Friday, April 30, 2010

FallenAngel and Maduinshorn are up to Monkey Business!

Hey guys, I have a lot of art to show here today so I won't be gabbing as much as I usually do. I feel the art will do a lot of the talking. This whole project started back in March. I was really wanting to return my Musk Ox back to center stage a bit. I started to doodle him on Sai. At the same time Hoaigon and Ephorox's Monkeys were really starting to inspire me. I doodled a couple characters and really didn't think much of them at the time. Since one was attached to Holocene he made his way to FallenAngel when we started the commission. I actually wound up sending both sketch pages just for the heck of it. At the time I was also trying to come up with another cat man for Athan, Ink's character. The images sparked Fallens attention. The next time we spoke he asked me if I would like to bring these monkey boys to life. I was pretty shocked that they sparked any interest at all and said, 'sure, that would be cool!'
And so began the life of what would become 3 brothers.

What was a cat, became a monkey named named in honor of the person that gave him real life. He would have been forever stuck on this page if not for him.

What happened next was interesting. Fallen sent me a character design sheet and on it was the first monkey with the wild hair seen above and the cat creature turned into a monkey! Oops! LOL, but not a bad idea at all! I loved the idea of changing him from a monkey to a cat so much, that I responded by saying, 'is it ok to do three?' Ha ha ha hey all good monkeys come in threes! XD

One thing about FallenAngel anyone that commissions him will find out right away is that he LOVES to do original characters. He takes great pride and joy in laying them out and showing different ideas. He explained the body structure, hair type, including how it is spread along the body, penis stats, everything in great detail. He's a true professional with a great heart.

As he sketched and drew our minds raced with imaginative ideas. FallenAngel came up with description of the Monkeys and their world.

I was thinking bout a good background history, that
somewhere in an uncharted jungle wherein few prehistoric
animals survive, a mysterious meteorite
falls in that area and few residence animal got affected
of its mysterious radiation, thus the few would be
the 3 monkeys, they mutate and gain knowledge and speech

Matu - the playful one, the youngest. Curiosity is his weakness. Age 19. Penis Cut.
Nolee - the oldest, artistic and loves to discover. Age 31. Penis Uncut 10 inches.
Allai - The sporty one, the middle of the 3, sport was his passion fishing is one. Age 26. Penis Cut.

Their jungle was far reach from human but few stray bump into
them and ends up in haze and blissful state LOL*

and others animals affected is unknown to be discovered yet.

Matu was the first one to get done, he's my favorite so I yeah ha ha ha I used part of my name on him. In fact all three names are in jokes related to special people in my life. Don't ask me where and when I came up with that funky hair.

So graceful and full of mischief, Matu swings through the Jungle grabbing bananas as he goes. He is always in a for adventure. XD Matu turned out perfect. He has the exact appearance I was looking for, a bight blue eyed slightly twinky guy. Love the Classic red jungle background. I mean how perfectly fitting is that? ^_^ You will see Fallen also went the extra mile to include an animal friend for each of the boys. The frog is adorable! Reminds me of (I think his name is) Kero from Hello Kitty. XD

Next was Nolee (originally Nole.) He got a bigger build and a lot more shag then his bros. Because of this I thought about making his skin darker, I felt it emphasized his toughness and age a bit. He's not as brightly coloured as his brothers, showing he's a bit more reserved and quiet then the other 2. He acts like a father figure.
Here we see 'the old man' sitting on a rock fanning himself in the heat of the afternoon. Leaving in a jungle with that dark fur can wear a hunk out!

Nolee turned out awesome! I really love the fact that statue is drooling over him. I didn't notice that until the image was done. It's a great design to have his cock falling out of all that fur. :P He might look lazy here, but get him excited and he will give you the sexing of your life! That's how big his cock is flaccid...think about it! LOL.

Finally is Allai. Man, did I forget about his colouring I chose. The day he appeared in my inbox was I surprised. He turned out to be one delicious looking guy. Like a yummy Chocolate banana ice cream treat I used to buy, I would love to lick him all over!

A golden Monkey lover...what a treasure!

Allais rough shows, well a rough surface of hair around his chest and torso. This was the one thing I changed, I wanted him to have a smoother look. Allai was given bigger hands and a cut cock in the end. Originally I had thought to give him more Asian eyes. Maybe that will come in the future.

Allai is pretty surprised at his catch, a full sized Ichthyosaurs. Nolee is covered with the most hair, a gold shag that is much softer and less heavy then his brothers. His ears and hair were inspired by the animal tamer/trainer Mohji of Buggy the Clowns crew in One Piece.
Allai is almost the same height as Matu and while older often is confused by people to be younger. Nolee turned out way sexy. He has a huge chest, yet his legs and arms are less muscular then that of the other men. Maybe that is due to him spending more time on the ground drawing and inventing and not playing as much as Matu does.

My question for future images is should I purse more Asian looking eyes and connect his abdomen to his crotch with skin and leave out the divider of fur?

OK so as all this was going on, a third party was also involved in every step as well. Maduinshorn was very interested in an idea I proposed regarding all three boys taking on Dimata in their tree top home. Guys, you want to see another artist that is going to give you 110% all the time, you have to commission this guy. I sent him each image fallen did as they came in and even before the Monkeys were completed he was sending me sketch after sketching having so much fun with the idea. An eager spirit like this, can only create the best images ever. His dedication is touching and so appreciated by myself and Fallen as well, who also fed off his kind feedback. It was great to see artists working off of each other like this.

So with out further adieu I give to the world the latest Maduinshorn masterpiece, to me his greatest work ever, Dimata's Monkey Orgy:

While walking though the jungle Dimata is startled by vines falling on him. He quickly lifted hundreds of feet into the canopy, where 3 Monkey brothers proceed to have their way with him. Each one wanting his attention and affection more then the other. Someone should tell these boys that Dimata would willingly entertain each of them.

