Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fatal Fight Is Brutally Sexy

 Continuing the posting of the wonderful images I got for my birthday, today I have stuff from Voider Aneros and FallenAngel!  I was talking to these two mischievous guys about a new ipod game I had downloaded called Fatal Fight a few days before my birthday.  I told them how sexy and outrageous the game was.  It's a total throw back to the good old beat 'em ups and action anime series of the late 80s and early 90s.  (Specially Final Fight and I would guess Fist of the North Star.)  The game is about Ken, the girlfriend of whom has been killed by a gang.  He has set out for revenge and is gonna beat up and even kill anyone that stands in his way, on his journey to kill the gangs boss.  At least, this is what I had to assume was story as the English version seems devoid of any narrative. (That I could find anyway.) 
Ken is super sexy.  Aneros and Fallen noticed this right away!  He wears clothes so tight that his nipples poke through his t-shirt and his leg muscles are fully outlined by his pants.  (I could not walk in those pants!)  It wasn't long before I was fantasizing about the character and the same goes for my friends as well.  The funny thing is, not only did the both decide to draw him as a birthday gift, but they posed him almost exactly the same!! That's an incredible coincidence! Great minds think alike.  They both instilled the character with elements that fit with the theme of the game as well.  The difference came not only with the style, but how Aneros made Ken cut and FallenAngel gave him one hell of a foreskin!  I hope you guys will enjoy these awesome pictures as much as I did.  I also hope you will take a look at this game. (You can download a free demo.)  It's a fun little game.

 Aneros gave Ken a huge cut cock.  A huge mouth watering cut cock..ahem... Circumcision seems to fit perfectly well in a brutal world such as this.  That beautiful cock seems to be screaming for release.  I guess there is no one left jerk it off, now that Kens girl is dead.  (He certainly isn't making any friends with any of the girls that are alive.  See below for more.) 

FallenAngels Ken has a Dragon Ball vibe going for it, giving the image some much appreciated late 80s charm.  That is probably the most wrinkly, heavily skinned foreskin Fallen has ever drawn! :D

Fatal Fight walks a fine line between paying tribute and blatantly ripping off other games and anime.  The girl to the right looks like the result of Mai and Chun Li having a daughter together.  

Nipples push against t-shirts and woman sport full camel toe in this game. 
"Hey Ken!  My face is up here!"

There's lots of fun weapons, like this chainsaw.  No that's not overkill...

This is just wrong on so many levels.  I actually had to drop the whip and face these brothers with fists alone.

The game moves right into the hentai arena at one point.  You can get behind woman and rape the crap out of them.  Okay no, apparently you are just beating them the most sexual pose thrusting your hips. 

The game has a decent variety of sexy male characters like this boss above.  He looks like he fell right out of Fist of the North Star. :P


  1. That IS one hell of a coincidence! I wonder if they were in cahoots...

  2. Thats the creepy part, I dont talk to Aneros its just coincedence unless one of us is a mind reader ^^;



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