Friday, April 30, 2010

FallenAngel and Maduinshorn are up to Monkey Business!

Hey guys, I have a lot of art to show here today so I won't be gabbing as much as I usually do. I feel the art will do a lot of the talking. This whole project started back in March. I was really wanting to return my Musk Ox back to center stage a bit. I started to doodle him on Sai. At the same time Hoaigon and Ephorox's Monkeys were really starting to inspire me. I doodled a couple characters and really didn't think much of them at the time. Since one was attached to Holocene he made his way to FallenAngel when we started the commission. I actually wound up sending both sketch pages just for the heck of it. At the time I was also trying to come up with another cat man for Athan, Ink's character. The images sparked Fallens attention. The next time we spoke he asked me if I would like to bring these monkey boys to life. I was pretty shocked that they sparked any interest at all and said, 'sure, that would be cool!'
And so began the life of what would become 3 brothers.

What was a cat, became a monkey named named in honor of the person that gave him real life. He would have been forever stuck on this page if not for him.

What happened next was interesting. Fallen sent me a character design sheet and on it was the first monkey with the wild hair seen above and the cat creature turned into a monkey! Oops! LOL, but not a bad idea at all! I loved the idea of changing him from a monkey to a cat so much, that I responded by saying, 'is it ok to do three?' Ha ha ha hey all good monkeys come in threes! XD

One thing about FallenAngel anyone that commissions him will find out right away is that he LOVES to do original characters. He takes great pride and joy in laying them out and showing different ideas. He explained the body structure, hair type, including how it is spread along the body, penis stats, everything in great detail. He's a true professional with a great heart.

As he sketched and drew our minds raced with imaginative ideas. FallenAngel came up with description of the Monkeys and their world.

I was thinking bout a good background history, that
somewhere in an uncharted jungle wherein few prehistoric
animals survive, a mysterious meteorite
falls in that area and few residence animal got affected
of its mysterious radiation, thus the few would be
the 3 monkeys, they mutate and gain knowledge and speech

Matu - the playful one, the youngest. Curiosity is his weakness. Age 19. Penis Cut.
Nolee - the oldest, artistic and loves to discover. Age 31. Penis Uncut 10 inches.
Allai - The sporty one, the middle of the 3, sport was his passion fishing is one. Age 26. Penis Cut.

Their jungle was far reach from human but few stray bump into
them and ends up in haze and blissful state LOL*

and others animals affected is unknown to be discovered yet.

Matu was the first one to get done, he's my favorite so I yeah ha ha ha I used part of my name on him. In fact all three names are in jokes related to special people in my life. Don't ask me where and when I came up with that funky hair.

So graceful and full of mischief, Matu swings through the Jungle grabbing bananas as he goes. He is always in a for adventure. XD Matu turned out perfect. He has the exact appearance I was looking for, a bight blue eyed slightly twinky guy. Love the Classic red jungle background. I mean how perfectly fitting is that? ^_^ You will see Fallen also went the extra mile to include an animal friend for each of the boys. The frog is adorable! Reminds me of (I think his name is) Kero from Hello Kitty. XD

Next was Nolee (originally Nole.) He got a bigger build and a lot more shag then his bros. Because of this I thought about making his skin darker, I felt it emphasized his toughness and age a bit. He's not as brightly coloured as his brothers, showing he's a bit more reserved and quiet then the other 2. He acts like a father figure.
Here we see 'the old man' sitting on a rock fanning himself in the heat of the afternoon. Leaving in a jungle with that dark fur can wear a hunk out!

Nolee turned out awesome! I really love the fact that statue is drooling over him. I didn't notice that until the image was done. It's a great design to have his cock falling out of all that fur. :P He might look lazy here, but get him excited and he will give you the sexing of your life! That's how big his cock is flaccid...think about it! LOL.

Finally is Allai. Man, did I forget about his colouring I chose. The day he appeared in my inbox was I surprised. He turned out to be one delicious looking guy. Like a yummy Chocolate banana ice cream treat I used to buy, I would love to lick him all over!

A golden Monkey lover...what a treasure!

Allais rough shows, well a rough surface of hair around his chest and torso. This was the one thing I changed, I wanted him to have a smoother look. Allai was given bigger hands and a cut cock in the end. Originally I had thought to give him more Asian eyes. Maybe that will come in the future.

Allai is pretty surprised at his catch, a full sized Ichthyosaurs. Nolee is covered with the most hair, a gold shag that is much softer and less heavy then his brothers. His ears and hair were inspired by the animal tamer/trainer Mohji of Buggy the Clowns crew in One Piece.
Allai is almost the same height as Matu and while older often is confused by people to be younger. Nolee turned out way sexy. He has a huge chest, yet his legs and arms are less muscular then that of the other men. Maybe that is due to him spending more time on the ground drawing and inventing and not playing as much as Matu does.

