Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fetal Fury Iphone Circle Jerk

One day, Andy, Terry and Joe found themselves alone in the change room of their gym.  They started to comment on each others bodies.  Joe would flex, then Andy would make his chest muscles bulge.  Terry took out his iphone and started to record all of this.  Soon they were all recording each other.  It wasn't long before their hormones took over. The intoxication of wanting to try something naughty in a public place tempted each of them.  Joe was the first to act on his welling passion.  He grabbed his cock through his shorts and offered up 'If you guys show me yours, I'll show you mine.'  The brothers nodded in a agreement and on three, their big beautiful cocks sprung lose.  Joe took pride in being the only intact male of the group, Andy in his thin serpentine shape and length and Terry in having the fattest shaft and pinkest head. All iphones were out now, snapping photos and taking movies.  Hands moved from cock to cock, eagerly exploring each others shafts, balls and heads.  New hands, brought waves of new sensations to each cock they caressed.

I dug deep to get this image!  FallenAngel drew this all the way back in 2012.  It's been sitting waiting to be released to the world for 3 years now. I always intended this to be a cover, with a mini comic attached, but that plan has slipped through the cracks time and again.  Maybe one day.  What do you guys think?
Anyway it was a pleasure to revisit this piece and very exciting to present it to you tonight.  It's been so long since we did anything with these characters.  Fallen really brings his own lovely touch to each man doesn't he?  Gotta love the elf like eyes on Terry.  He's so young and sexy!!! 

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