Sunday, April 29, 2012

Too Much Medusa!!!

Between Kid Icarus Uprising, Both Clash of the Titans films being replayed multiple times on TV and the release of Wrath of Titans, March and April were two months of Mythology overload for me. It's a good thing, but it's starting to dominate my imagination these days. Medusa, Pit and Perseus are having a hard time staying in their old worlds these days....

I got this really suburbly drawn image from FallenAngel last night. I really can't say enough about how much I like his Pit. He's so darn sweet! It's nice to see him fully clothed! XD Fallen spent a lot of time on this one. He was having too much fun with those snakes. They remind me of the snakes on the Medusa in Sexy Parodius. She's a very nice anime homage to Harryhausen. Just before he colored it, he threw on Bubo, in bobble head form, no less! :P What a joker he is! Hmmm I think it's time for a Pit and Perseus pairing, don't you guys think?
Thanks so much Fallen! :D

Super Mario-Kun In America! As Well, Kid Icarus and Donkey Kong Jr Manga?

It's very interesting that this image found in the March/April 1989 issue of Nintendo Power has art drawn by Yukio Sawada. This artists would later do the manga Super Mario-Kun. The artist took on some Zelda as well. I wonder if this was his first ever contribution to Nintendo? If this lead into Super Mario-Kun, or if in 1989, he had already started on the Manga? There is so very little information regarding this long running Manga series online. I always found that strange, considering how popular Super Mario is. Another point of interest is that I have seen on E-bay Donkey Kong Jr and Kid Icarus mangas that seem to have been drawn by Yukio prior to his work on Super Mario-Kun.

Even though the page says there are 7 forest creatures, I can see an 8th, can you?

Here's some pictures from Youji ga Asoberu Family Computer Ehon - Donkey Kong Jr. It was published by Nintendo / Hikari no Kuni back in 1985. I have no idea if the artist is Yukio Sawada, but the styles are certainly similar. It's very rare, though you can find it on E-bay from time to time, listed at some insane price.

Gotta love the how to draw page! (Which only shows how to draw his face for some reason. There was probably more inside the book.)

It's interesting that the Snap Jaws are drawn like little crocodiles instead of bear traps.

This is the Kid Icarus Manga. It usually goes for $50, or so. Fairly expensive. It was published in 1987. It looks like the Mario-Kun artist worked on this as well.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sexy Game Barbarian

I never played, or even heard of Death Sword, but DAMN that is some FINE barbarian meat on display! I would have been tempted to play this if I had seen this cover. :P

Here are some randoms:

They look like Curly and Moe the Barbarians. @__@

Speaking of The Three Stooges, I saw the movie the other day. It was pretty much as awesome as a tribute to something can be. Lots of movies come out and are pale examples of what they are trying to recreate. Even good ones like the Adams Family and Flintstones miss the mark here and there. The Stooges actually recreates the look, feel, sound and actions of the film shorts. It's wacky, silly, stupid, not PC at all and very, very, funny, without being rude, swearing, or being overly crude. (One part I felt was bit much.) As a Stooges fan I loved it. If you like the Stooges, watch it, if you don't then I am not sure you will like it. It runs a little bit too long though. I mean, as much as I love the Stooges, they only ever ran for about 18, or so mins. So stretching it for 1:30 hour, even though it never loses momentum, might be a bit much. It's not a masterpiece, but it does what it intends to do and I enjoyed it for that. It had a lot of heart.

Sorta Sexy Nintendo

So back in the day when Zelda 2 came out, one of the aspects that attracted me to the game was the sexy way they portrayed Link in the television commercial. I remember being very attracted to the model in the ad. You only got to see him for a few brief seconds, but that didn't matter. I got a good enough look at his chiseled face, long flowing hair and hot form. It was the kind of ad that made me, as a young man, want to be this character. I wonder who played Link? Here's some screen shots followed by the actual TV spot.

Link almost looks naked here! XD

Looking at this ad, led me to two other discoveries. Remember the pages in the original Legend of Zelda Manual that had images that looked like they came out of an anime?

Well, for years I wondered if there was a Zelda anime. What I found, though blurry, does show that these images were at least in part animated. This commercial for the Famicom Disk system uses them, though not always in the exact same way as they are pictured in the book. It was great after 24 years to finally figure out where these images originated from.

The advertisements for Mario Picross on Super Famicom are filled with muscle men working on a giant stone Mario Face. It's more wacky then sexy, but worth a look!

Here is the commercial:

That was just some stuff to snack on before I post some porn later.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clash of the Titans FallenAngel Style

Between all the Kid Icarus stuff and checking out Wrath of the Titans last week, I got a little nostalgic for some stuff based on the classic 1981 Clash of the Titans film. So FallenAngel and I came up with the concept for an Anime movie poster for the film. I wonder how many people will see this and think it's an upcoming comic? :P Fallen took time and care on working on this. The concept was fun to come up with and even more fun to watch him create. I think he did a splendid job capturing all the cast members. At one point Bubo was on lookout sitting on a branch. Fallen placed him in a more exciting pose the next day, fighting along side Pegasus against the infamous Kraken. :P I hope you guys enjoy this blast from the past post. We have more of these characters coming soon!
PS guys, sorry for the horrible spaces between images, the small previews and the left alignment. Google made some changes yesterday and things are not working right.

While looking for refs for Fallen I went onto E-bay. I found some cool stuff and thought I would share it. I remember seeing the Crash of the Titans Board game at school bizarre sales. I never owned it though. I wish I did, cause it's worth close to $90. It looks pretty fun too.
Somebody wants $500 for this Canadian box of Sugar Crisp with the Clash of the Titans on it. O__O Even with a complete set of the photos, I think that's a bit too high. I wonder if the box of Cap'n Crunch with all the Disney's Hercules Stickers I saved is worth anything?