This was a lot of fun to watch Mad work on. The idea just rushed to me and I was hesitant to include the upside down fucking. Ha ha ha, Mario had a ball with that. He did an excellent job posing all the boys so we could get a great view of each one.
I can't help but get a huge grin every time I look this over. Nolee is so regal and strong looking. His skin so smooth it shines in the sun, beautiful. His shag and posture are wonderful. He is the bravest to thrust between Dimatas tusks like that! Maduinshorn and I had a lot of really genius idea here with this blow job. We increased the tusks to increase the danger!
Mattu is really cute, I love that focused look on his face, there is something very simple about him. Like he has a very simple innocent intelligence like Tarzan. He looks like he feels he is teaching Dimata how to jerk a guy off for the first time. XD I really love the eyebrows and the facial structure. Very handsome. The body was too perfect to cover in vines. (See below.)
Speaking of Dimata, I LOVE this big hulking hunk! You did a the most amazing job making him the perfect size. He would tower over these boys, but he still has the appearance of a gentle giant. That cock is one for the history books. Love the foreskin details and the huge balls. Love his baby face! AWE! Hee hee.
Nole is was really fun to talk about with Mario. Hee hee. I never did an upside down screw before and Maduinshorn knew just how to position him. He gave him a perfect slender body, huge brown dick and big ass hands! XD I think he is my favorite part of the picture aside from the BACKGROUND!
I have said if before and I will say it again here, Holy Crap on Crap!!! That waterfall crashing down in the background makes this image the most epic thing ever! What an amazing touch. Gives a sense that the boys are getting hit by some sweet cool air as they fuck their new friend, never getting too hot and being perfectly relaxed. At the same time you could say it also adds to the crazy jungle chaos going on in the foreground, a noisy frantic man orgy.

Let's take a look at the creative process!

They day I told him about the idea he sent me this right away. The Monkey men were only sketches done by me, along with the character model sheet Fallen had done at the time, but Maduinshorn really wanted to get the jump on the idea while his juices were flowing.

Time passes and Matu and Nolee were completed by Fallen. As you can see he followed their designs perfectly adding his own great touches along the way.

The final line art. I got this yesterday morning. Yep, he did it THAT FAST! The boy is a Road Runner! As you can see a final vine was added to the hand grabbing Matu. The vine at first covered Matu, but I told Maduinshorne that it was a total shame to cover up any part of this sexy Monkey he drew. So he moved it behind the character. ^_^ Gotta preserve hunks you know... :P

This is where things got interesting. Mario wanted badly to complete the image yesterday. His artist blood was flowing. One problem. I was already at work and what was worse, I did a late shift yesterday. Hotmail wasn't letting me preview the image without downloading it and opening it up at work would prove disastrous. So I got an idea. I asked him to send me the flats, in small work safe segments. Ha ha ha, well these are not all work safe, but it worked perfectly. I just dodged around the images by shrinking the window and approved them right away. Take a look. This is a great idea for future commissions any artist is doing and would like an opinion on right away. :)

LOL not exactly work safe, but not hard to get around.. XD

WHOA! So not work safe! LOLZ! This was the first image I looked at and man was I cautious afterward! Thank goodness no one was around! LOL XD

Guys I want to thank you both so much, more so then I can with praise. You took simple sketches and turned them into some extraordinary images of characters that I hope we can all revisit again and again in the future. ^_^

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looking back on some Wonderful art, the First Commissions of Crusiz and Aneros

This is a pure Catch up, I should be ashamed of myself blog! LOL. I so had these ready to blog the second they came in, but I kept having things come up, tried to build a theme, or was just too lazy to get them on! Well here they are FINALLY on my blog!
Ok so lets start at the start, Cruzis very first commission for me:

This idea came from Ink-B, who in his description of Lil'Deep stated that Smilo wants to avoid bottoming for Lil'Deep at all costs! XD This stunning image went on to generate 250 favs on Y!Gallery! WOW! XD

Here is my reaction:
Wow I have the honor of being Master Cruzis first commission client! WOO HOO! I wish I had some long involved story to tell, but I really don't! Cruzis was a real joy to finally talk to on MSN. He was very very eager to draw and even asked me if he could include Smilo in the commission! I love it when people take that initiative! It made me feel really excited to see what he had planned. Well I sat and thought of the idea fairly fast. And I sent him the worst mouse drawn stick man sketch ever. In like a day I had this gorgeous image in my inbox!
Your Smilo is so strong and built looking! He is in the perfect pose, cause after having that Megalodons giant cock in his ass you need support! I really love your take on him. His hair is amazing. Thanks for giving him the big saber fangs! They rock!
Lil Deep is just grand! I love the sharp teeth and the fish man style ears! Too cool! The cock spray is so hot! Thanks for doing such a nice background too!
This warrants more!
Another Y gallery dream come true!
I can't wait for the next one! :heart::heart::heart:

The only change I wanted was Smilos Sabers to be longer. It's the one thing on him I can be a real stickler about.

I was second in line as well...XD here is Crusiz pairing of Dimata and Chiida. Poor Crusiz, I am pretty sure he was one of the first people do have to draw Chiida based mostly on my sketches...He turned out really well, very rough and gruff looking. ;P

Mammoth at the mercy of a Trilobite.
At this time I was trying to figure out Chiidas relationship with the rest of the boys. This helped me decided he was more a pain in the butt, to the heros, instead of being full out evil.

A another sweet masterpiece by Mr. Cruzis. I really LOVE what you did with Dimata. He has the most sculpted body, it is just so HAWT! I adore his stubble and those cute eyes! Great great job! :happyhappy::heart:
Chiida is a mass of arthropod armor, I don't know how you didn't get lost drawing all that! So many details! Thanks so much for adding in his penis! It's beyond sexy how it is getting covered with the cum leaking down from Dimata. And thank you for doing such a great job on the Trilobite head as well. It's amazing too. :happy2:
The background might not have been the one I wanted, but after looking at it, I will admit it defiantly adds a sense of danger and uh..HEAT to the image! I hope he will untie Dimata now that they are done! Time to book! XD I will be honest, it makes for a is a very cool image. And I thank you for your creativity.
Thanks so much for working so hard and fast!
Cruzis your willingness to work with the customer and make them happy means you are on your way to becoming one of the best artists for hire! Keep it up! :) :heart:
Big kiss! :kitty2::heart:

Next was the first actual commission I asked from Aneros (Voider.) Before this, he had only coloured images for me. So I decided to take the next step and give him a full image to work on.
I really love the long lanky, muscular body he gave him. His facial features and hair looks a bit rugged, a little weather worn. The look of a creature that has spent all his life outside. Love the hang low on those hard balls! Nice job!

