Monday, June 29, 2015

Space Cadet Gets CUT!

If you cut him out! I wanted to share these in a separate blog for a while now.  With Space Cadet Hook Up fast approaching, I thought it was about time I did. These snuck there way onto the Class Comics site back on the 7th.  Beautifully designed by David Cantero, Space Cadet has never had such  a full set of cut out doll designs before. I'm loving his big banana hiding speedos. XD  It's the perfect gear for the first big week of summer.  I hope you guys enjoy them.  Tomorrow I will have a very special piece of art featuring Vann to share.  Time for me to rest and dream of Space Cadet. :P Night.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Foreskin Torture

Good morning and super happy pride weekend wishes to you all.  Seems our brothers in the USA have a little something more to be celebrating this weekend, with gay marriage now legal throughout the country.  Now you guys stuck in long term relationships have nothing to hold you back.  (You could almost feel the moisture of sweat forming from across the boarder.)

Speaking of uncomfortable perspiration, Rex is in dire straits, once again!  In this newest piece of art that I very proudly share with you today by Master Phausto, Deep is up to some new tricks.  Lil Deep has once again captured the captain of the Dinosaur Prince's guards, but this time he is subjecting him to a new brand of sexual torture.  With shackles forming a tight grip around the base of his cock and balls, Deep hopes to keep Rex hard and prevent him from cumming for as long as he desires.  With his blood stuck in his shaft and the passion ever mounting, Rex's cock stretches and grows like never before. The pain is intense, but then, so is the pleasure. His balls ache to release, but cannot.  Deep has a plan.  He hopes through this, Rex will wind up as big as he is.  A dick to match his own is something he has desired for some time.

 He applies clamps to Rex's foreskin and pulls it high above his cock head.  The clamps open and stretch the lips way beyond their comfort zone.  Rex closes his eyes in pain.  A tear escapes his brave eyes. Deep gently runs his fingers up and down the green shaft.  He whispers to Rex "Dere, dere, be brave my warriah. Once I am done witch cha, You'll have a cock to rival me own.  Dat foreskin be stretch so good, you will be able to dock me."  Deep moves closer, licks Rex's neck and continues in a voice hot enough to melt bricks, "And I want dat more than ya can imagine."  Rex blushes and swallows hard.  As he invites into his mind the image of dick domineering the megalodon man, the cum in his balls screams for release.  He yells out in pain, but in his find a single thought keeps repeating that maybe it won't be so bad...

Well everyone is at pride this weekend, I am sure to be held hostage by my Splatoon addiction.  Almost 100 hours in. I might as well enjoy it, before they put in the nerf patch that will neuter the best abilities next week. Sucks to be under Nintendos dictatorship.  1/4 of the stages on the disc have been released from their lock up on the disc.  Ugh...We pay money, have a physical copy of the game, but in reality we own nothing. 

Speaking of octopi,if you are going to the beach, I can recommend this towel. A nice little Game & Watch Octopus spoof.  It has a bit of pride to it, what with two gay men at a hot spring, about to be involved in some tentacle rape. :P  Now that's a retro game even the newest generation of gay gamers can get into. :P

Speaking of which, have you guys seen Genelightfoots newest animation? It's a sequel image to a stripshow comic Leon De Leon and Patrick did a couple years back now.  I must say that Gene's foreskin animation is extremely nicely done.  Poor Mako, he's cum 100 times since I started typing this!
I posted the original comic below.  Enjoy!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Star Wars Rebels Handjob!

Hey guys, last month I started to watch Star Wars Rebels. You know what got my interest?  I had played the pinball game on my ipod!  I wasn't expecting to be drawn into the show at all.  I thought one episode in, I would be out.  Much to my surprise the story struck a few cords with me.  Maybe it's because the main character Ezra Bridger is so much like Aladdin, or the episodes felt so reminiscent of the Disney Afternoon of old.  All I know is, the more I watched, the more I wanted to see.  With its cool 70s sci-fi vibe, the show set 5 years prior to the first film, feels very much made out of the cradle of thought that created Star Wars.  Yeah it's a bit cheesy, it's a kids show and it's certainly not perfect.  BUT it's got humor, wit, good characters and a fun story. It feels like the original trilogy.  They're rebels that don't have much going for them, except each other.  I like that.  It feels like going back in a place and time that's never been explored. This little pocket of Star Wars when things were shit and people first started to fight back.  I find it exciting and I find the leads to be very sexy....
Which was why I asked Phausto to create a rather naughty picture.  Tonight we have a slightly older Ezra Bridger walking in on a romantic scene between his master and the captain of the Ghost.  Fitting in with Fathers Day yesterday, Ezar gets a full view of his somewhat adopted father blowing his jedi load all over his perfectly sculpted body.  The force is strong with Ezra, as his own uncut cock has grown to the size of a lightsaber as he's matured.  He's got more foreskin that his cock clearly needs, making a droopy thick skin shield for him to play with and imagine docking onto his master cut dick with.  Hera is the one having the most fun her, edging out Kanans cum with strong strokes from bother her hands, mixed with sensual rubbing from her heaving green bosom. 

