Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013 Witching Hour Post!!! Juggling Jack-O-Lanterns!

Hello and thank you for checking out this years Witching Hour Halloween post. It's a ghastly night. It's raining hard and is really windy too.  On top of the beastly weather, I had to work late. Halloween doesn't weep for me though. I didn't miss out on the fun. I won a contest for best decorated office space at work and another for my costume. Work trying to keep me away from Halloween? Oh hell no! I'll bring it with me in spades. One of the prizes was a big old Jack-o-Lantern filled with candy, candy, candy! So, I guess you could say I got to trick, or treat a bit. So even though I had to work, I did get to have a fun holiday.

I'm sitting here waiting for my pizza to arrive. While I wait, I decided to post up this beautiful, fun and sexy piece by Leon De Leon. Been a couple months since we did something together.  Belvadar is entertaining Jasper by juggling some very naughty pumpkins! I have a funny feeling each lick will bring them closer to disaster. Once our bat boy cums, he's gonna lose his concentration and these pumpkins are gonna smash all over the forest floor!  It's been a couple years since Leon drew our Halloween stars, so I was very happy that he agreed to do this.  Check out Bels massive neck and the tug on his dick skin. HOTNESS... He made two versions too. One has a more transparent Jasper.  You can see a tree branch that looks like it's clasping at his heart.  Is his look of delight covering up the fact that his heart feels trapped, unable to reveal his true feelings for Belvadar? I wonder if the pursuit of the very reluctant Bat, has caused him to seal away his emotions? Hmmm...Anway I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and remember to keep those Jack-O-Lanterns lit, till the sun rises..

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tugging Mummies On Halloween By FallenAngel

Two mummies battle it out on Halloween night for supremacy over the undead. The Egyptian desert echos loudly with their combined moans and groans as the battle turns into a tug of war, where both parties end up winners! This Halloween bandages will grow soggy with cum! The mummy hordes may be left with out guidance as their leaders, good and evil, are intertwined by more then just old wrappings...Could this be the start of an endless romance? The mummies followers just look upon the site puzzled, then looking at each other, all at once, they outstretch their arms and should "Trick or Treeeeeeeat Time!!! Caaaaaaaaandy..." It's nice to have the night off for once...

Who is Scarab?  Well his is a fantastic new Halloween Character created by the boys at Class Comics!  He along with two others, a werewolf and a zombie are Patrick and Frasers Sons of the Night!  A very inspiring group indeed.  I think my favorite horror monster growing up was the mummy, so of course I fell instantly for Scarab here, who takes some inspiration from the Karloff classic!

Meet Howie the Zombie, who I would still run the heck away from, no matter how hung he is.  Dead man that is hung?..that's a joke son!  I wonder if he is friendly like R?

Blue Moon was the first Son of the Night Patrick unveiled. I don't know if I should run in terror, or gawk in awe of his dick and muscles. He's just a big puppy deep down right?  Maybe some Blue Moon will calm the savage beast?  A hint in his name?  I think not...I had better just high tail it out of here...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Immatopmon And Jasper Wish you a Happy Halloween 2013

Hey guys! Only one more day till Halloween!  To kick of a couple great Halloween posts, I have this wonderfully festive image drawn my FallenAngel of Immatopmon and Jasper!  They are out gathering some treats, before enjoying each others tricks... Fallendrew this up on Sunday!  I think you guys will really enjoy his next Halloween images too!

I am hyped for the holiday...but I got some bad news.  I have to work on Halloween night. U__U  So depressing.  Hopefully I will be out on time to scare up some fun and check out all the decorations in  my area.  At least I had fun decorating this year.  I'm always looking for new things to add to my little Halloween Town I create.  I have figures dating back from the 80s that I use in it.  This year I was very tempted to purchase this Ghosts N Goblins model set I found online.  The characters would make a sweet edition to my little town.  Since the price was pretty high and I would have to pain it myself, I passed.  It's always interesting how much merchandise was made based on this game in Japan. It must have been insanely popular there.  I have even found Ghosts N Goblins kites.  I know I would have loved to have purchased these when I was a kid.  (Had I known they even existed.)

 The set comes with three backdrops from the NES game.  I found that most of the merchandise features the NES sprites.  I'm guessing the Famicom version was even more popular then the arcade.  

 Kinda off how big Arthur is compared to the other characters.  Shouldn't the boss be the biggest one? 