I'm really pleased at how well your take on Dinosaur Prince came out. I wanted to give you something special to draw for our first commission. No one has touched him since Jaytee took him on so long ago now. You did an amazing job on all the details such as the scales, how the dinosaurian skin merges into human in his front and all the cool spots. :kiss: Nice job on the legs as well, I really like his knees! XD You have given him a very adorable face, with those huge sideburns and sexy nose. How I do love the way you do eyes.:heart: It's so sweet how his hair is falling over his shoulders. Long haired guys are so hot are they not? :lol:
The cock is great, especially that gorgeous head! One of your best. I can't get over those low hanging balls! XD SEXY!!!!
Thanks Voider! I hope you will take on another sexy subject in the future. :)

Next up will be a lot of new original characters. I am happy to report that both Aneros and Crusiz are working on new commissions at this time.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tonia by the Legend that is BlueVampyre

Just a quick post before I run to work! XD I got my commission from the great BlueVampyre today. Believe it or, not, Bluevampyre and I go way back! Long before I did any kind of commissions. So this was a real treat and a total pleasure to have him take on one of my boys. We picked Tonia and the results could not be more splendid! Bluevampyre asked me to rate him, so instead of my regular style, I am going to do just that. I hope this will help others decided to commission him!

Ooooooh Blue's super sexy Tonia lets the cool night air caress his loins, he's waiting for you...

Communication and Speed:

Communication was excellent, he kept in constant contact on MSN. I didn't have to worry about that. He's a very honest and friendly guy. He worked on the concept with me, not against me.
He Showed me line art and asked me how I felt about it. There was no changes, so I can't rate you on that of course. XD But that's also a plus.
So that gives him a total A+.

Speed was what? A little over a day? LOL! Lightning Fast! I commissioned this on Sunday and got it on Monday morning. A+++

Final Product:
Excellent shading, added own elements to image for coloring, added veins to body to show muscle tone, Take a look around his crotch and on his arms, never saw it done like this so he gets major props. The trademark Eye shine and hair shine make the character look very attractive and inviting. Tonia is a pure twinky, delight! The cock head is a perfect colour. His big nipples looks amazing and very likable. His swim trunks are his choice white ones, which shows BlueVampyre researched the other images, beyond what I showed him.

The lips on Tonia are very well done, they have a very soft tone and look like he keeps them well moistened. LOL. Seriously he would be a great kisser.
Tonias dinosaur parts got some great touches and the details are outstanding. The darken colour looks like it might be due to exposure to sunlight even, or to the ocean water. Very intriguing. ^_^ There's even a little bit of colour under his cock head to show the circumcision scar.


background is outstanding. Love the dark ocean, the sky is exactly what I had in mind, it gives the images a very cool feel to it. You get a sense of time and place here, the day has come to an end and Tonia is longing for some release. As any teenager would, his heart is racing as he tries to size his last chance of the day for love.

Sooooooo all in all A+
Very highly recommended! So much so that I took another slot! XD

Please check him out!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kangaroos, Mice and Hunks...

Hey guys, time to move forward, I have way to much to crow about! This week was Gninroms birthday. I found out at the last minuet and luckily Caravaggia, FeralElf and Sirio were up for a quick challenge. I picked Gninroms OC Maxie Mouse for them to draw. The results are amazing!

This GORGEOUS image was drawn up by FeralElf and is so freaking professionally coloured by Caravaggia. Another perfect team up! The results are breathtaking. FeralElf made Maxie HUGE, with a sweet thin Torso, juicy pectorals, and Abs that look like they are right out of Class, which is great because Maxie was made to have fun with Cam! :P Caravaggia, I am gonna say this, your colouring gets better every time. It was awesome to start, so that is no easy feet! You really captured the spirit of FeralElfs vision and brought it right out for the world to bow to.

This is Sirios thick hunky version of the Mouse built to take on a Cat!

I love how his cock head and lips are glistening! Sirio is great at giving characters a thick HARD chest! Sirio is also wicked at making a perfect card feel to a commission. Cute stars, man wish I got a card like this on my b-day growing up. XD It looks like Maxie trimed his pubes a bit so Gnin could get in a little closer.. XD Man, I don't know about you guys, but I would have a hard time choosing between that cock, or a big piece of that chocolate cheese cake! LOL. Thank you Sirio, he's really cute. I like how you made his teeth kinda stick out a bit when he smiles, like they are bit bigger then a humans and more like a mouse. Nice touch! Very sexy eyebrows and dreamy lazy eyes.

From Mice, let's move to Kangaroos! Did you know Imanno can turn into Joey? I commissioned Demona to do Imanno. Just for fun she sketch up Joey in appreciation for all my help. I decided to give her the full amount and switch Imanno for a completed Joey. Poor Imanno, he will have his day! XD

Naughty boy, sticking out his tongue like that! He is so playful before his workout! XD

My reaction:

He turned out really nice! I love his round muscular arms and the cute penis! Peeking head!!! XD He is so naughty!!! XD
Excellent work!!! I have to say that is one heck of a pretty handkerchief. That blue is out of this world. ^_^ It's perfect just like the rest of him. Thank you for letting me watch you draw him!

