Friday, June 14, 2013

A Centaur For My Birthday

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and I need to get sharing the wonderful gifts I got.  So I am going to do a post every so many hours this weekend, till I get them all up. :)  This gorgeous image of our Zebra Centaur was done by non other then Caravaggia.  She's been making more and more realistic characters these days. I have expected him to leap form the screen. :P  I wonder what he has been thinking about that has made him so hot, that he needs water to cool down? I know if I was there with him, I would need that water much more. :P  Thank so much Caravaggia.

I had a really super Birthday...keep checking back for more images!

1 comment:

  1. Hot damn! now thats one smooth coloring style she's getting better and better with this new style :D the strips are smooth too! nice one Caravaggia :D



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