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Belvadar's Halloween Trick, or Treat Comic

 Happy Halloweekend 2013!  
The dead are rising...comics once thought dead from Halloween past that is....
Today I have a comic 2 years in the making to present!  Late one night, back in October 2011, I was asked by Aneros for a short Halloween comic idea.  He was dying to do some holiday themed projects.  I was very happy to oblige.  
Belvadar and friends were being developed by myself and many artists.  I had a lot of ideas.  Upon getting the script and some sketches, he set to work. He had the entire thing sketched out in no time.  It was already over half way through the month and Aneros and I both realized that the comic was probably not gonna see the light of day until after the holiday. So we would have to wait till next Halloween to work on it further.  The comic was just a fun pet project to do on the side.  Something to help Aneros stretch his wings a bit.  We were never sure if it was going to go to the coloring stage to be honest.  Time was not on our side last year.  There was a lot going down last October and we both knew it wasn't gonna happen.  Aneros was very silent about the comic this year. I figured we would focus on something new this year instead.  I should have guessed he was up to something!  Two days ago, to my delight, he presented me with the fully colored comic.  I shared it with my friends right away and now I'm very proud to share it with you guys.  Aneros has not done a lot of comics, but the ones he has done were exceptional. (This is no exception, with tons of hot cock shots and lots of nice details!)  I hope that doing this will inspired him to do more in the future.  He and I have talked many times about bringing characters to life together through comic form. I hope this is just the start!
Halloween Trick, or Treat
Story by Dinosaurprince
Art By Aneros

So what did you guys think?  Did you like the trio of monster boy friends of Blaines? Belvadar should know to never eat unwrapped candy!  (Especially from a real witch, with a graveyard outside his house!)  I had to share with you guys Aneros original sketched out pages.  I think you will see why I was so eager to see him complete this comic. It was totally worth the wait. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Off The "Deep" End Comic Featuring Lil Deep!

This comic has been delayed and delayed AND DELAYED this week! OMG!  It was done Monday, but between my job and my ungodly bad luck this year, I haven't had the time to post it.  Can you believe I came home fully ready to post, only to find my PC couldn't connect to the web?  Ugh...How many more months of this horrible year are left? XD
Well if there is one good thing in my life these days, it's all the wonderful art that I have been involved in.  I got this Deep comic, plus one from earlier in the year still to post, along with some great Halloween projects too. :D Hopefully some of those will be ready in time for the actual day.  (If I can keep it together!) 
Anyway, this is a long time coming and I couldn't be happier to post this newest manga by FallenAngel.  He really added a lot to this, which lead me to add more and then him to add more and so on and so forth, till a 1 pager turned into 6 beautiful pages!  Hope you guys like it.

Lil Deep 
"Off The Deep End!"
Am erotic gay comic by FallenAngel and Dinosaurprince

Our Story starts with Lil Deep finding himself at Dinosaur Prince's Birthday party....

Saturday, October 19, 2013

For Our Lovely Caravaggia: Steampunk Demon and Mountain Barbarian

Today is our dear sweet friend from France, Ms. Caravaggias birthday.  FallenAngel and I were all over her special day early.  We had these done last month.  We have been holding these boys under wraps for too long.  It's was with great pleasure and excitement that I present them to you all today.  

We went all over her site, as we often do with birthday stuff, to pick our very favorites.  Not easy to choose!!!  We decided to use one of her newest hotties, the Steam Punk Demon along with da drool inducing Barbarian she created a little while ago.  Since it's close to Halloween, it wasn't hard to pick who should go up first!!! XD

Please be sure to check out Caravaggias original images of these characters on her blog! Her blog gives a complete creative breakdown for each of these heroes!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Volgarr The Viking Struggles for Release

Volgarr the Viking struggles at the foot of the volcano.  He's being held prisoner by the Barbarian Clan, for purposes unknown to him.  He rages and struggles to break free, as sensual magics makes him wild with passion.  His uncut dick is so hard it hurts.  He's so turned on, even the slight sensation of his foreskin moving back and his cock bobbing up and down, threaten to release his seed at any second!  The cult leaders, just watch, drool running down from their twisted grins, waiting for the moment when they can collect his viking cum.... Art by the ever amazing  FallenAngel! :D

Who the hell is Volgarr the Viking you ask?  Well he's from a game that was released last month for Steam. I actually got Steam just to play this game.  His game is intended to be a tribute to action games like Rastan, Castlevania, etc.  I like how the game takes so many nods to classic titles, from it's opening that reflects Altered Beasts, to it's graphic style that is similar to many late 80s arcade and some early Genesis classics. (Especially Altered Beasts and Legend of Valkyrie.)  Volgarrs game will be super charming to anyone that grew up with those games and people that appreciate and enjoy the early 16 bit days.  It's hard as nails, but very doable. I beat it the second day after I downloaded it.  I know there is a second quest, but I doubt I have the patience, or the time required to complete that arduous task.  I have since played from time to time.  The music is really great, the levels are very well designed and the challenge will keep you coming back for 'one more try' time and again.   It really does feel like a lost game from 20 years ago. 