Joey is sure popular...yesterday I was given some amazing fan art from FeralElf. Gosh, did it help cheer me up. ;)

Swing low!!! OMG the ball action is LEGEND! HA HA HA! There is a ton of great motion here. Joey must have ass muscles of STEEL to handle that powerful tail. FeralElf is well talented in making big cute boys. He is also amazing at doing great hair. Joeys legs look powerful and yet so cozy and inviting. I can see myself clinging to those..with his balls hitting my head! XD Those blond pubes would be perfect for running my fingers through. Thank you so much man. You were a ray of much needed sun light yesterday. ^_^

Check out Baralusts most delightful image this week! LOLZ XD

This is Baralust second last commission for me and it's by far one of his most exciting and sexual images ever! He got Spot SPOT ON! He's so cute and perfect! This one had everyone taking a third and second look! XD This was actually going to be two images, but Baralust was very interested in pairing the boys. Spot and Joey seem to go very well together! XD A great idea, I said go for it! And man am I glad I did. Look at that vein covered rocket between Joeys legs. Joey and Spot are shooting out more cum then most of us can in a week! :)

My reaction:

DUDE this image exploded my mind up!!! Joey is so freaking hot! Those big muscles and that chunky spiked hair, so thick and sexy!!!! What a blast of cum!! The dripping ooze has me dripping...ooze! LOL. Spot is PERFECT!!! SO cute and big!!!! I could not have wished for a better match up! Thank you so much!:kiss::wink::heart:

Moving on to big buff guys, Ink-B made a very special image just for this blog. He took an older sketch from last year, touched it up big time and made it look like a post card from decades past. The colouring is out of this world. Mixed with the characters slightly wavy hair, it defiantly echos the ideal gay man of decades past. The soft drapes add a tender romantic feel to the image, counter balancing the hunks hard body and beckoning you come closer. Another Ink-B masterpiece. Sometimes good art needs a little time and inspiration. :)

This reminds me of scene from a movie called Journey to Italy 2. I should try to find some clips from that.

Last, but not least is the completed image of He-Man by Lastmanouthere:

I have already expressed how in love with this image I am, but that colouring!!! I just want to lick his thick creamy skin up and down like some hunky butterscotch piece of beefcake! XD The dark shading around the eyes give him a great deal of focus and power. He is ready for battle and sex at the same time. Just fantastic man, your image is very popular and I am very proud of your great achievement here. He's fan-freaking-tastic!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time for some truths...The Nightmare of dealing with Szadek. Commissioners are not powerless victems.

Well after being used and abused for a year it's about time I did a blog like this. I have been very quiet suffering in silence about the treatment from a lot of artists, but no more. I am sorry to those of you this will offend, I am sure this will scare some. Rest assured this won't be a regular thing. But life in commissions is not all sunshine and lollipops. I finally had it this week when I had to get a moderator to take down a private commission that was supposed to be a gift because the artists wanted to see how many favs he could rack up. (And I have the e-mail and IM to prove this.) It's great when you are trying to make something special for someone close to you, only to have to posted before you can say boo, then have your pleases fall on deaf ears. HA HA Ha...

But what is worse, what is WORSE is an artists that does his best to try to be your buddy, only when he needs, or wants something. Then he kicks you away the second he no longer needs you. Listening to lie, after lie, watching him snub friends and push work back and being told to relax at every turn. This is the case with the artist Szadek and had I listened to a friend, I never would have been in this mess. Taking down my Dimata Meets Zahn commission in retaliation was the final straw Juancho.

This all started with a commission I paid for over a year ago. A birthday gift that I was promised would be done by June. Now things didn't exactly go as planed. Not the worst thing in the world to be sure. But as the months went by the problems got worse and worse.. Everytime he could work on the image, he would blow me off to start a new PROMO and push my commission back even further.

My favorite times with Juancho were the wonderful periods of silence when he didn't like an idea. He wanted money and ideas, but he has some sort of social deficiency, oh yeah it's called ignorance. He was the first one I asked about Thundercats and Cam. I was rewarded with a half hour of silence till I changed the subject. This happened on countless occasions. I guess I should thank my lucky stars I was granted an audience with his royal highness, others were flat out ignored once he compared his skills to theirs. Yeah it's nice to talk to someone you admire and have them silently tell you to fuck off isn't it? It also looked great on me since I told the person how friendly Szadek was. Oh no...I didn't feel like a total piece of crap and want to bury my head in the sand.

Of course even going back to the Dimata image, he posted it on YG before I had a chance to look it over and refused to change Dimatas eyes. Don't ask me why...we were not fighting but it really pissed me off at the time. Other artists were talking for days about this. Why would you post before showing the person it was made for?

OK time moves on, he pushed everyones major commissons back and started a 30 day sketch a day thing. Well, this was actually pretty cool. I was first in line for this one.
I took 3 of his promo slots for dawing a day. I was nice, I chose Zorro from One Piece cause he told me he would love to draw a character from that series. It made his day. Then he did a few more images. He messed up Kentro and made him a Stegosaurus, but I rolled with it, made him a new OC and told Juancho to take heart and not worry about it. Keep moving on with his comms I said. Be strong. As a pal I wasn't going to complain. And I am still not. I heard from others how he messed up their comms, but they had no time to deal with his attitudes.

I took three more comms from him. And guess what? He couldn't get them done in time so he cancelled them. I never freaked out when he canx three of my comms. One was a gift..I apologized to the person and all was good. He had done a lot and I was understanding. I wasn't the only one of course. Life goes on.

This is where things got strange...he needed help with his Xoom and Paypal accounts. After not hearing from him for the longest time, he magically appeared and was all friendly. As the conversation progressed he dropped this little tidbit on me. OK, I can help...I lost $20 in the process and of course his response to me was I GUESS YOU WILL WANT A FREE SKETCH NOW. No Juancho, I did not. When I am genuinely being friendly to someone I am not looking for that, however your guilt was created because you were not genuine. Cause right after this he vanished again!

I watched him do promo after promo, commission after commission, hearing from the peanut gallery of artists and a gift awaiting friend for weeks. He would appear needing help, sites, refs and then finally ideas. I gave him some. Two to be exact. God help me I went in for all that RPG nonesnes. Loved the fact that he so hated to do OC's he charged $10 more for them. Oh yeah..that was another thing that made me feel great, since one, or two of the cancelled comms were my OCs. Nice barrier! NO, no one thought you were doing that on purpose to deter them. ROLLS EYES.

