Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Come Away With Me, Janatu

Here for your viewing pleasure is Janatu as drawn by Yelmo. He's ready to take you hand and swing you away into a jungle steamy adventures. Are you game? This image was drawn for a friend who was down at the time and I thought the idea of a Mayan hunk offering him a great time, would cheer him up a bit. Yelmo certainly made that vision come true and then some. His Janatue is lusciously colored. I adore the way he does his lines, just like a Disney film cell! :D I love how his silver hair is so glossy it shines in the sunlight. I was totally transfixed on this image for weeks. Those eyes freeze me in place so much, it's hard to write this article. Every time I look at the image to say something about it, I just wind up staring back into his gaze! XD Yelmo really gets Janatu. Those hazel orbs of his are so memorizing. His costume is awesome...and...what's that? You want me to come away with you?..no, no I must type this artic...


  1. Janatu's design is quite good. I like it.



  2. Hot and inviting :D - FallenAngel

  3. Nice to see Janatu again! Makes me wonder if Ixy or Nehme are coming again soon (so to speak).



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