Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Epic Ixy

Hey guys.  Been awhile. I have this super sensational piece by Sakuseii to share with you tonight.  He was very nice and did an erotic version (Blog exclusive!) as well as this out of the world portrait! It's been far too long a time since I asked Sakuseii to draw one of our OCs. I couldn't think of anyone I wanted to see him draw more than Ixy.  A wonderful little gift to a dear friend and an outstanding contributor to this site!  Sakuseii didn't skimp on the details, or style of our Mayan hero.  The image just beacons the viewer to paradise!!!

Please check out Sakuseiis tumblr! 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Daddy I'm Scared

Hey guys. Sorry for vanishing. It's been a very trying month for me, work and family wise.  My mom had to have an operation this week and work, well... the less said the better.  Anyway I am back with a few awesome images to post. I will be posting them all this weekend. I need to make up for lost time!  LOL.

As promised I do have a new character to share with you.  This was meant for the Halloween season, but we wound up running a bit late with it.  This is the first take on Belvdars dad from FallenAngel and I.  Randomly one night I had an idea of Belvadar with his father, laying in bed on Halloween night rummaging around in my head.  Bel was scared so his dad snuggled up to him and Bel started to snuggle up to him in return, accidentally touching his dads cock.  Things would then progress from there.  When I drew out the sketch I decided to go for something a little more comical.  The first concept had his dad asleep with a boner beside Bel.  Bel is terrified, reading a book of ghost stories under the covers of his fathers bed.  In order to add more light to the room, he steals a candle from a Jack-O-Lantern and places it in the piss slit of his dads high reaching cock.  I changed it and sent it to FallenAngel with the father being awake instead.  You can see that sketch at the bottom.  Bel is super small in it. LOL.  Wonderful scaling on my part. XD  
FallenAgnel took the concept and changed it a bit.  As you can see Bels dad is reading the book to him.  The candle was placed in his dads piss slit and Bel is simply terrified.  He's a bit younger here, being about 18, or older.  Instead of a bed, or being under the covers, Fallen placed them in a tent.
There are a couple versions here. One with some extra accessories on Bels dad and one with a more trimmed beard.  As the character is new and evolving, nothing shown here is set in stone.
I decided to go with larger wings than Bels.  Bel takes after his mother in that regard./  Also you might notice that his dads cock differs from his in a certain aspect.  As well, originally I had planned for Bels dads skin tone to be a grey, or light blue colour, with his nipples and cock head being a deep purple.  Fallen decided to make his colouring the same to strengthen the visual association with the two characters. That was for the best.


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