Saturday, April 17, 2010

Demona an JCArtblog are Pumping out the Perfect Pups! XD

Continuing my love of Spot I asked two more artists awhile ago to take him on. The first one I asked was JCArtblog. I had never seen him take on a Class Comic character and was very excited to see him do so. We talked about characters and potential poses. I decided to go with Imanno and Spot together. I gave JCArtblog some concept ideas and in the end he came up with his extremely hot pose right off the top his head. And, lord it is too hot to describe. Just take a look at his latest masterpiece. I swear this kid really knows how to fulfill my fantasies. ^_^

Cat meets dog as Imanno pins the beefcake down and thrust his big black cock against Spots thick dick....looks like he will have some licking up to do.

Fuck, sorry but FUCK this is HOT! Two bald studs, eyes that penetrate, so much muscle and thick uncut dicks! JC Imma kiss you! XD The colouring and lines really make these two look so juicy. Love the slight pink around Imannos foreskin, I think it adds some rawness to the image. Very hot placement of the foreskin on Spot. Looks so jerkable! I am so very happy I asked you to take these two on. The results could not have been better. Honestly man, you seem to outdo yourself every time.

Take a look at the line art:

Before I move to the next image, I want to show for the first time on this Blog JCArtblogs wonderful take on Goliath from the show Gargoyles. One of his most popular images, it was great to see him take on this classic character. Ha ha ha, I have changed a lot. When the show aired I only found him sexy when he was turned into a human. XD He gave him a wonderful star filled background, great muscles and a thick cut dick! XD

My reaction: (JC mentioned him being a big challenge.)
He was challenging huh? Well you overcame the challenge then cause he is fantastic!!! I really love all the shading. It's really nice. Your Goliath is so very well done. The pose is perfect, the wings are delightful. Like the sharpness of them. I like the way he has his head tilted up and the expression of delight on his strong face. Great thick cock too! Perfect for him! The legs and chest are so strong looking and sexy! This is one smoking hot image! Thank you so much!

Next up we have what I am gonna say is a very underrated image. This to me is by far Demonas best work to date. Nope, don't argue Demona it's awesomeness!!! I don't remember the last time she was so into a picture and she always shows great interest and a little modest weariness when taking on a big challenge. So impresses was I with this that I was shooting the line art to everyone I could think of and getting tons of great feedback for artists and beyond. Demona you should hold your head high. I very proudly present to you her version of Spot from Class Comics!

OMG HOT WET SPOT!!!! Look at the hang low on that foreskin! He is a total beefy delight!!! Such a cute face and delectable body. YUM YUM YUM!!! Boys are gonna get on their knees and beg for this dog!

I had a very specific idea for her. This image is based on one of my favorite images ever. One I found when I was really young and the internet was new. An image of the great porn star Talvin Demachio. I wanted to see Spot depicted in the same pose that used to have such a special effect on me. (Boy did I clean up that sentence.)
She really came through! He's a peek of him. XD He used to do some work for Falcon.


  1. Great sketches man. Love you work. ; )

  2. I love Ephorox's rendition of Deep, but then you know how I feel about "monstrously huge cocks" :D




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