Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year 2012 Everyone!

It's the year of the Dragon, so Vann Illia and Peng are partying with their big red friend. Peng just can't hold his champagne. Of course, when the glass is big enough to bathe in, who can? XD FallenAngel brings his all his wonderful charms to this sweet picture. What better way to end the year then a drunk fairy and a dragon with a mountain sized cock? (Can you imagine sliding down that thing?) Awesome job Fallen. He did this by hand and it's really awesome the amount of detail he still got on Peng. He even got in his wrinkly balls in! LOL. :P He's such an adorable little drunk! We really upped the size of the Dragon character for Comedic effect. Not sure if he will stay this size, or not. He also needs a name....

Well guys, it's been a heck of a year. 268 posts! Bah, I could have done more! XD Lots of new characters, old characters and even some comics! I never thought I would be able to say I was involved with a comic. Lots of great art and tons of memories. :)
Thanks for coming by and checking us out. Thanks for the comments and the many page views. I don't know what 2012 will bring my way. Hopefully for at least the next couple months, I can keep things running the same around here. I want to thank all the artists for all their hard work and dedication. You guys have really made this place such a fun place for people to visit. I hope that everyone has an adventure filled 2012!
Lots of love from
DinosaurPrince and FallenAngel!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vann Illia The Elf Barbarian Strikes a Pose By Carlzeno

Just after Christmas the artist Carlzeno opened up his commissions. I was lucky enough to be online at the time of him posting his journal. He was only taking one person! He was offering up just a one character image. I asked him to please take on Vann Illia. The image he completed takes he elf barbarian to a whole new galaxy of realism.
I would love to fly across the universe, while riding Vanns rocket. XD

Carlzenos image is conveys such elegance and grandeur. The spacey background adds such a magical immersion. Vann himself just sucks you right in with his wonderful eyes and yummy features. I need to fan myself when I look at those lips. Woo! XD It takes me back to fantasy books of old and the warriors that abounded their pages and covers.
I like how Carlzeno used the hair style from Guytoonist original sketch. It looks great, flowing in the celestial winds. The inclusion of a torn scarf, pulled tight around his pectoral and abs was just too much. :P It really gives off the look of someone who has been fighting for survival for some time. I like the fact that his loin cloth is small enough and lacking sides, so that he can easily expose his cock.:P And what a huge tick cut monster that cock is! I hope that you guys enjoy this absolutely brilliant take on Vann. I keep hearing Marios Voice saying "Welcome! Welcome to Vann Galaxy!" when I look at this! XD

You can check out his gallery here:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aneros The God Of Lust Vs Vann Illia The Barbarian

Aneros is an awesome guy. Every year he gives out some sweet art as Christmas gifts. This year however he found himself running late and beat himself up about it. Well, he might not have the time to give this year, but his spirit of giving has certainly touched me and others. So this year FallenAngel and myself decided to have some fun with his character Aneros the God of Lust. An Incubus Lord, Aneros was introduced in 2010 in his sexy human form. He's very scumptious with the ability to be both cut and uncut. In June of this year Aneros's insanely hot transformed state was unleashed upon the world. He sported 4 additional cocks that grew from the small of his back. The lower two were cut and the top two were left uncut. They were much longer then regular penises and could be used like tentacles.

This holiday Vann was caught off guard, when he accidentally stumbled upon Aneros layer. Now he's gonna pay the price! I just hope Aneros doesn't stick those two dicks all the way past the bracelets up Vanns ass! XD

I have been enjoying FallenAngels King Sword series and that inspired me to request something very hard core. ;) The image turned out even better then I thought it would. I mean, I knew Fallen was gonna have fun with those cocks, but he really went all out creative here. The very structure of the capture is pretty crazy. His take on the character is wonderful, there is just so much going on in this image! He made some comments to me about really wanting to give Vann a nice exposed booty, hee hee, so even the the angle of the cocks coming in was done with great care. We decided on a bit of an aerial style attack. :P

We had a lot of fun with Aneros even before we started the project. We decided not to contact Voider/Aneros, in order not to raise suspicion. So we had to go over the characters complicated design together and make sure that we didn't miss anything. That lead to some funny conversations and interesting insights from Fallen regarding the eccentricities of the exotic design. Aneros was a truly fun character to play around with. Who knows, maybe one day we will do some follow up images.

