Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013 Witching Hour Post!!! Juggling Jack-O-Lanterns!

Hello and thank you for checking out this years Witching Hour Halloween post. It's a ghastly night. It's raining hard and is really windy too.  On top of the beastly weather, I had to work late. Halloween doesn't weep for me though. I didn't miss out on the fun. I won a contest for best decorated office space at work and another for my costume. Work trying to keep me away from Halloween? Oh hell no! I'll bring it with me in spades. One of the prizes was a big old Jack-o-Lantern filled with candy, candy, candy! So, I guess you could say I got to trick, or treat a bit. So even though I had to work, I did get to have a fun holiday.

I'm sitting here waiting for my pizza to arrive. While I wait, I decided to post up this beautiful, fun and sexy piece by Leon De Leon. Been a couple months since we did something together.  Belvadar is entertaining Jasper by juggling some very naughty pumpkins! I have a funny feeling each lick will bring them closer to disaster. Once our bat boy cums, he's gonna lose his concentration and these pumpkins are gonna smash all over the forest floor!  It's been a couple years since Leon drew our Halloween stars, so I was very happy that he agreed to do this.  Check out Bels massive neck and the tug on his dick skin. HOTNESS... He made two versions too. One has a more transparent Jasper.  You can see a tree branch that looks like it's clasping at his heart.  Is his look of delight covering up the fact that his heart feels trapped, unable to reveal his true feelings for Belvadar? I wonder if the pursuit of the very reluctant Bat, has caused him to seal away his emotions? Hmmm...Anway I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and remember to keep those Jack-O-Lanterns lit, till the sun rises..

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