Then he went through his drama phase. He quit all his groups and started to take things down. I asked him why, cause I really liked his art and hell I liked him. He said it was cause he felt he was nothing and couldn't contribute anything. We had a long heart to heart. I really felt for the kid. I saw him in a different light, the one I saw when I first met him and we were working together. A gentle kind individual, humble and sweet. I thought things would be different from here on in. I could not have been more wrong. These were just his crocodile tears he loves to exhibit. Beware of this action if you commission him. In this case I later learned his leaving was once again because he felt above everyone else on Y!Gallery.

I picked Link and Gill with exact ideas. Jauncho didn't like this. Not one bit. Nope, Gill got thrown out and Link was messed right up. A month past their due date he showed up with his final blunder. Now This was it...after he practically begged for an idea, I gave him one and he didn't commit. He couldn't respect that and I asked him to fix it. His response to me was, YOU ARE NOT BETTER THEN OTHER COMMISSIONERS, I HAVE TOTAL CREATIVE CONTROL GET LOST. Me above others? OH hell no. Not when you cancel everything I want left right and center, try to be friendly to you, help you with your accounts and keep my mouth shut when you ignore my ass when I am trying to talk to you, not to mention defending your name to everyone that was calling you a pompous jerk. Well how the hell would I even know who your other commissioners are Juancho? You don't even list them on your blog. Yeah that makes people feel loved.

We talked a lot that morning. We made up. We moved on. I apologized cause, I was a beast and it was not nice at all of me to do that. I felt really bad. Little did I know the worst was still to come. Now he did make good and put Ken in the image....(To make up for the loss of Gil.) He also promised Bionic Commando, but he then told me that would be selling himself short. Hey, how about me selling my ideas short, giving them to someone that doesn't respect his customers wishes? Hmm..these are dreams and have the tools, but you lack the heart.

He had been telling me that he was going to have to get all his commission done before a certain date when he would be kicked out of his house and could no longer draw porn. Now..if that doesn't start a bit of anxiety I don't know what does. Lucky I didn't leak this fun tid bit out. Can you image the reactions of other people that were also waiting?

The pool party comm was next in line, but the dolt started ANOTHER sketch promo instead! (Which is 24 hour sketches and it always takes him months to get through these when it should take him a lot less, especially since he promises them in 24 hours.) I DIGRESS.

The day he did this, I found out he had blocked me on Yahoo. The person who was talking to him told me that. Which pissed my friend off cause he knows what Szadek is like. He told him off for me, saying that I had been very patient for over 8 months, yet you continue to avoid him and start promos etc. Oooooh I did not know what to say!!!! But he came and showed me the roughs after about 4 hours. Maybe it was the best thing? Kick him in the butt? I felt bad though.

Well one can't say he is all bad. He was feeling it for the wait and offered 5 free promo style images. One every Sunday! Just to keep my mouth shut. WOW! I was jumping. Well he gave me 2 sketches and I was happy. Very happy. I replied and thanked him, posted them up....he never replied. Like he was totally deaf to me, this lower life form. Then he went deaf for real, supposedly and like all good illnesses it cleared up the second he needed it too. Right when he no longer would owe me any more sketches. Ok fine..another disappointment. But that one was low...everyone said I was a sucker for believing in him. He destroyed my faith in him.

So the day comes when he finally finishes this mess. It's a coloured sketch, which is just great. I feel for that one..don't ask. That was supposed to be why Bionic was in the image, but he never made it, so I am officially ripped off. Anyone wants to clean this bad boy up I am offering. Juancho promised a variation with cum, that never showed up either. Then with out asking he posted it. I always let people post, but this was a birthday gift. He couldn't respect that. But as you just read he didn't respect anyone anytime anyway. To hurt me he took down the Zahn and Dimata commission. Well that was the now you have this consumer report. It might be a bit too personal to post. I am sure I look like an ogre to some of you. Believe it, or not I am leaving a lot out. This isn't the whole story cause I can't possibly remember every thing that pissed me off over a year. My apologies to those of you that will now lose respect for me.

Oh and the final little note, you're gonna love this...if you are an older fan, you might notice some missing art from Szadeks gallery and a journal as well...seems he left Y!Gallery after telling the site he was too good for it and he was drowning in a sea of mediocrity. Yes he's leagues above all the people there you know. He came crawling back when the world spat him back out and he needed some financial aid, not cause he loves his fans. This was the little bit of information I was told about and I should have listened too a year ago. But no, I had faith in someone that didn't deserve it.

Edit Szadek has been telling the world he apologized. He never did, he did however play dumb publicly when confronted about removing the one Commission. Stating he did not understand what was so upsetting and what ever he did he was sorry. Considering he knew exactly what he did, this also shows his true character.

THE FAKE, OH DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG APOLOGY. He has since taken down his journal to hide this.

About the Same time, he sent me a very rotten e-mail taunting me regarding the removal of the submission. Then he found this post. His immediate reaction was to do a journal to gather sympathy after realizing his assault backfired. Funny enough and confirmed by his friends, was his MSN had the message Manipulting Y and loving it during this time.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ephorox Epic Lil' Deep Vs Rex!

Hey guys! It's 7 am, but I am dying to post this up! Ephorox just finished his newest commission and it's so epic, I couldn't sleep! I just had to ask him to do Lil'Deep again cause he did him so perfectly the first time. (I had many requests to see him do him once again as well as Dimata.) This time Lil'Deep is showing his true colours. Long ago it was decided that Lil'Deep was a character not to be trusted. An enslaver of men. He has caught the gallant straight warrior Rex and is holding him captive. He must endure Lil'Deeps constant passionate torture. The image is nothing less then spectacular. As Deeps creator Ink said, 'It's fantastic to see the return of Deep by Ephorox and the return to his monstrously huge cock.'

