Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guytoonist Advent Calendar Surprise Vann Illia

Guytoonist has been a Christmas angel this year making super hot images for friends and fans. He's been calling it his Advent Calendar and doing his best to do one as daily as he can. The other day I got a treat better then any chocolate, this smoking hot image of Vann Illia! It's so nice to see Vann done with his curly long locks again! They look great. I also love the return of his pom-pons. We have to bring those back. This makes me wonder if Vann should be given some Zelda like head gear from time to time? I doubt he would like that. What he does like is that super cool Cloud Strife Sword Guytoonist gave him. But me, I like that sword between his legs even more. ;) Thanks so much Guytoonist. You are making a lot of people happy this month and that's what the season is truly about. ^__^

Speaking of getting large things for Christmas, in a perfect world this huge He-Man from Comic Con would be waiting for me on Christmas morning....

Though if it was a truly perfect world, he would come with removable loincloth and be anatomically correct and functional. XD (Or I could just graft the Brad Stone Falcon dildo to the above model. hee hee.)
This is how I wished all my He-Man toys came when I was a kid. :)

In all seriousness, while looking around my hard drive I did find something He-Man related that's pretty gay and would make a great gift. (Providing you can find it on E-bay, or something.) I found this some time ago. I always wanted to blog about it. Nothing says you're gay like a sexy He-Man air freshener. You'll get more blow jobs in your car then ever with these! Sadly, these are from 2003.

While looking for all these images, I came across this really old Christmas greeting from Class Comics! It's so cute! :D You guys HAVE to get the newsletter from Class Comics. This year you get a free Logan comic featuring Naked Justice and a super hot Christmas Cam Wallpaper. He's taking more then a lick of a peppermint stick in it. ;)

You can get the Wallpaper here and OMG a special treat from Patrick Fillion, he sings a little Christmas carol!!! :D


  1. Do they ACTUALLY have that prototype? (nude heman) now THATS interesting pardon my hentaish that would be good for She-ra since she sometimes gave a good fanservice with her high kicks XD

  2. LOL I have not seen She-ra yet, but I am sure she exists out there somewhere. I found the He-Man last January. I don't remember where, but the site also had Batman and Robin. These were all fan made. I think they might have used the Tom of Finland Doll to make the penis, but I don't know for sure. I really wish these kinds of toys were more widely available. :)

  3. Oh wow, color me jealous of these pieces ^^

    They look really good

  4. Guy did a superb job on your pic here for Christmas! :D Loving the colors.
    I hate to have the edge on you, but as you know, I got to actually see and be near that He-Man statue up close. ;3 Granted it was just from behind, too many people walking to get a front look, but maybe you still wouldn't mind to be up to that point anyways. XD;

  5. I love the image, the long blonde curly hair is really sexy!

  6. You were lucky Busiris! I would have loved to have seen this cool statue. Oh yeah, I remember you telling me it talked. That just adds to my envy! XD LOL!

    Thanks for the kind words Tomas! And Jubell you draw so great! Don't be jealous silly! :D



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