Sadly there seems to be this warped view by modern developers that games from the era Volgarr wants to reflect, were a lot harder then they actually were.  I say this cause if they are trying to recapture the difficulty of those games, they are a bit off.  You see, before going in you should know that if you die, you start at the beginning of each level. This even happens EVEN if you croak at a boss.  It's a little unforgiving to say the least.  Still, none of the bosses are very difficult and with youtube, the secrets to their demise are easily obtainable.  (And yet it should also be noted that once you get to the final stage, safe points abound, for some odd reason.) Still sucks though.  I mean, even the most difficult titles back in the day had decent respawn points.  It just feels like it was all done to artificially lengthen the game. 

Some may even feel the game is a bit elitist and it would be hard to argue that it isn't.  Heck, as much as I enjoyed it, I have a hard time recommending it to even my most old school minded of friends.  (Cause they have all turned into just kidding!)   I hate to say this, but since Volgarr isn't the most versatile hero, the game may just feel like it's an exercise in enemy placement memorization to many players. (I know I got that comment from a couple friends just from watching the videos.)  Once you get used to the controls and learn the secret of zooming the screen out, it won't be as bad as all that though!  I actually did the third world on my second try, which was a miracle I have yet to achieve again! LOL, But yeah.... It shows that as you play you do get get better and things get easier.  Once you beat most levels doing them again won't be hardly as difficult. Some will start to feel pretty easy.  (Except for world 2, lord help me that water world, the City of Akron, continues to plague me for various reasons. hee hee.)
If you are going to get the game I suggest getting it off the developers site.  You get a couple perks, including a PDF of the games manual.  The manual is filled with back story, funny little pictures and tips.  Like the game itself, you would swear it was printed decades ago.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Horror: Justin Bieber XXX Porn Parody

I have so many things I could be posting, or creating right now, but I am gonna take some time and post about this less then stellar porn parody. I'm doing this in honor of friends like FallenAngel, who feel that because I am Canadian and hail from the same province of Justin, that I have a fascination with him and I need to be shown every last piece of Bieber news that comes up.  I found this *cough* wonderful little flick from Boycrush studios yesterday. The images I sent out to Fallen and others were met with screams and sounds of fake vomiting. (As well as people asking if this was actually the real Justin...which started to make me wonder if all were as repulsed as I thought they were...) Yeah honor of sharing scary shit during Halloween, here's my look at Bustin Beeber Never Say Never A XXX Porn Parody.  Is Justin even old enough to be in a porn? 

 Alright, I will give it Boycrush, Kyler Moss he does indeed look a bit like a young Justin.  (I'm no expert so feel free to challenge me on that.) 

Oh great, it's Justin meets reincarnated John Denver.  70s super star meets the 21st century  youtube trash.  How sexy.

Justin has to forced even this super fan to suck his cock. 

Oh wow, Bieber is uncut?  Authentically ah...French Canadian? :P

 Alright, Denver isn't looking so bad from this angle...

Great pose, but someone get this kid a fucking sandwich, seriously.

He's uncut TOO? Wow, this must be a Canadian production!

Damn, that is a flat tire of an ass!   Where is McDonald's when you need them?

 Next they move to the bathroom to fuck on the toilet, cause Biebers classy like that.

  Love how his foreskin has a parted to one side look.  XD 

Another position Bieber is familiar with, spread out up against the wall.

After a short stint against the wall, the twinks move to the sink, where Bustin Beeber forces out some decent amounts of cum.  

 Biber gets on his knees and allows the fan to cum on his face.  He momentarily takes a taste, only to quickly spit out Denvers cum.  Mustn't ruin that singing voice! 

 He's got nice legs...

That's just part one.  It's the only part to have any kind of story behind it.  The next two scenes give Bustin two different hair styles that I am gonna guess are supposed to reflect different points in his career.  The final one, which I won't be posting anything from, makes him look his youngest.  It's just way too creepy for me.   The movie ends with two separate jerk off videos, where the twinks play guitar before jerking off...strange. 
 Biber must have been doing a US tour in the next two scenes, both guys are cut.  

And now ladies and gentleman, the true star of the show, this glorious Pac-Man poster!!! Dang gonzo director hardly ever gets the full image in the shot.  Typical... :P

Captain America in the background helping confirm my theory... 

And that's the END!


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