Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Canada Day Cut Out Parade

Hey Guys, Happy Canada Day 2015!
  We cakers have the day off, so I get to stay up late and do some posting for once!  In Celebration of our national holiday, I have some truly Canadian art by Mr. Patrick Fillion of my Canadian barbarian and his Canadian cast of Canadian characters. Okay so some of them are Aliens.  Half the Canadians I know are Aliens.... hee hee. I'll stop typing Canadian now.

Anyway!!!  This year, on my birthday, I was blessed with the gift of a great collection of art by Patrick, assisted with some colors splashed beautifully by Cabrera.  It is my pleasure and my honor to present to you today the sweet set of dress up doll/cut outs he created featuring Vann Illian. On top of his regular costume, he gave him a whole summer ensemble.  Perfect for celebrating Canada Day, the first true holiday of the summer in! Looks like Vann has made his way into the modern world, with a Lil Deep T-shirt and some sexy turtle inspired speedos.  He's gonna have a blast trying pleasure lube for the first time!    He's got lots to choose from during day.  A couple sweet pairs of shorts. (I own a pair almost exactly like those beige ones.)  When the sun sets and the stars come out, he can stroll the beach in nothing more than his kimono.  (With easy access to his good & plenty, for those behind the palm tree encounters...)  Ah warm summer nights spent with Vann Illia dressed in style.  Pretty dreamy! :D He can even dress up as Chris Redfield during a moonlit midnight costume ball.

 I hope you guys have fun cut him out, even if it is just with your eyes!  Below the sets are examples of how the clothes fit perfectly on Vann.  Thank you so very much again Patrick!  Both Patrick and Fallen seem to love to place the prehistoric barbarian in a tropical setting.  Might have to do a beach themed comic based on these!!!

Patrick sent me all the images of what the character would look like in various costumes he created.  Here are just a few of the examples to salivate over! XD

Last month Fraser and Patrick opened up their archives and shared pretty much every cut out character they had produced till now for free on their site.  These usually come free with comic orders. You can't order them, they just come randomly packaged, like the exciting cereal box prizes of days long ago. 
Now, so you don't miss out on any in your collection, you can now print them all on your own! You can  decorate your home, or work space with the entire main cast of Class Comics. (If you are decorating your work space with these, can I PLEASE come work with you?)  The set includes some new additions I have never seen in physical form, like Cams Father and an amazing new collector for Zahn Son of Winter.

Here is the Zahn set.  Rumor has it that the jungle outfit might just be finding it's way into an actual Zahn story.  My dick is already leaking at the thought. It's by far my favorite in the set.  Very primal and so, so delightful.  Zahn in the realm of prehistoric beasts and men.  That's a feast for my imagination, I will never get full of!  You will also find a slave outfit, with a very nasty piercing!  They really wanted to keep him in line!  His new conqueror costume, which has only been featured briefly, but beautifully so far, makes it's second appearance below.  (Literally, it's in like one frame so far!)  Vann took a cue from Zahn this year as they are both sporting modern wear.  Check out his lazy baby blue undies and tee.  Sex-eeeeeeeee with a capital Y.
Zahn is one meaty side of Canadian Barbarian Bacon. 

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