees and cumming in seconds.  ;D  I think his cock looks exceptional here.  It's got a perfect curvature and girth. His first attack gives me some great cross over ideas!  I love Cam very much and I am very grateful he made the cut! (No pun intended.) 

I had to end with these inks of Vann Illia.  I mean, wow....It's a wonderful tribute to Vann and to the gay fantasy genre. I have no words. 

On a strange, but similar note, I discovered this on the weekend. I have been enjoying an iphone/ipod game called Super Knights.  One of the characters shares not only a name, but the colors of Class Comics Jon Dazy.  (Often pronounced Daisy.)  This cannot be a coincidence can it? 

I got this special birthday card from Robert Fraser as well! :D I wonder if he made these?  They look delicious! 


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