Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clash of the Titans FallenAngel Style

Between all the Kid Icarus stuff and checking out Wrath of the Titans last week, I got a little nostalgic for some stuff based on the classic 1981 Clash of the Titans film. So FallenAngel and I came up with the concept for an Anime movie poster for the film. I wonder how many people will see this and think it's an upcoming comic? :P Fallen took time and care on working on this. The concept was fun to come up with and even more fun to watch him create. I think he did a splendid job capturing all the cast members. At one point Bubo was on lookout sitting on a branch. Fallen placed him in a more exciting pose the next day, fighting along side Pegasus against the infamous Kraken. :P I hope you guys enjoy this blast from the past post. We have more of these characters coming soon!
PS guys, sorry for the horrible spaces between images, the small previews and the left alignment. Google made some changes yesterday and things are not working right.

While looking for refs for Fallen I went onto E-bay. I found some cool stuff and thought I would share it. I remember seeing the Crash of the Titans Board game at school bizarre sales. I never owned it though. I wish I did, cause it's worth close to $90. It looks pretty fun too.
Somebody wants $500 for this Canadian box of Sugar Crisp with the Clash of the Titans on it. O__O Even with a complete set of the photos, I think that's a bit too high. I wonder if the box of Cap'n Crunch with all the Disney's Hercules Stickers I saved is worth anything?

My favorite item is this resin Medusa from the film. I have seen these around for years. It's usually the same seller selling them on E-bay as well. They even offer a professional to paint and put the model together for you, if you fear you lack the skills. I am really tempted to pick her up one day and give it a try. Medusa is a favorite character of mine.
Certainly the cutest thing I found was this Bubo Bobble head. I would pick him up in a second if I ever saw him!

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