The Two Titans collide. Their trusts and vibrations rock the vary mountains. XD

Ephorox worked a lot of magic on Rex. He added some beautiful shiny eyes that show that the true character, as large and fierce as he is, is a kind, tormented being. Ink was aghast proclaiming he never thought Rex could be so sexy. XD He was given some wonderful hair. Hard to see here, he mixed dark grey and silver together, on the gorgeous chest (Which Deep can't keep his eyes off of) coating his strong chin and even along his head spikes with the same. Ephorox thought to include some shaved down stay silver hairs there, perhaps a result of hair loss and a sign of his age. Rex is out oldest character so far and Ephorox really did a great job salt and peppering him up.

Ephorox took the image to new heights with the tail to cock action. I had Rexs tail up beside Deep huge cock head and Ephorox took it one step more and decided to wrap more around the penis, rubbing the sensitive head and pulling on the foreskin, quickening Deeps release. Perhaps this strategy of using his tail where he cannot use his hands, is simply to make Deep cum faster so Rex can relax, or maybe, just maybe he is really enjoying this and wants to make his master cum. The cum is so thick and hot and the stream going over Deeps head is causing me to dribble! XD

Rexs expression of ecstasy is magnificent. The boys have a glow, which was Ink-B's and Ephoroxs idea. You can actually see Rex Reflected on Deep, something I did not expect at all. It shows Deeps skin is very smooth and fish like and honestly adds a lot of HEAT to the image. I never told Ephorox if Rex was cut, or uncut. For a bit I thought he would be cut and I was actually pleasantly surprised to see he chose an uncut penis for the warrior. It looks really sexy. Ha, Deeps Penis and head defiantly has an aquatic feel to its colour and texture. ^_^
It was great as well to see some leg fucking action. It's something you see rarely in porn, or in images. You need a really big dick and Ephorox made sure Deep was more then qualified for this act!

The whole image reminds me of the good old images of prehistoric creatures where they appear much larger then life. The beasts in these books tower over the landscape. Here the boys tower over the background rocks, that look like cliffs. All making for an image that drills itself prominently into your mind. It's even more evident in the great line art below:

The image actually caused a huge stir last night. (And before that the line art was getting huge responses from many people.) As we were going over the final details and brush ups, Ink-B got really inspired. He ask me what character I would love to see a quick sketch of. I picked Imanno! LOL. He worked like lightning and created this image in appreciation. In 30 mins if that he had this to show, Imanno standing like swordsmen with two dildos in hand ready for action! I love those moist lips, wonderful smile and huge pink penis head! What a sweetheart Ink-B is!
Imanno is so hot, who could resist his charms, especially when captivated by Ink. I wonder if that one dildo is modeled after Kayxon? ^_^ Thanks man!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Demona an JCArtblog are Pumping out the Perfect Pups! XD

Continuing my love of Spot I asked two more artists awhile ago to take him on. The first one I asked was JCArtblog. I had never seen him take on a Class Comic character and was very excited to see him do so. We talked about characters and potential poses. I decided to go with Imanno and Spot together. I gave JCArtblog some concept ideas and in the end he came up with his extremely hot pose right off the top his head. And, lord it is too hot to describe. Just take a look at his latest masterpiece. I swear this kid really knows how to fulfill my fantasies. ^_^

Cat meets dog as Imanno pins the beefcake down and thrust his big black cock against Spots thick dick....looks like he will have some licking up to do.

Fuck, sorry but FUCK this is HOT! Two bald studs, eyes that penetrate, so much muscle and thick uncut dicks! JC Imma kiss you! XD The colouring and lines really make these two look so juicy. Love the slight pink around Imannos foreskin, I think it adds some rawness to the image. Very hot placement of the foreskin on Spot. Looks so jerkable! I am so very happy I asked you to take these two on. The results could not have been better. Honestly man, you seem to outdo yourself every time.

Take a look at the line art:

Before I move to the next image, I want to show for the first time on this Blog JCArtblogs wonderful take on Goliath from the show Gargoyles. One of his most popular images, it was great to see him take on this classic character. Ha ha ha, I have changed a lot. When the show aired I only found him sexy when he was turned into a human. XD He gave him a wonderful star filled background, great muscles and a thick cut dick! XD

My reaction: (JC mentioned him being a big challenge.)
He was challenging huh? Well you overcame the challenge then cause he is fantastic!!! I really love all the shading. It's really nice. Your Goliath is so very well done. The pose is perfect, the wings are delightful. Like the sharpness of them. I like the way he has his head tilted up and the expression of delight on his strong face. Great thick cock too! Perfect for him! The legs and chest are so strong looking and sexy! This is one smoking hot image! Thank you so much!

Next up we have what I am gonna say is a very underrated image. This to me is by far Demonas best work to date. Nope, don't argue Demona it's awesomeness!!! I don't remember the last time she was so into a picture and she always shows great interest and a little modest weariness when taking on a big challenge. So impresses was I with this that I was shooting the line art to everyone I could think of and getting tons of great feedback for artists and beyond. Demona you should hold your head high. I very proudly present to you her version of Spot from Class Comics!

OMG HOT WET SPOT!!!! Look at the hang low on that foreskin! He is a total beefy delight!!! Such a cute face and delectable body. YUM YUM YUM!!! Boys are gonna get on their knees and beg for this dog!

I had a very specific idea for her. This image is based on one of my favorite images ever. One I found when I was really young and the internet was new. An image of the great porn star Talvin Demachio. I wanted to see Spot depicted in the same pose that used to have such a special effect on me. (Boy did I clean up that sentence.)
She really came through! He's a peek of him. XD He used to do some work for Falcon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Play with me? Out of this World Art by Baralust and Caravaggia!

