Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Off The "Deep" End Comic Featuring Lil Deep!

This comic has been delayed and delayed AND DELAYED this week! OMG!  It was done Monday, but between my job and my ungodly bad luck this year, I haven't had the time to post it.  Can you believe I came home fully ready to post, only to find my PC couldn't connect to the web?  Ugh...How many more months of this horrible year are left? XD
Well if there is one good thing in my life these days, it's all the wonderful art that I have been involved in.  I got this Deep comic, plus one from earlier in the year still to post, along with some great Halloween projects too. :D Hopefully some of those will be ready in time for the actual day.  (If I can keep it together!) 
Anyway, this is a long time coming and I couldn't be happier to post this newest manga by FallenAngel.  He really added a lot to this, which lead me to add more and then him to add more and so on and so forth, till a 1 pager turned into 6 beautiful pages!  Hope you guys like it.

Lil Deep 
"Off The Deep End!"
Am erotic gay comic by FallenAngel and Dinosaurprince

Our Story starts with Lil Deep finding himself at Dinosaur Prince's Birthday party....


  1. Its a WTH!? in the ending after my first reading the script DP LOL* your soo bad on Lil Deep

  2. OMG! He has a very big cock! I like to see the bulge growing in his slip.




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