Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mayan Influences #2...Darkness Rises

Lastmanouthere really got my mind running when he created that Mayan man meat Ixy KUK Recio , so I wanted to create a rival for his creation. Sadly despite years of watching the history channel, very little facts about Mayan culture, ever seemed to permanently penetrate my thick skull. I fear most of my brains easily accessible knowledge of South American mythology comes reading Uncle Scrooge stories.. XD Okay I exaggerate immensely, but I was in dire need of a refresher course on the subject. Researching proved to be a lot of fun.

My last month at work has been hell. Being left alone, I scrounged to find a few free moments to myself each day. One day while listening to 'Friends on the other side' I thought about Lastmans work in progress guy and started to sketch a greedy sly creature that would become my focus for the next couple of days. I gave him an unshaven look, large chin, sly lazy eyes and a bow tie of bone.

The next day, after being totally run down by requests, I took five and changed the character immensely. Everything kinda started to fall in to place. Maybe his was creation was the result of my mood at the time. Tired, angry and irritated, I craved rebellion and wanting freedom.

Tonight as a Deep Red Moon hangs just above the horizon, it is the perfect time to reveal the Lastmanouthere's Dark Priest Nehme, summoned from the darkness into our bizarre kingdom:

Thank goodness for Lastmanoutheres helping hand. I didn't even ask him to draw him. I was actually not sure at all about what I had created and showed it to him to see what he thought. I created only a few images of him. The differences in the two of the sketched versions of him, were not the greatest help since on looked much younger and like an underling with a similar outfit. A couple days after showing him, something was waiting in my inbox that made my jaw drop. Lastman took the images and expanded on them, adding a lot of Mayan/Aztec touches. This guy knows his stuff, let me tell you.

The bird hood was expanded upon by adding the circular decoration and feathers found in actual ceremonial outfits of the time. I love that, the feathers and ring added a much needed touch to him, giving him some more height and even more regal and powerful look. The bone decoration was given a necklace with snake eyes to support it and add a touch of evil to him. I can just see those things all focused on his latest customer, or victim...never waiving, always watching, terrifying the superstitious residence of the city.

At one point I thought about requesting he have a long thin nose like a model I found, but Lastman explained that these noses are not very common in the ancients and suggested giving him a more full nose instead. I like the nose, I find it adds a touch of maturity to his handsome face. He's not some young pretty boy. He is a tough as nails weather worn man of 30 after all. The long rectangular bangs and thin possibly greasy, strands of hair poking out are the perfect do for him. I imagine him as being very stressed and that hood has gotta be hot in that climate. I can see him constantly brushing his bangs out of his eyes and trying to keep them concealed under that beak.

The empty eyes was a great idea that made the bird mask look slightly disturbing. You are just waiting for those things to light up. The feather armor around the base of the mask and on his lower arm was all lastmans doing. Like I said the guy did a lot of research. We talked a lot about the colors we could use and decided to keep them subdued, which I think makes them look very strong and sturdy. They have a look about them that says they have been tested time and again against blades and worse. These he also added to the shield to give it a very traditional look. (Better protection too. Nehme doesn't take take short cuts when it comes to keeping his ass safe.)

I had a simple symbol of death on his belt buckle that was not too impressed with. I swear that boy can read my mind. He took a symbol from an Aztec Calendar and created the very complected kick ass symbol you see holding up his beautiful ceremonial sash instead. I wanted to draw peoples attention immediately to his crotch so we went with a bright red and yellow sash with a sun in the middle. The yellow flames were going to be white teeth, possibly of the great serpent devouring the sun, but we mutually decided flame looked a lot more becoming.
I think this is one of lastmans most defined bodies. From the earliest sketches I was drooling at the wonderfully defined abs, and hard as rock legs. He really teased me by showing the indent in the hips where the crotch sits poking up from behind the sash as well as giving a very slight glimpse of his massive balls...TEASE!!! I do not recall seeing him do this before and it had me trying to lift that loincloth in my mind. Should we request a full frontal one day? XD
I requested a darker redder skin then Ixy has. I wanted to help exemplify his vibrant life force. The perfect body and face is accompanied by two very strong hands..but as nice as they are all I can think about is me wrapping mine around that perfect body till tears of embarrassment and pain leak from Nehmes sexy eyes!
Thanks Lastmanout here!
You image got my imagination working overtime:

Character Description:

Nehme was once a warrior. He fought Nobly for his king. One day for reasons unknown to everyone he gave that life up and took up a different quest. Finding the he had the ability to conduct magic he took the power of the Abyss Eagle. He became a loner in pursuit of power and wealth. His fixation often lies on Ixys superior magic. His desire to be better then him, is only just stronger then the lust he resentfully holds for his enemy. (Who hardly knows he even exists.) He constantly does his best to outdo him in public displays and ceremonies. Most of which provide distraction so his three servants can attempt to obtain keys of Ixys power.
At night when his powers are greatest he dawns his claw gauntlet and takes to the streets commanding his gang of living puppets. Three wild creatures that exist only to do his bidding. His underlings are Naoume, Nee and Kee. Naoume is the largest of the group, a sultry female and self appointed leader of the trio. Kee is bird with explosive malfunction issues. Nee is a pygmy warrior, the muscle, who is very excitable and nervous.
Nehme is after the secret power and vast treasures of the ancient city Teotihuacan, said to have housed the power of a long forgotten Sun Goddess. With the power of the night and day he would be unstoppable..but is there more to his quest then just overshadowing his rival and living large as a ruler?

Nehme is in my mind a likable bad guy. He projects himself as obsessed with power and greed. He is truly boastful, conniving, and egotistical. He runs a priest for hire shop at the edge of the jungle. There for a minimal fee he will do all the regular duties of priest and guarantee a show unlike any other. He is not beyond showing you visions of your future as he pick pockets you. He would find nothing wrong with casting spells to summon demons to help avenge a tormented little sister get revenge on her brother by scaring him half to death. And if a young man wants a favor, he will only do it if they offer up a very special offering from their Phallus which he must extract himself. His magic is less then perfect and often enough explodes in his own face and rampages uncontrolled through the city.


  1. Well I must say, sir! You really do have so much thought out on anything you create, which makes it soooo easy for the artist to get the job done. :3 I kinda figured making characters such as this would be difficult to not make them flat, but you surely can do it. Nice one, and the results speak for themselves. ^3^

  2. Great work
    I love maya/aztec character



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