Some time ago Baralust told me he needed to gather funds for a new pen for his tablet. I wanted to help him out, but I needed an idea. I did come up with a few ideas to start, but I wanted to give him something special also. I sat down at my Wii and started to play the game Ristar. Well...the idea didn't exactly take a long time to hit me. Who else, but a fellow Sega fan would I ask to take this one on? XD I knew he would give him a great muscular body and Huge cock! Ristar's gotta be hung!!! XD LOL. Bet he can stretch it to the sky! Baralust went even further then what I gave for a description. He added cool Star pasties on his nipples and over his belly button! LOL He's a Stripper Star! XD

Years have passed and Ristar has grown to be a great hero!

Baralust kept with the colour scheme already in place. I love the yellow cut penis head. XD very cute! The whole cock is very Fillion like. Lots of great details, huge balls and a strong thick shaft. Just wonderful! I love how he changed the runners to big ass boots! HOT...hee hee. I am gonna make a wish... XD You get bonus points if you can figure out where that background is from. SEGA!!! Thanks Baralust, this is one very creative and sexy image.

Next up we have more outer space fun! Nova and his now named mate Nibiru are going at it under a purple night sky. This is one of my favorite images ever from Caravaggia. I just love the way she drew Nibiru. She is all culry, with big lips and wild hair that has a life of it's own. Caravaggia was the first person to ever take on Nova and it's so great to see her take him on again. He's evolved a bit since then and Caravaggia has made him super buff in reaction to that!!! WOW. I have to admit I was really surprised by this new form. He's so sexy!!! I think this is the biggest beefcake she has ever done. He has an excellent frame. She increased the length of his curly dreads as well. Another tip of the hat to her original vision of him, built on and expanded to new heights. :)

I can't believe how wonderful the background to this image is. The moon, with all the details, the night sky full of starts and the pyramids with the stars at the tips. As much imagination and passion went into it as the characters occupying the foreground. She really wanted to go all out for me and it warms my heart.

She even did a insert-less version. I hope you guys enjoy it! XD

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

300 Thundercats

Ok come up with witty Blog post titles.. XD Well at least I think I am pretty good at coming up with porn ideas. A few weeks ago I started to crave some King Leonidas from 300. He's so hot! Blame Urbanmusiq for pointing out the actor was in the Bounty Hunter and telling me he is the lead in Phantom of the Opera. I had no idea..then again, I didn't really pay attention to it much even though my mom and sister have watched it 300 times...
I wanted to do something really special with him. I had an idea rolling around in my head for a creature called a Nightmare. Human Clydesdale mix. Not a centaur but a 10 foot tall man with the legs and features of horse. OK so here is where I confess some geekyness that was long ago forced on me. My best friend loves Magic the Gathering. He bought me a Portal deck back around the turn of the century and I would play with him. (And ONLY him.) I always felt so nerdy, but I love to make stupid comments during it and make a big deal out every move. We wound up having a lot of laughs making fun of ourselves and the game. I have not played it in a long time. This Christmas he came over and played with myself and my nephew cause well, we were not having the best day. It really cheered us up. We felt like such geeks! XD
I love the black creatures and my favorite of all is a card called the Nightmare. It's a fiery demonic horse that is pretty strong. So that was a bit of the influence behind this character as well. I wrote Mario a long e-mail about the creature along with some horse images and an image of the card I found online. But we went for something a little different with the creature. The Nightmare card was more of an inspiration more then anything else. Mario took my idea and created a strong beautiful creature that was perfect from the start. Here is the sketch he sent me only an hour after I told him about the beast. XD

10 feet tall, the torso of a man, the legs of a wild Clydesdale, fire streams from his mane and tail, with pointed sharp nipples and a horse sized dick, the Nightmare of Sparta is ready to attack it' King. Another work of wicked Maduinshorn creation.

From here the idea came simply that Leonidas would have lost a battle and be getting rammed by the Nightmare. I had an idea that the shot would be a frontal view with Leonidas facing the viewer, but Mario had a much better idea. He made it so we could get a good look at the frames of both men. Freaking genius this guy is. To be honest with you guys, this image was so perfect from the start there is little point in showing the sketches. I can always upload them if you guys request it.

King Leonidas struggles to break free, trying to deny that the fact that he loves every thrust of the beasts mighty dick. He fights till the end, even as the cum pours like never before from his thick uncut dick. Now all he can think of is escape...where is that sword?

I love this super Bara version of the King. He has the perfect body and his skin tone is yummy! What a cool facial expression clenching his teeth like that. What I love is how stretched out his chest is as he struggles. It adds a lot to the image. You can feel him straining and wriggling to escape. The Nightmare is way cool with that huge freaking neck, smart ass smile and nipples that can poke your eyes out. Hmmm that gives me an idea.. XD Maduinshorn gave him that cool horse collar shackles that look so cool. That sly smile is so trying to tell Leon to grow up and just enjoy the ride. XD This is one of the most hard core scenes I have commissioned and it's done to perfection.

Maduinshorn was not the only one doing the great hero King. Since Sirio is the master of Gladiators I had to ask her to take him on and of course Caravaggia was also keen on colouring him! Here is is in a most epic pose, dropping a load on his shield...a spectacle for all time!

As Sirio Said, Cum for Sparta Fucker! XD

That CHEST! WOO! Sirio did such a wicked job on his body and face. He is so hot. In fact the image is so hot Caravaggia just had to do a fiery background. I tell you guys these two just keep getting better and better. This image was just a fun idea, but it's turned out to be one hell vision of passion. You can feel him cum rush out.

Speaking of Great Heroes, here is FallenAngels Conan. He did him based on the old movie pin up of Arnold and mixed in elements of the animated versions. He brought out his old colouring techniques to give him a lot of special attention. He really poured his heart into this, take a look! It's awesome:

The cool sketch, he redrew Conans head a bit. XD

Ok so this next image has a bit of history. Truth be told I wanted to do this pairing since last summer, actually before. I mentioned it to one artists who ignored me and another who's life went to hell and I so sadly just put in the back burner. To be honest I am pretty surprised no one has done anything like this yet, but I am very proud to present this image that Maduinshorn and I worked so hard on. Here for the first time ever Camil-Cat meets THE THUNDERCATS!