Here's a look at his breathtaking designs by the Artist ANEROS. First is the transformed state created earlier this year. Aneros has two color schemes, but the reason for them has yet to be revealed. Maybe one is uncontrollable?

Dubbed the God of Lust. I wouldn't refuse his advances. Bow down and worship him boys!;P

This is Aneos as drawn in 2010. There may be some previous sketches from an earlier time period, but this is his definitive look. The character became Voiders avatar. (Voider is Aneros's name on Y Gallery.)

Anoros human form pin up.

You can find out more about Aneros at Anero's Labyrinth through the link below:

Hey guys, Aneros has been looking for the artists that drew this image for some time. Does anyone recognize the art? He found it on a site that didn't list the artists and just posted a ton of art. Don't you just hate that? :(

The artist is Ben Caldwell.
Thanks to Belasco Comix for the information.

Out and Proud Twilight Star Taylor Lautner

A lot of gay Christmas wishes came true for a brief moment on Monday, when this cover of People Magazine was leaked onto the net. Taylor Lautner is gay! Sadly, it's fake, or is it? I have a funny feeling the internet will forever abound with rumors regarding it's validity. After all, what gay fan wouldn't want this to be true? Sigh.... ;P
Thanks to FallenAngel for showing this to me, raising my hopes and then shattering them just as quickly. Hee hee.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh Dat Black Tiger Ass Is So Inspiring!

Black Tiger is a kinda forgotten Game from Capcom. It's like Magic Sword and probably could be consider the first of Capcoms arcade action RPG styles games. (Totally guessing that.) Anyway, it's a great little title and I do recommend at least giving it a try. The other day Guytoonist was talking to me about the game and reminded me just how sexy the Barbarian hero is. (I always assumed Black Tiger was his name.) The advertising for the game showed so much perfect man butt it's crazy! God, I love those old video game adds with sexy musclemen. Sigh...what happened to those? He's a very interesting character with his metallic dreadlocks, face concealing horned helmet and ball and chain weapon. (Morning star whip?)

I asked FallenAngel to help by tribute to Black Tiger. Knowing his love and wonderful art of the Magic Sword and King of Dragons series, I figured he would enjoy taking this character on as well. He did a magnificent job. The character looks very formidable swinging his ball and chain again with ease some 24 years later. ;P He even found a cool way to include his metal dreads. I love it when Fallen does barbarians. It just gets my juices flowing. :P One day we will have to go for a butt shot! XD This guy needs some penetration!

Here is a look of the advertising created for the game, enjoy!

Now that's a video game add! :D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scott McCall, The New Teen Wolf Nude

So I finally got into Teen Wolf this week. There was a marathon on MTV. I took the advice of Adonix and gave the show a chance. I had only seen a bit of one episode previous and was turned off by the dark tone in comparison to the original movie. Though I think Big Wolf On Campus is more in the spirit of Teen Wolf then this show, after giving it a chance I found the show grew on me. It has a decent plot and some good characters.
The first thing I noticed was how much of a sausage fest it is! My LORD! There's nothing but half naked young men every 5 seconds. :P Hey, I won't be complaining about that! Tyler Posey (could he have a gayer name?) who plays Scott McCall is one hot 20 year old. I later found out he's half Mexican. (Awesome.) From his luscious hair, his tight chest, to his birth marks and scar on his face, he's very cute indeed. If he wasn't doing this role, I could easily see him doing some gay porn. His fellow cast members as well, all look like they would be at home in a Falcon production. Hee hee
Well anyway, it didn't take me long to start imagining him naked in the shower, jerking off, with Danny watching him and maybe even joining in. After seeing the great job Darian821 did on D'Artagnan, I was interested in seeing how he would take on Tyler. I just got the image and I rushed to do this post. He's too sexy to hold back. :)

Darian821 did a fantastic job. As I write this, I notice just how sweet those big strong feet of his are. XD He really captured Scott McCall in his style. I think he made him look a bit better built then in the show. He's got a nice strong body here. He very awesomely got his birth marks and scar as well. NICE! I like the low hanging balls too! Hee hee. He's so confident as he sprays his spunk in the shower. I kept thinking Scott should be uncut. I hope you guys like it as much as I do. :D

Darian821 is open for $5 commissions till the end of December! Check him out!

