Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vann Illia The Elf Barbarian Strikes a Pose By Carlzeno

Just after Christmas the artist Carlzeno opened up his commissions. I was lucky enough to be online at the time of him posting his journal. He was only taking one person! He was offering up just a one character image. I asked him to please take on Vann Illia. The image he completed takes he elf barbarian to a whole new galaxy of realism.
I would love to fly across the universe, while riding Vanns rocket. XD

Carlzenos image is conveys such elegance and grandeur. The spacey background adds such a magical immersion. Vann himself just sucks you right in with his wonderful eyes and yummy features. I need to fan myself when I look at those lips. Woo! XD It takes me back to fantasy books of old and the warriors that abounded their pages and covers.
I like how Carlzeno used the hair style from Guytoonist original sketch. It looks great, flowing in the celestial winds. The inclusion of a torn scarf, pulled tight around his pectoral and abs was just too much. :P It really gives off the look of someone who has been fighting for survival for some time. I like the fact that his loin cloth is small enough and lacking sides, so that he can easily expose his cock.:P And what a huge tick cut monster that cock is! I hope that you guys enjoy this absolutely brilliant take on Vann. I keep hearing Marios Voice saying "Welcome! Welcome to Vann Galaxy!" when I look at this! XD

You can check out his gallery here:


  1. Oh wow, what a great representation!

    Very cool.

  2. Galaxy hotness!!!! - FallenAngel



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