Monday, April 5, 2010

You Gotta Believe Ink's Gameboyz Resurface!

Ink has officially ended his Gameboyz series of amazing art. They were the first pieces of his art that caught my eye. However I think a good series like that should just not fade into time. See, I got this crazy idea last week. And there was only one man I wanted to see take it on. Inspiration came from many places, but mostly after a friend of mine had mentioned not seeing many Gameboyz from Ink in a long time. I was sitting bored at work listen to rap, thinking of that conversation, when it hit, a vision of Eminem and Tupac combined with Gamings most famous performer, no one else but Parrapa The Rapper! I don't even remember typing the e-mail to Ink, I did it so fast. I was just so hyped! As soon as I got home I sped to my PC and sent Ink the sketch I did. He had a sketch in minuets, literally. It was perfect and now few days later I have this most amazing image to share.

Parappa grows up thanks to Ink-B and the inspiration of his friends. ^_^

And here we have Parappa, his shit now a see through tank top. His baggy pants open, his cock huge and cut with a pink head teases his fans. On his shoulder rests a tattoo of his beloved Sunny Funny, around his neck a symbol of the system tool that connected millions of fans to him. I love how his hat is still a little too big and is resting on his gentle eyes. Parappa might have grown up, acquired a sculpted body and huge dick, but he's still the same humble guy we grew up with. Fame won't change Parappa. ^_^ I have to say this was one of the most exciting commissions of the year. I love the blue background it's very fitting for the characters game world.

I wanted to share a couple of Ink's earlier Gameboyz as well. The images I talked about luring me to him to begin with. XD Here for your viewing pleasure is his masterpieces Super Mario and Leon of Resident Evil! Enjoy! These are hard to find online now.

Ink-B is always so awesome when he does commissions. He passed this my way when did the Koji image. A hunk in braided hair, covering himself with a soft and sensual silk sheet. I can just imagine this Adonis coming home from a long work out, drying himself, letting the soft fabric caress his aching phallus. Teasing his cock making it quickly grow larger with each gentle swoop across. Till eventually he starts to pour precum and wraps his cock in the cloth and slides his fist up and down till he explodes within the soft prison. XD

Ink will never forget his beloved Final Fantasy boys! :) This is his sexy version of Gadot from 13. Oh man, now I want to play the game just to take control of this character. XD Ink did an amazing job on that fire hair with all it's shaved symbols. Loving that fur trim on his vest. So hot...

Another of Ink-B's images I asked permission to post. This one is an older work, but I really wanted to give it a little more exposure here. This Indian just so strong and beautiful. This one of my personal favorite images of his. It's an honor to post it here.

Ok guys! That's all I have right now. I have a ton of images to post, but I had some family things happen last week and that slowed me down. Don't worry I will be back soon with more. I hope everyone had a nice Easter.

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