Here's some images from the show:

That hair is GORGEOUS!

That smile is so infectious!

Wolf Mode!

A little nerdy, but ever so cute. You can really see his Mexican side here. ^O^

It's not hard to believe that this actor who plays Jackson Whittemore has done some gay photo shoots in the past. :P

Lost and scared in his track pants, I would love to come rescue him. >:^D

Tyler is getting the hell out of here before we do more to him! You better run young werewolf. :P

If you want to see more Teen Wolf fan art just click the reaction at the bottom of the page. :D

Sexually Normal?

Tentacle Rape Fantasies are normal according to Men Magazine. XD That's some free thinking from way back when. Huh, guess the Japanese aren't so weird after all. : P

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guytoonist Advent Calendar Surprise Vann Illia

Guytoonist has been a Christmas angel this year making super hot images for friends and fans. He's been calling it his Advent Calendar and doing his best to do one as daily as he can. The other day I got a treat better then any chocolate, this smoking hot image of Vann Illia! It's so nice to see Vann done with his curly long locks again! They look great. I also love the return of his pom-pons. We have to bring those back. This makes me wonder if Vann should be given some Zelda like head gear from time to time? I doubt he would like that. What he does like is that super cool Cloud Strife Sword Guytoonist gave him. But me, I like that sword between his legs even more. ;) Thanks so much Guytoonist. You are making a lot of people happy this month and that's what the season is truly about. ^__^

Speaking of getting large things for Christmas, in a perfect world this huge He-Man from Comic Con would be waiting for me on Christmas morning....

Though if it was a truly perfect world, he would come with removable loincloth and be anatomically correct and functional. XD (Or I could just graft the Brad Stone Falcon dildo to the above model. hee hee.)
This is how I wished all my He-Man toys came when I was a kid. :)

In all seriousness, while looking around my hard drive I did find something He-Man related that's pretty gay and would make a great gift. (Providing you can find it on E-bay, or something.) I found this some time ago. I always wanted to blog about it. Nothing says you're gay like a sexy He-Man air freshener. You'll get more blow jobs in your car then ever with these! Sadly, these are from 2003.

While looking for all these images, I came across this really old Christmas greeting from Class Comics! It's so cute! :D You guys HAVE to get the newsletter from Class Comics. This year you get a free Logan comic featuring Naked Justice and a super hot Christmas Cam Wallpaper. He's taking more then a lick of a peppermint stick in it. ;)

You can get the Wallpaper here and OMG a special treat from Patrick Fillion, he sings a little Christmas carol!!! :D

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jubell's John Carter Nude Warlord Of Mars

Tonight Jubell has John Carter ready to explode for your pleasure. I had a hankering for some classic Marvel John Carter of Mars. It's been awhile since he was featured around here. Jubell really came through by applying that classic comic book coloring style I am sure many of us miss and some will feel nostalgic for after seeing this piece. (Jubell is the second artist inspired by the comics pallet. :D)
I asked Jubell to please give him a big dick and boy did he deliver. :P That thing is huge! He's super sexy with those big full muscles and nice big nipples too! XD Jubell said he was fascinated with the design of John Carters outfit and it shows in the amount of detail found here. I hope you guys enjoy him as much as I have! Thanks Jubell!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Walking Dead: Shane and Rick's Post Apocalyptic LUST

