Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nintendo Power Hotness Iron Sword

OH wow, can't say I am loving the changes to blogger. It's gonna make typing up posts a lot less fun the way it is now. Just something I found and wanted to share. This is from issue #9 of Nintendo Power. The art for the game Iron Sword was pretty hot. Very Conan-esque. Sadly your in game sprite was not a hunky warrior, but a knight in clunky armor. I remember renting this game and even though I thought it was hard, I had a lot of fun playing it. I don't know how much of an impact this game had, but at least it left us with some hot art to remember it by. ;D
A scantily clad Barbarian fighting of Pteranodons? This would have been so on my wall above my bed, if I had this issue!


  1. Gah! Why don't they have characters like this these days? My kingdom for a new Golden Axe starring Ax Battler!

    About the new layout: I've still been using the old version of it at http://www.blogger.com/stats2.g?blogID=yourblognumberhere

    I'm not sure how long they'll keep it online and/or functioning, though.

    1. Yeah it would be great to see games like this again. The last Golden Axe game was pretty gad and ignored Ax Battler. :(
      Thanks for the link. It seems to have gotten worse today. The images are displaying smaller and I can't center anything. They gotta keep those IT people employed with new work I guess. >_<

  2. Haha, I had this issue, I think I still do packed up somewhere at my parents' house. Yeah it fueled a lot of fantasies back then.

  3. I guess the game poster mistaken the guy in armour because of his hard buffness ^^;



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