As Panthro enjoys his shower, Lion-O and Camili-Cat sneak into the a stall beside him. Lion-O wants to show his new friend a little trick he has learned. Cam looks in shock as his dick uncontrollably grows. Lion-O reaches over and gives him a hand job. Cam is speechless as he blindly reaches for the lord of the Thundercats cut dick. The two enjoy a each others strong hands and the gentle rubbing of their cock heads together, till finally they cum all over each others cocks. Panthro continues to wash and stroke his cock being none the wiser...

I have to thank Maduinshorn so much for all the hard work he did on this. Not only did he come up with an even more perfect set up then I had in mind, he gave each of the Thundercats his his own special touches. I love Pantrhos nose and face here! So much sexier then in the cartoon. XD
I had this idea that Cam would be standing facing the viewer, sweating with Lino-O standing behind him, thrusting the sword in his face and slyly jerking him off from behind. However with this pose we get to see much more of the boys bodies and we even get some light frot action. How genius is that? Maduishorns Cam was so hot I had to get him to draw him again. He is big and beautiful. Lion-O is so sexy and Panthro like I said is gorgeous. What a body. He had fun with the soap and finger placement on Panthro. Lino-O straddling Cams Leg is making me drip! And Cams hand on the wall shows he needs some support cause this is all too much. Maybe for second he thought of walking away, but he is too hypnotized. I hope you guys enjoy this Pairing of a lifetime. I could not be happy with the result, or the sweet artists that took the time to create this masterpiece.

No one has no soap on the cock, so you can get a better view! Blogger Bonus. XD

Thanks guys more to cum!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's a Classy Day...

This blog is a small collection of images based on Class Comics characters I got recently. Some of you might recall me mentioning that Kayxon, Lanors old friend, is one of my favorite Felinoids. He only has a small roll in two of the books, but he has a great design and a lot of potential. When Hoaigon opened up his commission special I wanted him to take on some Class Comics characters. He had a Special for one character, but I decided to ask for two in one image and forget about the special. I am really happy I did, cause he produced yet another masterpiece. This kid, he's something special. He showed me a couple poses and I picked the second.

I can imagine Kayxon and Spot easily falling for each other. They both are very strong, loyal characters. (I think Spot will be anyway! XD)

Hoaigons work is always so beautiful The characters burst from the page. The nipples looks so real. XD Spot is way adorable with his tongue out like, with his arm raised slightly. I think the placement of the eyes and design coupled with the facial expressions really make him look so docile. I think it's cool how Hoaigon added spots and stripes to the boys penises, big thick well done ones at that! Kayxon was given great eyebrows and a wonderful smile. He is handsome beyond compare. There's tons of of great details on the abs and chest. There is a very nice touch he added that shows off the boys affection for each other: the tails are almost wrapped around each other. AWE!

I haven't shown any of Hoaigons sketches before. They remind me traditional Japanese art a bit. Kinda like the Celestial Brush in Okami. ^_^

This is an alternate pose that was given to me. I know it rocks on so many levels, but I was more interested in seeing the boys from the front. Maybe this will be follow up image one day.

The next art is from Sworn. This was a request done by an old friend of mine Persuastrix Long ago Persuastrix was named Meeka. She does everything by hand and produced some wonderful images of Rikuo, Donovan and Male Felicia. I have yet to post those here. She actually sent me the original prints and they are even more fantastic then the scans. At first Calais was going to be nude, but Persuastrix redrew him one day with his costume on. The image really captured the characters nature so well, I decided that we should axe the nude and just go with this one. (Which says a lot about how much I love this! Me give up penis????XD)

I really do think this is one of the best Sworn fan arts out there. The purple background combined with the soft colours used on Calais himself all make such a beautiful image. She really captured him perfectly. His eyes and hair are really well done. There's even a bit of his chest hair showing. ^_^

I'm going to save the Rikuo images for another post. Today I wanted to show off her Wonderful and very playful takes on Dimata she did last summer. I believe they were completed in July. She did three version of him. All so sexy. The one below is my favorite. I love his big friendly smile!

Awe, come on and play with this well built stud won't you? This is one inviting image! XD

This is actually the first awesome picture she did of him. She followed Nookiedog and Jacy-J's example and did him hairless to start and later added hair to him. :)

This Dimata is a cool, calm loner. I like it, he has a bit of danger to him! His eyes are so wicked, they have a sort of Asian feel to them. The idea of giving him big strong hands, fits with other the mammoth features.

A cute small sketch!

I hope you guys and girls will check out her galleries. She has tons of fantasy art. I have commissioned her many times and each experience was great and problem free.

Speaking of images that have never made it to my blog and that I should be mad at myself about, check out this sequel image doney by good old Uly. ^_^ This was such a pain in the butt for him. He lost the original image and had to start from Scratch. How he still has the head of long flowing hair after that, I don't know! Hee hee. He is one strong determined artist.
Here we have Zahn and Jonah enjoying each other on the roof of a Castle. Mmmmm XD

My Reaction:

Ah poor Uly, you went through so much trouble. This pic was well on it's way then boom, the image was lost. But you pulled through and I think this is much better then the first one you had anyway! :)
Zanh is so great dominating Jonah! You did a great job capturing both! Ah, through limits regarding clothes, etc. you provided an image shows they are relaxed in their love making. Taking their time, allowing themselves to let their guard down enough to get getting naked. The man are enjoying themselves away from the world, hidden and safe from prying eyes!
This image gives the feeling that they were alone on top of a tower, or on a high level of the castle, the cool night air caressing their skin. I love the gorgeous storm clouds! It gives it a 'calm before the summer storm' feeling. This is one hot, yet peaceful scene.

Thanks Uly!!! :):heart::heart::heart::heart::happyhappy:

Ok let's end this with something new!

Here we have Demonas newest Chibi! It's Camili-Cat in his Skater gear! A bunch of us got to watch her draw him live yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I got to even learn an few things about colouring! Woo! He's so cute! She even gave him a little ripped fabric hanging down from his pants! XD There's some great details and wicked ass shading in this image.


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