I have to say I wasn't the worlds biggest fan of the Walking Dead when it started. I scoffed at the premise of a 2 hour zombie movie having the staying power for a weekly TV show. Over time the show really grew on me. This half season might not have been the most exciting, but it certainly had it's moments. One of those being the walk in the woods talk between Rick and Shane. I kept thinking that Rick was getting a bit hot during that talk. It wouldn't surprise me if he thought about Shanes conquests while masturbating. :P Then came that most random of moments when Shane got his cock grabbed in the car.
"YOU WANT IT? COME GET IT!" He says..omg as a friend of mine put it, instant boner! XD And of course that got me thinking how much hotter it would have been had Rick been the one overcome with lust. So while thinking of a nice little Christmas gift for my friends at Class Comics, recreating this scene came to mind right away. I contacted Urbanmusiq and instead of doing a commission he took it on as a request, a little Christmas gift for me and the good folks at Class Comics. :D That was super nice of him. I was MISERABLY sick at this point and the news really picked me up. In fact I had a very hard time sleeping that night, due to the anticipation. He sent me a little e-mail telling me to expect something big in my inbox when I woke up. :P My little Santa De Leon. XD Well as promised there was indeed something big in my box upon waking up. Urbanmusiq had captured both Rick and Shane masterfully. They have never looked so sexy. Dang, in fact I have to say all the art here makes them look much sexier then in the show. (No offense to the actors, both are very hot, but let's face it, running around in a dying world, doesn't give much chance to pretty yourself up.)
Ricks got back and Shane, well DAMN...that's all I can say. XD I really like the lighter hair tone on Rick and the way Urbans facial hair has a sweet pattern too it. It's almost festive in and of itself. Very striking. And yeah to make Shane even more of an American bad boy, we left him intact and cut Rick. Shane has some shiny porcelain looking muscles. Those things are like fine china. Love em!!! There's a lot of passion here. It's like Rick is so overwhelmed at this unbelievable opportunity to fulfill his life long dream, he shuts his eyes as he grabs on to his buddies uncut dick for the first time. Maybe it's too get the full feel of that dick, or maybe he's afraid that he will awake out of this wonderful dream and back into the hellish nightmare he has lived every day since his coma. Thanks Urbanmusiq for the super hot image! :D

Remember when Shane told Andrea that nothing distracts him while shooting? He always hits that target? Well looks like he is gonna hit two targets at once thanks to the hard work of FallenAngel. :P

Yes we are totally putting Shane Walsh to the test here. ^O^ FallenaAngel took the characters the anime route and came up with something more then I was expecting. He not only gave the characters wonderful designs, he took my simple concept and really expanded on it. I like the contrast between his version of Shane being very bara , with his hard nipple and thick short cock and thin tight bunned effeminate Rick. :P Fallen added some sexy stubble to both men. Yummy.
What really gives the piece such mood is the sheer amount of horror in the piece. The zombies in the front, the lipless thing trying to break through the wall, the horror who's eyes are splattering everywhere and the only walker in existence to smile trapped at Ricks feet. All of them have a very classic anime horror feel, with the blood and features that remind me of art in early Resident Evil art, along with many mangas like Parasite and comedy manga as well. Great job Fallen!

The last image, is actually by the first artist I asked about doing a Walking Dead Piece. Caravaggia is also a huge fan of the show and who better to ask then a fan? :D She really gave it her all. I have to commend her on her capturing the feel of a true horror comic in her first attempt at the piece. I had an idea that Rick was spying on Shane having a bath at the lake, but then a Walker sneaked up on him! In the struggle the zombie pulled his pants off and made him fall down. This totally exposed his hard on! Shayne hearing the commotion, shot the walker with his shot gun in the head, ending it's terror! Shayne then goes to offer Rick a hand up, wearing nothing but his shot gun on his back and his boots! :P Of course Shane is very excited to see Rick too and well, the rest writes itself.

You may reconize the zombie there from some of FallenAngels works. My guess is that he wasn't exactly after flesh in the same was as the geeks are. XD I was astonished by the details, I mean the picture looks like it should be the cover of Marvels Young Indiana Jones, Xenozoic Tales, or Tales from the Crypt. Caravaggia has an uncanny skill for adapting various art styles and applying them to her own works. And she does this all by hand! As cool as it is, in the end, I couldn't help, but yearn for something more traditional. I was very smitten by her recent art works and was hopping that she would apply the same skills there as here. I was dying to see her put her classic sexy Caravaggia charms into Rick and Shane. Caravaggia is a total pro and offered to do the piece in her traditional style as well with out any hesitation. Well, I appreciated that a lot and did my best to to show it, despite being told it was necessary. Now way was I gonna let such a huge favor go unrewarded. ;) Caravaggia rocks!

