Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Streching Foreskin In Full Colour PLUS TWO MORE SWEET POSES!

Hey guys, I got a killer surprise from Aneros.  He went and added a huge splash of colour and completed the lines to Baralusts Stretching Foreskin sketch.  The Indian Brave, enemy of the Owl Man, is now ready to be shown off in all his glory.   Aneros did a ton of research to come up with the colors he felt best suited the character.  The mystery of those feathers on his cock, is now revealed to be those of the Owl man himself!  Outfitting him with autumn colours was a very fitting choice.  His coloring makes the character look even larger and more fleshed out.  I wouldn't want to face him in battle, but I think we would all get behind him in bed! :P  I can't thank Aneros enough for this one image alone, let alone the other two that he created below.

He's taken efforts to make the cum he draws extra thick and gooey.  Lord, he's oozing more cum than most of us can make in half a week! :P hee hee. What do you guys think of it? :D  He certainly has a way with SF.  Really going to town with some super hairy balls, an even larger hair style and wider chest and torso than in Baralusts image. He really pushed the character in these aspects and more to really make his version distinct and super sexy.   I hope you guys enjoy this bevy of beef as much as I have.
If anyone is interested in colouring these, please let me know!

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