My question for future images is should I purse more Asian looking eyes and connect his abdomen to his crotch with skin and leave out the divider of fur?

OK so as all this was going on, a third party was also involved in every step as well. Maduinshorn was very interested in an idea I proposed regarding all three boys taking on Dimata in their tree top home. Guys, you want to see another artist that is going to give you 110% all the time, you have to commission this guy. I sent him each image fallen did as they came in and even before the Monkeys were completed he was sending me sketch after sketching having so much fun with the idea. An eager spirit like this, can only create the best images ever. His dedication is touching and so appreciated by myself and Fallen as well, who also fed off his kind feedback. It was great to see artists working off of each other like this.

So with out further adieu I give to the world the latest Maduinshorn masterpiece, to me his greatest work ever, Dimata's Monkey Orgy:

While walking though the jungle Dimata is startled by vines falling on him. He quickly lifted hundreds of feet into the canopy, where 3 Monkey brothers proceed to have their way with him. Each one wanting his attention and affection more then the other. Someone should tell these boys that Dimata would willingly entertain each of them.

This was a lot of fun to watch Mad work on. The idea just rushed to me and I was hesitant to include the upside down fucking. Ha ha ha, Mario had a ball with that. He did an excellent job posing all the boys so we could get a great view of each one.
I can't help but get a huge grin every time I look this over. Nolee is so regal and strong looking. His skin so smooth it shines in the sun, beautiful. His shag and posture are wonderful. He is the bravest to thrust between Dimatas tusks like that! Maduinshorn and I had a lot of really genius idea here with this blow job. We increased the tusks to increase the danger!
Mattu is really cute, I love that focused look on his face, there is something very simple about him. Like he has a very simple innocent intelligence like Tarzan. He looks like he feels he is teaching Dimata how to jerk a guy off for the first time. XD I really love the eyebrows and the facial structure. Very handsome. The body was too perfect to cover in vines. (See below.)
Speaking of Dimata, I LOVE this big hulking hunk! You did a the most amazing job making him the perfect size. He would tower over these boys, but he still has the appearance of a gentle giant. That cock is one for the history books. Love the foreskin details and the huge balls. Love his baby face! AWE! Hee hee.
Nole is was really fun to talk about with Mario. Hee hee. I never did an upside down screw before and Maduinshorn knew just how to position him. He gave him a perfect slender body, huge brown dick and big ass hands! XD I think he is my favorite part of the picture aside from the BACKGROUND!
I have said if before and I will say it again here, Holy Crap on Crap!!! That waterfall crashing down in the background makes this image the most epic thing ever! What an amazing touch. Gives a sense that the boys are getting hit by some sweet cool air as they fuck their new friend, never getting too hot and being perfectly relaxed. At the same time you could say it also adds to the crazy jungle chaos going on in the foreground, a noisy frantic man orgy.

Let's take a look at the creative process!

They day I told him about the idea he sent me this right away. The Monkey men were only sketches done by me, along with the character model sheet Fallen had done at the time, but Maduinshorn really wanted to get the jump on the idea while his juices were flowing.

Time passes and Matu and Nolee were completed by Fallen. As you can see he followed their designs perfectly adding his own great touches along the way.

The final line art. I got this yesterday morning. Yep, he did it THAT FAST! The boy is a Road Runner! As you can see a final vine was added to the hand grabbing Matu. The vine at first covered Matu, but I told Maduinshorne that it was a total shame to cover up any part of this sexy Monkey he drew. So he moved it behind the character. ^_^ Gotta preserve hunks you know... :P

This is where things got interesting. Mario wanted badly to complete the image yesterday. His artist blood was flowing. One problem. I was already at work and what was worse, I did a late shift yesterday. Hotmail wasn't letting me preview the image without downloading it and opening it up at work would prove disastrous. So I got an idea. I asked him to send me the flats, in small work safe segments. Ha ha ha, well these are not all work safe, but it worked perfectly. I just dodged around the images by shrinking the window and approved them right away. Take a look. This is a great idea for future commissions any artist is doing and would like an opinion on right away. :)

LOL not exactly work safe, but not hard to get around.. XD

WHOA! So not work safe! LOLZ! This was the first image I looked at and man was I cautious afterward! Thank goodness no one was around! LOL XD

Guys I want to thank you both so much, more so then I can with praise. You took simple sketches and turned them into some extraordinary images of characters that I hope we can all revisit again and again in the future. ^_^


  1. All three look sexy, cute, and mischievous!

    But I still think Dimata's trunks are a little dangerous to monkey around.

  2. LOL sorry it took me soo long to see thins you know how classes are these days!

    i LOVE these artwors by fallen and Mario! they are brillinat!! the 3 monkey guys are soo cute!!




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