Not only did she redo the image, she added so much to it. An orange sunrise, perfect for that Halloween feel, glittering light on the shot gun, blushing bum cheeks on the zombie and more. The coloring technique she used has shading that I dare say rivals anything she has done prior. This techique of using colour-holds really makes the characters come to life. The skin looks fantastic. The piece reminds me of Jacob Motts work. (I had to have that technique explained to me lol) I was really glad that she not only did the piece again she pushed the limits of her style and produced such an outstanding picture in the process.

I realize he's the worlds biggest asshole, (probably quite literally given the low population) but in real life Jon Bernthal is such a cutie. :P

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Hey guys! I haven't been around much these days. As it happens a lot of stuff went down in my life and after that I wound up getting horrifically sick. I had the flu so bad, I was hardly able to get out of bed some days. I was bad shape. I only started to do some projects again last week. So there will be some new stuff on the way soon.
First though, here is a wonderful holiday greeting made by my own personal Santa, FallenAngel.

Santa Vann has some toys I would love to get a hold of! XD A very heart warming piece by FallenAngel. Vann hair looks fantastic. He a jolly young elf! ;) I wonder if Vann is pulling on those suspenders in hopes of flashing people if he pulls hard enough? XD That hat makes me wonder if we should incorporate one into his design? Hmm...
Anyway to all of the characters and artists at DPK we wish you and yours a very happy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Fallen created two other holiday images for his other blogs! Check them out!
This one features his up and coming stars from his Kings Sword series!

The blog posts are gonna keep coming. Tomorrow be ready for three incredible images based on a very interesting subject.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lost in Hyrule and a new format for Facial

I was talking to Ink about doing a new edition to his gameboyz this week. I suggested doing Link from The Legend of Zelda series. At the same time I mentioned how I often get up at 5 am to escape into the game Skyward Sword. I have been spending way too much time with this game. It just seems to go on forever. I finally beat it this morning. *WHEW* It feels good to be free from Hyrule. So as a cute little joke he awarded me a special trophy with Link in his sleeveless t-shirt, boxer briefs and long 'boot' socks. The early Morning gamer award I guess. XD Looks like he playing in low fairy light. LOL. It was just the thing to keep me going with this giant fetch quest of a game.

What do you guys think? I think, after seeing how cute this is, he should seriously consider doing a sexy Link as part of his gameboyz series. Though, it will be hard to top this ones creative approach. :P

I also wanted to note that his book Facial is now available on iPad/iPhone as part of Apple® iBooks® for the very low price of $2.64 Canadian. It's a great price for a fantastic product. You'll be able to experience the beauty of Inks work like never before. Click the link below and help support one of the greatest contributors to this site. :D

To purchase the book in physical, or digital format just click the link below:

Before I end this, I just have to note that...

Skyward Sword is Ballz...
I couldn't figure out why I was conversing with a giant ball sack at the start of the game. Am I the only one that see this? XD Nintendo's good at avoiding the censors it seems.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mashall Copeland Pin up By MLM4anemone

Hey guys. Long time no post. Well I am going to break that dead streak with some super hot art from MLM4Anemone. He opened up his traditional commissions and I got first in line. :P It's always fun to commission him. He works so fast and always delivers such a sexy picture. I really wanted him to take on Marshall and see him apply his cool fantasy anime art style to the hero. He has a sorta Kingdom Hearts looks. (I think Sora had a slight influence on me while creating Marshall back in 2005.) MLM4anemone's rendition of him has got such cute eyes, a sweet cut dick and really nice abs. That tank top fits very snugly on him, but still looks comfy.
Awesome job MlM thanks so much!
If you are looking for a commission his shop is still open. You can check him out thru the link below.


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