Phausto did an incredible job with the concept.  He created the characters perfectly in his Disney style.  We really wanted to give the characters stronger, more defined bodies.  His attention to the slightest character detail, coupled with his gift with cocks leaves me precuming each time I glance at these images!  Truly a dream come true for any fan of the series, but especially for me! hee hee.

You can see my post about Star Wars Rebels on my tumblr. I just show off a few images and talk about one aspect of why I enjoyed the show so much.
Dinosaurprince's Tumbling Kingdom Star Wars Rebels.

Please check out the Phausto Tumblr for more hot images! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Mayan Cupcakes

Good evening guys! I had a pretty exciting weekend. It's back to work today though. I am exhausted. I couldn't wait to come home and have a little snack. Sadly I am on a diet at the moment, so the best thing I could do was once again enjoy a tasty gift from Yelmo. He was super sweet enough to send me this delicious picture of Ixy with a Mayan cup cake. You know i would rather lick Ixy's smooth tummy then the cake! :P I really love the art style he used here. It's a very traditional style you see in Mexican art. I have never seen Yelmo use this before, so it make it even more special. I thank you very, very much for this gift. It gave me an all day smile!!

Since we are on the subject of cakes, I realized I never showed off mine from this year.  You will see why I am on a diet!! I wound up with two cakes. My family bought me a Star Wars themed ice cream cake from Derry Queen.  My best friend and his family bought me a delicious chocolate cake from Fortinos.  The chocolate cake didn't last very long!  Since ice cream keeps, that cake got enjoyed over a period of a week. :P  NOT ALL BY ME!  It was really good, but such a shame to destroy the image. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tadashi Hamada Bears All For Muh Birthday

Hello guys, it's been a super busy week and a very exciting day. I got to see Jurassic World this afternoon. It was interesting, but not really much of a game changer for the franchise. I could do a review, but let's just say not much has changed in 20 years, except that the dinosaurs are still 1000 times smarter than the humans that created them. Speaking of Movies, you already saw from the title and the two images below that I was given what I REALLY wanted out of Big Hero Six, a awesome shot of Tadashi, big brother of Hero, totally naked and fully turned on. Urbanmusiq and his boyfriend Alex saw how much I was fawning over the character back when the movie came out. (I pasted waaaaaaaaaay too many images on Facebook at the time!) It's shame he doesn't have a larger role, but he does have something else that is very large!  (Thanks to Leons skilled pen.) I got a choice regarding his cocks status, which was awesome. I went with cut. I just felt that he was such an 'all American', that it fit perfectly. It would perfectly fit in a lot of places...pairs with Herc in my mind...
I think my favorite part of his body besides THAT are his warm smile and elfish eyes.  He could charm the pants off anyone!  Thank you Leon and Alex for this very thoughtful, beautiful and boner inducing gift.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

Anceint Mayan Threesome

In Lastmanoutheres other explosive birthday gift, we find that everyone is getting along in honor of my birthday.  I say explosive, cause..well...lets just say I almost needed to go back to bed after opening and enjoying this one. :P 
  In the spirit of the day, all three are in a mad passionate embrace! Ixy has ordered Yoluk, head of the guards to give him and his main rival head.  The holy one can barely hold his cum in as Yoluks silken lips work his masters shaft and Nehme embraces the pure sweet neck of the man god.  As he eagerly anticipates his turn, Nehme's super large cock is bending over with the weight of so much passion pouring into it. The skilled lips of Yoluk are renowned in Ixy's palace.  They are only pleasure the most worthy of warriors and priests. They will soon have both men exploding their creamy reward into the warriors hungry mouth.  Then it will be time for him to fill them with his man juice, as he pounds both their willing asses. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Aneros Cum Bath

This juice piece was a surprise gift for Aneros earlier this year.  I knew his good friend Jockman87 was back online doing art, so I decided to ask him to do a picture of Aneros giving himself a cum bath!  This came as a big surprise to Voider, cause he didn't realize his friend, who had not been around for a long period of time, had returned! 
Jockman87 was amazing to work with.  We actually did 2 projects together.  I believe that Aneros will be colouring that one very soon.  It was a real pleasure to work with one of the original people that drew me deeply into the online world of gay erotic art!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Christer And Carlos Birthday Embrace

Good morning guys. Sorry I haven't blogged, or tumbled much this week. Work has been exhausting and so has my family life. (Nothing bad, just really busy.) I've been keeping things going though. When I am free I have been working on a new Tyrell comic with FallenAngel. We are already 5 pages into it. We were going to work on it last year, but it got delayed. You might remember Tyrells father getting a preview last fathers day. Well, he's ready for his staring role. This won't be the typical Tyrell comic either. We are going to take him in a brand new direction. Much thanks to all the feedback over the years regarding his comics by you guys. It certainly helps me decide who should be featured a more often. I have some wonderful art to share this weekend. I am going to start with his very romantic piece by my dear friend Lastmanouthere. We have a long history with Christer and Carlos and it was very touching to see him chose them to star in this birthday card. He has been bursting with ideas these days. Later today I will share the amazing orgy image he did as well! Right now, please enjoy these two. They certainly deserve a post all for themselves. ;D


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