My favorite item is this resin Medusa from the film. I have seen these around for years. It's usually the same seller selling them on E-bay as well. They even offer a professional to paint and put the model together for you, if you fear you lack the skills. I am really tempted to pick her up one day and give it a try. Medusa is a favorite character of mine.
Certainly the cutest thing I found was this Bubo Bobble head. I would pick him up in a second if I ever saw him!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nintendo Power Hotness Iron Sword

OH wow, can't say I am loving the changes to blogger. It's gonna make typing up posts a lot less fun the way it is now. Just something I found and wanted to share. This is from issue #9 of Nintendo Power. The art for the game Iron Sword was pretty hot. Very Conan-esque. Sadly your in game sprite was not a hunky warrior, but a knight in clunky armor. I remember renting this game and even though I thought it was hard, I had a lot of fun playing it. I don't know how much of an impact this game had, but at least it left us with some hot art to remember it by. ;D
A scantily clad Barbarian fighting of Pteranodons? This would have been so on my wall above my bed, if I had this issue!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Superman and Batman Ball Blaster Spoof by Maduinshorn

Hey guys. One day I was looking for stuff online when I came across a site called Plaid Stallions. If you have not explored this website and it's corresponding blog, I highly recommend doing so. The sites celebrate toys, fashion and other goodies from the 70s and early 80s. I spent the better part of a week going over all the articles, pictures and posts. It was so much fun. Even though I am a child of the 80s, the items found within were more then often a part of my childhood as well. There's a lot of toys listed on the blog that really make you laugh. One unfortunate toy was the Ball Blaster line of guns. The first two I saw were for Superman and Batman. They were simple rack toys with Batman and Superman stickers placed on them. The guns silly name lead me to ask Maduinshorn to produce the awesome image I have for you all today.

What a wonderful trip down memory lane this image represents. How many of use bought rack toys just because the backing had something from a show we liked? What a way to lure kids into crappy purchases! XD I got wise to this early on, but stuff like these pop guns were always fun to buy. I love how Maduinshorn not only captured the classic feel of the two characters, but the box art as well. He perfectly emulated the box text and put in lots of funny little jokes too! XD Hee hee. It was a blast from my young horny past to see the Superman and Batman of this era with their cocks out. I used to draw cocks in my Superman books when I was a kid. Ha ha ha..I would tear up the pages of course! XD Maduinshorn being such a bara king, really buffed out the worlds greatest heroes here. They are super powerful looking. Racked up with lots of muscles and lovely cocks, thicker then my legs. He also added a lot of cute charms too. If you look you will notice Supermans old school Pac-Man like eyes. XD
It's not very often that I commission things based on Superman and Batman. The net already has so much porn based on these characters, that I would have assumed that, by now it's hard to come up with a unique idea for them. They are eternally hot and fun to see in action. I had no problem requesting them really. I was just happy to do it based on something playful and silly. :P As Maduinshorn warns, those 70s toys are dangerous. If you do pick these up, don't aim them at your balls. They are not made of steel.

Here are the original images of the toys:

Here's a look at the whole line of toys the guns were part of. Sparkling guns. Guess that predates Edwards sparkling cock in Twilight by about 3 decades.

Even Spidey and the Hulk got their balls blasted in the 70s. One idea were threw around was having Spider-man swinging upside down, sadly hitting his own balls in the background. :P

There's tons to see on Plaid Stallions. I loved checking out all the planet of the Apes stuff from cute Dr. Zaius wind up toys,

to the oddly named Monkey Missiles! O__O

You'll have to explore the site for the story behind these jerking off cowboy toys. :^D
Ah, only in the innocent 1970s could you proudly display the name SUPERDUMPS on top of your product flyer without being laughed right out the room. XD Really cool cut outs though. I remember seeing these!
Here are the links to the sites. Be ready to spend lots of time on them!

Here's a particularly touching section for me. The 1978 Muppets catalog.

I still have Rowlf to this day. I had all the little Muppet players. I will never forget getting them from my sister one night. I must have been about 3, or 4. I used her light up mirror for a stage. I also had the plush Kermit and Scooter too I think. I got most of these in the very early 80s. They were probably on sale at the time. We were not exactly rich people.

Action Adventure World Ice Climber and Balloon Fight

Here is my Music Selection for this week. Two silly, but catchy raps from Action Adventure World. They are both based on two of the earlier NES games. Enjoy!

Ice Climber:

Balloon Fight

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sexy Weekend Warriors

Hey guys. Last post I was gonna keep up for a bit, then announce it as an April Fools, but it's too harsh. I was planning it all month, but I don't really want to scare off people! I will admit though that yeah, lots of people including myself are really sick of the thieves that come here, steal art and then pretend it's okay to do so. Sites like Rule34 really sicken me. I mean, you people know what you are doing. You go there, post our stuff and comment THERE, where the artists will never even see it, when you could be commenting here, or on the artists pages on their sites. There's a special place in hell for people that do these things. SO it looks like I will be watermarking a lot more then before and that's no April fools joke.
Anyway here are some more sexy warriors for your enjoyment. The first image I would love to know who the artist was. I hate it when I find images and they are named with numbers! XD

Classic Hermes!

Golden Soccer/Football Warrior!

Men in skimpy togas...what could be nicer? :P

You guys HAVE to check out this AMAZING image of a Roman/Greek Warrior getting ass attacked by a Centaur. Baralust drew the image and Aneros provided some luscious colors to really bring the men to life!
Check the FULL Version out here:


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