Sunday, May 6, 2018

Two Hunks Of Beef For Lastmanoutheres Birthday!

Hello Everyone.  It's a pretty big weekend.  Splatoon has its first of three in a row TMNT themed Splatfests.  Class Comics just released Brigayed 4. Which I have yet to read, but am excited to do so.  I'm off to see the new Avengers today and...oh yes...I have 2 pieces of incredible art to share, cause it was Lastmans birthday a couple days ago! :)   I planned for this to be a three course meal, but parties rarely turn out how we planned.  Plus these two will more than fill you up, I hope!

I went through the stables and plucked all the most recent OC characters from Lastman, over the last year and a half.  I sent them off to Leon De Leon and FallenAngel.  Their replies were instant.  Fallen picked the myserious forest dwelling Melin.  This guy is so stunning even the forest can't keep its vines off him!!!  I can just see him gazing into party goers eyes as he struggles to keep his soft, sweet bangs out of his eyes.  Fallen went as far as to mimic Lastmanoutheres very wrinkly foreskin lips from the original piece!
Urbanmusiq went with the soldier boy Val of Mambride.  Working in a small corner of his room, by faint light, he put pencil to paper and created an inspiring piece.  Looks like he got a bit of a hair cut in the process.  Very sexy.  That rigid cock looks like it is ready to stay hard all night long.

For all they joy Lastmanouthere brings us all, had I wound up a rich man, I would have easily got him this wonderful jacket as well.  Sadly...ringing in at over $400, it is a little over the my limit for an item you can't even try on before you buy! Pac-Man is awesome, but if I am honest with myself, I think he would appreciate a Kirby themed one more.  Remember his take on sexy human Kirby from years ago?  Memories...


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