Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet gifts from PochPoch and AD140

Hey guys. Well I joined the ranks of the unemployed today. Saw it coming so far away I already packed up my stuff weeks ago and had interviews lined up for some time now.
Anyway...seems I have a lot more time on my hands so I can do some blogs I thought I would never have time to do for some time. First off this blog is dedicated to AD140. This was long overdue and I am very sorry for that. I requested he draw Kid 'Pit' Icarus from Nintendo, all grown up and enjoying his arrow, as AD so eloquently put it! XD

Did someone pick me in Smash Bros AGAIN? One sec...I am just finishing up here! XD

This was super of Andy to do for me. He is so good at doing this classic Anime style. It reminds me of a couple of the popular artist from the 90s, like the sharp angled art in Battle Arena Toshinden. Gorgeous stuff. Those nipples are awesome. XD He gives his viewers a great body shiny body to view. I love the details in his super spiky hair. ^_^ Nintendo would be proud. :P


Hey Ad140! Great job on Icarus. He has such a nice round chest and sweet cock! Love the squint as he shoots that big load. He doesn't want to get any in his eyes does he? :P Those are some Massive balls too! WOW! Great glow on his arm ring. His leaves look really cool too. Thanks so much for doing this request. I am happy to hear MiOworks inspired you. It's a shame Nintendo doesn't keep the muscular version of him around as a power up state. Well..who knows what the future will bring?


PochPoch's fan art could not have come, or been designed better at this time in my life. Carlos giving a huge FUCK YOU to management! LOL. Truth be told all my managers were let go about a month ago. It's been hell ever since. This one goes to the one that was left and has no idea what they are doing. HA ha ha, thanks PochPoch! This Carlos will always have a very special place in my heart now! ^_^

PochPoch used Maduinshorns Carlos for inspiration. That's really great cause he used the electronics on his next Mario thought up and the cool wires as well. I really like the arrows on his shirt point to the nipple. Hee hee, lick here please! XD I really think it's awesome how he connected the metal in the front of the penis below the head like that. That's an awesome creative new design.
His Carlos is a big huggalbe soft teddy bear of a guy. His eyes are very dreamy!
Thanks Poch! :) Keep drawing and drawing man!

Check out his brand new blog here:



  1. great artist :D keep it up guys - FallenAngel

  2. Thanks for the nice blog. And aww I'm very sorry to hear your news... I hope things become better soon enough...

    Oh and psst, I have a newly created blog too.

  3. Poch art and a Kid Icarus ...a hunky Icarus xDD!!!!

    I am sorry to hear about the job >=U i am pretty sure you can find a new and better one *hugs*

    By the way, i read the last entry and yhea, the Ryu poster would be soo usefull and awesome xD and the mouse pad with boobs....oh i love convention photos *_*!!!! Too much to look around!!!

  4. Really excellent stuff in this blog! Great work, everyone. :3
    Oh and of course I am and always will be wishing you the best of luck in the job hunt. I hope you get some awesome new job. ^^



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