Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Volgarr The Viking Struggles for Release

Volgarr the Viking struggles at the foot of the volcano.  He's being held prisoner by the Barbarian Clan, for purposes unknown to him.  He rages and struggles to break free, as sensual magics makes him wild with passion.  His uncut dick is so hard it hurts.  He's so turned on, even the slight sensation of his foreskin moving back and his cock bobbing up and down, threaten to release his seed at any second!  The cult leaders, just watch, drool running down from their twisted grins, waiting for the moment when they can collect his viking cum.... Art by the ever amazing  FallenAngel! :D

Who the hell is Volgarr the Viking you ask?  Well he's from a game that was released last month for Steam. I actually got Steam just to play this game.  His game is intended to be a tribute to action games like Rastan, Castlevania, etc.  I like how the game takes so many nods to classic titles, from it's opening that reflects Altered Beasts, to it's graphic style that is similar to many late 80s arcade and some early Genesis classics. (Especially Altered Beasts and Legend of Valkyrie.)  Volgarrs game will be super charming to anyone that grew up with those games and people that appreciate and enjoy the early 16 bit days.  It's hard as nails, but very doable. I beat it the second day after I downloaded it.  I know there is a second quest, but I doubt I have the patience, or the time required to complete that arduous task.  I have since played from time to time.  The music is really great, the levels are very well designed and the challenge will keep you coming back for 'one more try' time and again.   It really does feel like a lost game from 20 years ago. 

Sadly there seems to be this warped view by modern developers that games from the era Volgarr wants to reflect, were a lot harder then they actually were.  I say this cause if they are trying to recapture the difficulty of those games, they are a bit off.  You see, before going in you should know that if you die, you start at the beginning of each level. This even happens EVEN if you croak at a boss.  It's a little unforgiving to say the least.  Still, none of the bosses are very difficult and with youtube, the secrets to their demise are easily obtainable.  (And yet it should also be noted that once you get to the final stage, safe points abound, for some odd reason.) Still sucks though.  I mean, even the most difficult titles back in the day had decent respawn points.  It just feels like it was all done to artificially lengthen the game. 

Some may even feel the game is a bit elitist and it would be hard to argue that it isn't.  Heck, as much as I enjoyed it, I have a hard time recommending it to even my most old school minded of friends.  (Cause they have all turned into pussys...no just kidding!)   I hate to say this, but since Volgarr isn't the most versatile hero, the game may just feel like it's an exercise in enemy placement memorization to many players. (I know I got that comment from a couple friends just from watching the videos.)  Once you get used to the controls and learn the secret of zooming the screen out, it won't be as bad as all that though!  I actually did the third world on my second try, which was a miracle I have yet to achieve again! LOL, But yeah.... It shows that as you play you do get get better and things get easier.  Once you beat most levels doing them again won't be hardly as difficult. Some will start to feel pretty easy.  (Except for world 2, lord help me that water world, the City of Akron, continues to plague me for various reasons. hee hee.)
If you are going to get the game I suggest getting it off the developers site.  You get a couple perks, including a PDF of the games manual.  The manual is filled with back story, funny little pictures and tips.  Like the game itself, you would swear it was printed decades ago.  

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