Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fallen down the hole, Drilling and Pumping like Maduinshorn!

Hey boys! It's time to rock the 80's hardcore once again! Dig Dug is back thanks to FallenAngel, Maduinshorn and myself! XD These have been long time coming. I was having some trouble with Pookas red skin. The resizing kept making it really pixelated. I still can't get it right to be honest.

As I mentioned last summer, Dig Dug got a huge make over some time ago. I have attached that image at the top of the blog. So I worked with Yelmo and Crux to come up with sexy versions of Pooka and Fygar as well. The concept was too good not to be used again. Many ideas keep coming to my mind and a huge desire to see other artists draw these character keeps returning.

Maduinshorn and FallenAngel are such fun artist to work with, I had to ask them politely if they would like to do these characters. I know these are pretty sacred characters to a lot of people, so if someone was to say no, I would understand. They were both very much into it! Of FallenAngel I asked him to do the Twinky Pooking getting a huge pumping by Dig Dug! He did the image exactly as I had in described to him. He couldn't resist giving Pooking some big muscles. HA HA HA! So here it is for the first time on this blog.

Dig Dug starts to leak as he sees the Pookas dick getting bigger and bigger, the foreskin slowly folding back and wrinkling like crazy. XD
I love the idea of that drill pump tickling his cock head as it pumps up that dick! Fallen really gave the characters a lot of personality. Dig Dug is very handsome and his stubble looks so cool. One idea was to have all of Pookas eye goggles white, but I figured that if he has normal eyes, he would look sexier. It's hard to see in the lower res, but the cock has a great size and shape to it. There's a ton of detail on the foreskin and the veins on the shaft. I did have a larger res to share, but for some reason the colour Red and my PC are not getting along. :(
Here is the wonderful sketch he presented to me. The start of a perfectly playful image. XD

Fallens Pooka is one bald beauty! XD

Maduinshorns image is a threesome! Maybe it happens right after Fallens! XD It looks like Dig Dug is up to no good and Fygar is gonna be happily sore in the morning! :P

This is ten kinds of awesome! I love Dig Dugs pose and expression! That's so cute and funny! (Not to forget sexy.) I like how the pump is expanding as it takes in air. That's really cool! It's great to see even the pump is vibrant and alive. :P Pooka is wicked! Like with Fallens he is more of a hunk then a Twink and I am loving it! So perfect with that expression. The arm around Dig Dug really adds a warm feeling.
I would swear these boys have been drawing these characters for years if I didn't know this was their first attempt. XD I really love Fygars pose cause Maduinshorn got his chest in as well. The hands are perfect like that. He's so adorable! Like his wings too. Hee hee great butt action too. His poor behind! it's still growing in there! XD

The image went through a couple small changes. I decided to lose the spikes on Fyagars arms that Crux had added. I felt they were not necessary as the naked arms looked sexier. Maduinshorn was kind enough to let me see Pooka with and without arm spikes. Most people I have shown this too prefer the elbow stingers. I still have a hard time choosing. Let's have a look at the creative process!

The first sketch and I was so excited! XD

The Flats really showed off the great muscles on Pookas legs! :P The boys really started to jump off the page.

The no shoulder spike version. :)

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