Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bull Spot Comic By Rubensum

When I asked Rub to please once again draw Apis, I had no idea it would lead into one of the hottest projects of the year. What started as a little piece, escalated into a explosive project. The result was a super nova of comic page I have pleasure to share with you all tonight. I hope you all enjoy Apis Bull getting down and dirty with Spot from Class Comics!

This one was so much fun to watch come to life. It started with a few sketches based on a concept I sent. The images he drew rolled together so well that Rubensum and I thought to add a few things here and there and basically play connect the dots to make a wonderful comic page. I took great care to pick out some hot foreskin poses and Rubensum took even greater care drawing them. I have to say that even at the line art stage, it took all my will power from showing off the project. It was that crazy hot. He really gets both Apis and Spot. The characters are amazingly drawn. It was such a thrill to see him take on Apis again. He gives him such a perfect body. Spot was a total heart melter. Those facial expressions are some of the cutest I have seen on Spot. I love how he doesn't really like being patronized, having his ear scratched! LOL! The instant super hard on he gets, not even allowing his foreskin to fold back, is just so hot. Thanks so much Rubensum for this absolute blast of a page! :D


  1. Woot ! You guys did an amazing job, I love the pairing ! ^^ "You're gonna become a bull dog" LOL That was nasty...

  2. Wow...BIG..-FallenAngel

  3. A pleasure working with you again, I had a lot of fun! - Ruh



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