Monday, June 15, 2015

Mayan Cupcakes

Good evening guys! I had a pretty exciting weekend. It's back to work today though. I am exhausted. I couldn't wait to come home and have a little snack. Sadly I am on a diet at the moment, so the best thing I could do was once again enjoy a tasty gift from Yelmo. He was super sweet enough to send me this delicious picture of Ixy with a Mayan cup cake. You know i would rather lick Ixy's smooth tummy then the cake! :P I really love the art style he used here. It's a very traditional style you see in Mexican art. I have never seen Yelmo use this before, so it make it even more special. I thank you very, very much for this gift. It gave me an all day smile!!

Since we are on the subject of cakes, I realized I never showed off mine from this year.  You will see why I am on a diet!! I wound up with two cakes. My family bought me a Star Wars themed ice cream cake from Derry Queen.  My best friend and his family bought me a delicious chocolate cake from Fortinos.  The chocolate cake didn't last very long!  Since ice cream keeps, that cake got enjoyed over a period of a week. :P  NOT ALL BY ME!  It was really good, but such a shame to destroy the image. 

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