Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dimata Bath, the whimsical art of Hotspur and the Euro Load from Class Comics

Hey guys, I recently commissioned Hotspur! Also known as the artist Esteban and Fascmouse. ^_^ He first caught my attention with his famously sexy and playful elfish characters. I love those guys. His style is so classic, reminds of the cartoons of old. I wanted to give him an idea that would fit his imaginative style. So I sent him an idea of Smilo giving Dimata a shower and scrubbing his head with a porcupine brush a la the Flintstones. Hotspur has said over and again that he was having way too much fun with this and it does show no doubt about it. It was so much fun that he added in a shower Mammoth to hose the boys down and a new little pet for Dimata he named Iggy. He is a strange, oh so adorable little mix of various reptiles, dinosaurs and pure imagination. He's got the cutest toes! I went crazy for him from the start. :P Acting like a kid asking his name and other giddy questions.

"Um, can't you see my boner Smilo? You are focused on the wrong head my friend."

Hotsur really came through for me. I have never seen him draw such huge penises!!! Ha ha ha, it is great to see an artist do something like this for a customer. Dimata and smilo are very perfect here. I love his style and seeing my boys this way was a very exciting experience for me. Like I said his art reminds me very much of classic animation, of which I am a huge fan. They are well sculpted, with bouncy chests and handsome expression filled faces. This image would bring an instant smile to any ones face. ^^ Dimatas huge uncut dick is just begging for a sucking, he could care less about being clean!

Everything was done by hand and the coloring job including the shading and markings is outstanding. I really love the way he does hair. Smilos fro is nice a puffy and his side burns are really sweet. Nice to hang on to while fucking him from behind! XD I think the relaxed way that tuff of chest hair rests between Dimatas pecks and how his pubes are softly surrounding around the base of his dick really fits the personality of the character.
This image really got my imagination going and all I can think about is what these two will be up to next! :)

Hotspur is looking for some more commissions as he is need of some fundage! So I will do a brief review of his practices. He was very friendly from the start. He has a really great attitude towards his work and his customers. He treated me like a king. I got to see every step, from his very first initial sketch to the line art, to the image half colored. During the sketching phase he was kind enough to show me a couple poses of Smilos head and any small changes were no problem. He wanted my input during each phase as he was determined to make it perfect. He worked very fast, the image was done in a very shot time. We had no problems. Poor guy ran out of ink for the mammoth at one point. LOL. That didn't slow him down for long. ^_^
His whole attitude and dedication is very refreshing. You never know who you will have to deal with on the other end of the net, but with Hotspur, you can put your mind at ease. He's a dedicated guy.

Check out his wonderful galleries and tell I sent ya!

Class Comics had a sale last month and I wound up buying the Euro Load. Get the image of mailman with a heavy accent shooting his cum all over me! XD What it is is 6 HUGE comics packed together. These were only available in Europe at one time. If you are new to Class Comics I really recommend them. It's a great way to get a good dose of the early days of Class and get introduced to all the favorites. You get two Camili-Cat, Naked Justice and Guardians of the Cube books. The larger format will draw you in instantly. The comics are in a huge format, that dwarf the standard North American comics.

As someone who already owns the comics, I have to say I couldn't believe my eyes as I explored the worlds of Cam, Naked Justice and the Guardians at this new size. The pages are really glossy and the art looks even more beautiful then ever cause of it. A huge bonus for the collectors are the unique mini poster like covers and inserts. Some of them featuring art hard to find and unique images made just for these titles. I got a new appreciation for some of art found in the art books. There are unique advertisements inside as well. I have yet to fully explore each book, but from what I have seen I can say this purchase was more then well worth it.

Check out the Euro Load at Class Comics!

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  1. Great work on Dimata :D very droolie of Hotspur - FallenAngel



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