Sunday, August 4, 2019

Something About Rhaoul By Lastmanouthere

Hello guys, I am back.  I went on vacation and got some much needed R & R.  While I was chilling, artists have been working very hard, to get you hard!  I have a lot of stuff coming for August.  July might have been a drought, but the next 30 days will be raining men!  Lets start off with Rhaoul.  As you can see he is a Gungslinger.  He's a very mysterious entity.  His body is youthful and powerful, but his hair betrays that image a bit. Perhaps on the far East Island that he hails from, grey is a natural colour from birth.  Maybe he is what you call an 'old grey.' Where it hits you in your late teens, or 20s.  One thing is for sure, there might be snow on the roof, but that furnace is pumping out HEAT.  That is one eye popping uncut sausage.  In fact, it does look as if he uses some sort of technique to pump this cock up.  Maybe that is a side effect of his gun slinging ability?  For now the only one that knows the answers to that might be Ryan the Cavalier.  For it was in the love arms of whom, Rhaoul soon found himself in after leaving home.  I hope you guys like the new piece by Lastmanouthere!

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