Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Hey guys! I haven't been around much these days. As it happens a lot of stuff went down in my life and after that I wound up getting horrifically sick. I had the flu so bad, I was hardly able to get out of bed some days. I was bad shape. I only started to do some projects again last week. So there will be some new stuff on the way soon.
First though, here is a wonderful holiday greeting made by my own personal Santa, FallenAngel.

Santa Vann has some toys I would love to get a hold of! XD A very heart warming piece by FallenAngel. Vann hair looks fantastic. He a jolly young elf! ;) I wonder if Vann is pulling on those suspenders in hopes of flashing people if he pulls hard enough? XD That hat makes me wonder if we should incorporate one into his design? Hmm...
Anyway to all of the characters and artists at DPK we wish you and yours a very happy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Fallen created two other holiday images for his other blogs! Check them out!
This one features his up and coming stars from his Kings Sword series!

The blog posts are gonna keep coming. Tomorrow be ready for three incredible images based on a very interesting subject.



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